July 2000

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September Re-Air Schedule

July 31, 2000—The following programs will air on the weekends in September:

September 2 -- 432: You Win Some, You Lose Some
September 9 -- 424: Blackgaard's Revenge, Part 1
September 16 -- 425: Blackgaard's Revenge, Part 2
September 23 -- 440: I Slap Floor
September 30 -- NEW!! 449: The Big Deal, Part 1

The Latest about The Last

July 25, 2000—The Official AIO site updated with a bunch of information about the Last Days of Eugene Meltsner, the latest AIO video, due out September 1, 2000.  Be sure to check out the information.  Here are a few of the highlights:

The Last Days trailer -- about 30 seconds of animation from the video

Pictures of most of the major characters (we'll finally get to see Bernard in action in this video!)

Details on the animation process

The video's retail price: $14.99

Click here for AIOHQ's complete coverage of the new video and book.  You can hear the first advertisement for the newest video on the AIO broadcast August 2.

Fall Season Episode Titles

July 13, 2000—Wondering which shows are coming up for the fall season?  Well, here are the first four titles:

Episode 449: The Big Deal, Part 1

Episode 450: The Big Deal, Part 2

Episode 451: Life Trials of the Rich and Famous

Episode 452: Missionary: Impossible

Passages appears in Breakaway

July 5, 2000—The June and July 2000 issues of Breakaway magazine include portions of Passages 1: Darien's Rise.

Firsts (and Seconds) for AIO this Fall Season

July 4, 2000

John Beebee's first (and second) two part episode

Aubrey's second trip in the Imagination Station

The first time a kid has moved from a place in Odyssey to another place in Odyssey.

The first musical in AIO history that is not about Christmas

The second time Connie has had a bad day at the Timothy Center

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