June 2002

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15 Minutes music clips at Wonderworld

June 29—As part of the Official Site's on going promo of the 500th show, Wonderworld has posted two clips of "15 Minutes," one with music and one without. Hear the clips to see how much difference those notes make!
Listen at "Inside Odyssey" in Wonderworld.

Whit's End hosts "Find Eugene" contest

June 15—Whit's End.org is hosting a contest for the entire summer. Print out the Eugene image on the site and take a picture of him with your family!
Get the full details at the Official Site in Wonderworld.

Bob Hoose's first script

June 8 —"The Unraveling" represents the first Odyssey script by Bob Hoose. (Bob wrote the storyline with the kids investigating Odyssey buying trends.) Bob has worked on the show before as an actor, with such roles as the commander in "Operation Dig Out," Mr. Stanton in "Lincoln," and Simeon in "Bernard and Joseph." Bob has been a member of the drama duo Custer & Hoose for many years.
Read Bob's bio.

Clubhouse cover devoted to Odyssey!

June 1—The June 2002 cover of Clubhouse magazine is devoted to celebration of the 500th episode of AIO.

Image: OdysseyFan.

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