January 2001

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Kathy Wierenga Interview

January 30—The Soda Fountain has posted a cool interview with writer Kathy Wierenga.  Check it out!

Read the interview at the Soda Fountain

Nova Rising Preview at Official Site

January 30—The Official site now has two preview of the season opener, Nova Rising.  The first reveals Novacom's next move and the second shows where AREM will show up next.  The show airs February 3.

Listen to the preview at the Official site

Get information on the show.

New Odyssey Scoop

January 27—Check out the new Odyssey Scoop from Clubhouse magazine.

New Odyssey Times

January 23, 2001—Check out the latest version of the Odyssey Times at the Official Site

Odyssey Times, Issue #9

Ask the Producers highlights

January 21—The Official site held "Ask the Producers" this past week.  Here were a few of the highlights:

Are your history tapes true? (For example: Amazing Grace, Patrick: A Heart Afire, and Telemechus)

Yes, those stories are true. Our historical stories are facts-based and the writers research them as they write.

In some TV and radio programs, there is a script editor who makes suggestions to the writers for improving their scripts, making sure they don't contradict other episodes and so on. Is there anyone who does this kind of thing on Adventures in Odyssey?

The way we write episodes is that the writer first submits an outline of their episode for the rest of the group and they get feedback. From there, they write a first draft and the entire group reads through it and suggests changes, additions, or corrections. Then it's back to writing another draft, which gets another read-through, and so on.

In this way, the whole group is a part of each script and since all of our writers have heard almost all of the episodes, we correct each other. Occasionally, we'll miss something which is why there are a few goofs with AIO. However, to have so few goofs with over 450 episodes is pretty amazing, I think!

When are Eugene and Katrina going to get married? Are the Odyssey writers even thinking about getting them married sometime SOON? I have been waiting since 1994 to find out!

All we can say at this point is... "Keep listening." Trust us, we haven't forgotten about them. (And the many, many letters we get about them won't let us forget!)

How long does it usually take to make and produce an Odyssey episode?

It really depends on the show, but here's the basic idea:

For a writer to write the episode, they'll usually take from a few days to a week to write the first draft. After circulating the script to the team for notes, they'll revise it. Sometimes shows can go through quite a few drafts, so it could take two to four weeks to write a full show.

Each show takes about four hours to record at the studio with the actors. Multi-part shows take more time.

Finally, the production of the sound effects and editing of the show can take anywhere from two weeks to over a month in a few cases to make the finished show.

Will Paul McCusker ever write more Passages series?

Right now, there are no more Passages books or episodes planned. But that's not to say that there never will be.

(If you liked the Passages books, you might also like a series that was one of the inspirations for the series: The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. Have you read those books?)

Does Connie ever get a boyfriend?

You know, Connie's been wondering about this, too. Listen to our spring season episodes (starting February 3) to find out.

What are some of the episodes of the Spring season gonna be about?

We don't want to tell you everything, but here are a few clues:

- Alex and Cal get a new job. - Some of the Odyssey kids start hanging out somewhere besides Whit's End. - Jack and Whit tell a story about when they were in college.

Keep listening to find out more!

Will Margaret Faye's voice be appearing in any of the Spring 2001 episodes? Thanks!

No, Margaret won't be back this spring, but since she's still the mayor, I think we'll hear her again someday.

Where did Mr. McCusker get some of the names for the places in Passages?

Paul McCusker says, "Some of the names came from twisting words around. Probably the best examples come from "Arin's Judgement." Because it's based on the story of Noah's Ark, I took words related to water and turned them into names. Arin is "Rain" turned inside out. The boy's name is Wade. Muiraq is a variation on Aquarium. Other words like "Tyrant" became Tyran, etc."

Another example is the capital of Marus is Sarum (which is Marus backwards, almost).

Are "Dobson Comes to Town" and "One Bad Apple" ever going to be in cases? And if not, are they ever going to be played on the radio?

"Dobson Comes to Town" was mainly to promote the new video series (when it first came out), so it's not very likely that it will be in an album or on the radio again. "One Bad Apple" still airs on the radio.

Is there ever going to be another Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey written?

I, for one, sure hope so! But right now, we're using this Internet site like the Complete Guide. It has story information, people, and fun facts, just like the Guide.

I've heard that there is or was, and album called "Family Portraits" that had the episodes from the first 13 Family Portraits. Is there any way I can get this album from Focus on the Family? If not, are there any plans to release another album with these episodes in it?

There are currently no plans to release the Family Portraits album again. However, we are PLANNING (subject to change) to air the Family Portraits episodes on weekends this summer. When they air, you'll be able to call in to get the shows on tape.

Are you ever going to stop making AIO episodes? I sure hope not!!!

As a writer, I sure hope not too! The team isn't planning to shut down the series anytime soon, so stay calm. :-)

What is the end to the joke about the dog walking across the top lake, the one Patrick O'Ryan tells to Tom Riley but never has a chance to finish, in "Pranks for the Memories"? I've wondered for ages!

The joke is about a hunter's dog who walks along the top of the water to get the ducks the hunter shoots. The hunter turned to his friend and asked if the friend noticed anything special about the dog.

The punch line is...The friends says, "I see! Your dog can't swim!"

Will we be hearing Edwin Blackgaard's voice anytime soon? I don't think Odyssey is Odyssey without him!

Yes, we will! Listen this spring to hear a few episodes with Edwin once again.

New Odyssey Scoop

January 6—Check out the new Odyssey Scoop from Clubhouse magazine.

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