August 2001

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Final Album Cover Art

August 13Check out the final cover art for album 36, Danger Signals. (at right)
Get information about the album.

Get the Latest Odyssey Scoop

August 13Check out the latest Odyssey Scoop article.  This one is written by a 13-year-old Odyssey fan and features Eugene doing karate.

Click here to read the newest Odyssey Scoop in Clubhouse magazine.

Odyssey Times

August 13Read Issue #12 of The Times to see what's happening in Odyssey.

Read the latest issue of the paper at the Official Site.

A Day in the Life of Alex Jefferson

August 13Read about a day in the life of Travis Tedford, the actor who plays Alex, written by Travis himself.

Read "A Day in the Life" at the Odyssey Scoop

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