May 2000

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AIO Album 34 Released this summer

May 26, 2000 Adventures in Odyssey Album 34 will be released in mid-August and titled "In Your Wildest Dreams".  The album will contain most of the spring season of 2000 with a few additions.

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Schedule Change -- May 2000

May 1, 2000 According to the Official AIO Site, "A Matter of Manners" and "Seven Deadly Dwarves" will air on May 13, 2000.  "A Matter of Manners" was originally set to air May 20 with "Fads?"  "Seven Deadly Dwarves" was originally set to air last weekend (April 29th) with "Career Moves," but "The Bad Guy" aired with it instead.  If you're still interested in following this chain, read on.  "The Bad Guy" was originally set to air March 25, with "Bethany's Flood," but that show was cancelled, presumably due to "Bethany's Flood."  It is unknown when "Fads" will air, if at all.  Click here for the upcoming schedule.

UPDATE May 6, 2000
According to the Official Site, "Potlucks and Poetry" will air May 20.  This must be the changed title of the episode "Embarrassing Parents" which was set to air originally on May 13.

More Information on "A Matter of Manners", "Seven Deadly Dwarves", and "No Boundaries:

No Boundaries Authored by John Beebee, Alex experiences life without rules.  (Unconfirmed: Possibly a Room of Consequence use?)

A Matter of Manners Authored by John Beebee, Alex and David learn about manners, believe it or not.

Seven Deadly Dwarves Bethany learns about the Seven Deadly Sins.

Did You KNOW?  The Seven Deadly Sins are not in the Bible, but were put together by church fathers around the 13th century.  The seven deadly sins are pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.

Potlucks and Poetry Aubrey is embarrassed by her parents.

Mandy's Debut This is the live show recorded at the NRB convention in February.

Other Spring Season changes have included:

Canceling "Turning Paige" and airing "Changing Rodney" instead on April 22.

Scheduling "No Boundaries" (a previously unknown episode) in the spot vacated by "Changing Rodney" on May 6.

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