Special Album: Family Portraits
FP1: Whit's Visitor
FP2: Dental Dilemma
FP3: The New Kid in Town
FP4: No Stupid Questions
FP5: You're Not Going to Believe This...
FP6: My Brother's Keeper
FP7: While Dad's Away
FP8: The Letter
FP9: A Different Kind of Peer Pressure
FP10: In Memory of Herman
FP11: A Member of the Family, Part 1
FP12: A Member of the Family, Part 2
FP13: A Simple Addition

Rating: 3 stars


This is one of the two albums which is not available from Focus on the Family.  It is only available at bookstores and places which still have it in stock. It is VERY, VERY hard to find, and even more hard to find legally.