Album 31: Days to Remember

383: BTV: Thanks
409: Natural Born Leader
385: It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 1
386: It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 2
387: New Year's Eve Live!
393: Wrapped Around Your Finger
394: Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 1
395: Patrick: A Heart Afire, Part 2
403: Faster Than a Speeding Ticket
412: A Lesson From Mike
404: Hide and Seek
405: The Graduate


Nearly every single episode of this AIO collection is very good.  Only Hide and Seek is a poorly done episode.  All of the others are very well-written and interesting, but only one of them got four stars for me (A Lesson from Mike).  All of the others were great, but not quite "perfection". About five of the episodes were "regular" episodes with regular AIO kids, but these were wonderful regular ones, especially the two Marshal Younger ones (see below).  It has some very well-written "event" episodes, such as It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Patrick, and The Graduate.  A wonderful AIO album to add to any collection, but in my mind, AIO still has just not quite reached the level they had from 1994 to mid-1996.  They are very close, but not quite there.

The "event" episodes all got 3 1/2 stars for me.  It's a Pokenberry Christmas is very unique.  On one level it manages to be a parody and tribute to a movie at the same time, and another it is a good update on the Barclay family, the one with whom I grew up.  New Year's Eve Live! is another unique episode, calling to mind the episode Real Time.  It was an informational, fun episode.  My only problem with it was that it was a little shallow and had no real story, but I guess they couldn't really do that with a live episode.  The Patrick episodes present information that few of us knew in an exciting and powerful story about forgiveness and God's protection.   I must also say that the sound design was especially good on these episodes.   Wrapped Around Your Finger represents a major milestone for me.  In it, Eugene and Katrina for the most part act like mature adults, as two people engaged should act.   For example, when Eugene implies that Katrina is stubborn, and Katrina says "Are you saying I'm stubborn?", they don't go off into an argument as they had in earlier episodes.  Eugene doesn't go off doing foolish things.  They are completely honest with each other, just as two people in considering a marriage should be.   The Graduate is a very good "transition" episode.   It passes a junction in Connie's life and presents a good ending to dilemma.  While many audience members may not have agreed with Connie's personal decision, this episode gave anyone the information to decide for themselves on this issue.

The album begins with a good but not great BTV.  It's a funny one with a good message, but not quite as original as a few of the earlier BTVs.  The other "common" episodes on the album are some of the best done of all.  Hide and Seek is disappointing since every single one of these Bible stories has been done on AIO before (and better at that).  Additionally, the surrounding story contains far too much artificial drama (Eugene's "It could go haywire!"). Faster Than a Speeding Ticket is a good episode, but the episodes that stand out most for me on this album are the two Marshal Younger episodes, Natural Born Leader and A Lesson from Mike.  Both are sweet stories with very important messages.   Both really are about loving and accepting all people, no matter what they are like.  Natural Born Leader focused on accepting and believing in people no matter what you find out about them and A Lesson from Mike focused on accepting people in general.  A Lesson from Mike in particular was touching as the character found out just how similar she and Mike were before he died.  The touching scene in the lunch room and with Mike's mother make this episode the best in the album.

Favorite Episode: A Lesson from Mike

Rating: 3 1/2 stars

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The pre-release version of this album is shown at left.

Many of the episodes in this album follow seasons of the year or specific holidays.


Many of the episodes in this album follow seasons of the year or specific holidays.

GOOF ALERT: The album cover shows George Barclay below Eugene as he's falling toward the water. However, in "It's a Pokenberry Christmas," Eugene clearly fell before George and George jumped in to save him. Note: This was likely to give Eugene (a more recognizable character) a prominent place on the cover. (Contributed by Mark)
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