July 2002

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July Odyssey Events!

This July is packed full of events for Odyssey fans! Check out the list below.

July 6: Novacom finale—Exit
The Novacom story arc finally reaches it's action-packed conclusion on this day.

July 13: 500th Episode Special
The 500 episodes is a long time! "500" will feature interviews with the actors, writers, and creators of the show. It also features a look behind the scenes to see what really goes on in the studio and many clips of classic Odyssey show.
The Official Site will have an exclusive "web version" of the show featuring 4 extra minutes that wouldn't quite fit in the radio version. Be sure to check in July 13.
Head to the Official Site's Wonderworld to hear Walker Edmiston (Tom Riley) talk about his favorite episode.

Week of July 13: 500th Episode Marathon
The same week that the 500th show airs, more than 100 stations around the country will feature a six hour Odyssey marathon! Hosted by Chuck Bolte, the marathon features 12 pivotal Odyssey shows, including "Whit's Flop," "The Imagination Station," and "Family Vacation." Other clips in the shows will include interviews with Steve Harris, Katie Leigh, David Griffen, and others.
Check out this list at the Official site to see if your station is airing the marathon.

July 20: First "Best of the Barclays" airs
For the first six weeks of re-airs this summer, Odyssey will be airing favorite Barclay family episodes. Like the marathon, these shows will be hosted by Chuck Bolte.

July 26-27: Live Show (Colorado Springs)
Focus on the Family is planning a big celebration to commemerate their 25th anniversary. One of the events will be two live tapings of an Adventures in Odyssey show. The episode will feature the actors who play Mandy, Chris, Jason, Connie, Tom, and Whit. The episode will air next spring.
Find out more on the Focus 25 website.

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