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The Official Site Release Date?

February 19. 2000

The Official Site has updated with a notice that April 1 is the first day you will be able to visit the "virtual Whit's End."  The big question is...will you really be able to visit or is it just an April Fool's joke?

First Kisboro Novel be Released

February 19. 2000

Review and Herald Publishing will release The Great Kidsboro Takeover, the first novel by AIO writer/director Marshal Younger, on March 1.  It is the first in a series of Kidsboro novels about a town where all of the citizens are under 14 years of age.  Click here for the full story.

Spring Season to begin March 4, 2000

February 10. 2000

The Ultimate AIO Site reported that the Spring 2000 season will begin March 4.

Paul McCusker Returns to AIO

February 8, 2000

Paul McCusker, the writer of over 150 AIO episodes will be returning to Adventures in Odyssey after a nearly two year absence.  Paul will be serving as the show's executive producer and producer and will probably write some shows as well.  Additionally, he will executive produce Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.  Al Janssen, the former executive producer of both Radio Theatre and AIO, has decided to focus on his first love, book publishing.  Phil Lollar, the producer of AIO for the last year, will continue as producer for the remainder of this season (until May 2000).  After that, he'll be focusing on other projects such as the "Young Whit" book series and his new series "Little Dogs on the Prairie".

Paul has served as producer of the show in the past from early 1992 to early 1996.  In January 1996 he resigned the producer position to work on Focus on the Family Radio Theatre and other projects, though he continued writing and consulting for the program.  The producer position then fell to Dave Arnold.  Paul stopped writing for the show in 1998, with Malachi's Message being his last episode.  He focused on writing projects such as the Passages books and the Chronicles of Narnia recordings for Radio Theater.  Paul will officially begin his position on March 20, 2000.

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