November 2000

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Prince Caspian Available from Radio Theatre

November 28, 2000

The latest in the Radio Theatre adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia, is now available.  "Prince Caspian," the second book to be published (and the fourth in chronological order), finds the four children from the first book once again in Narnia.  But this time Narnia doesn't even seem to have knowledge of their first visit.

Odyssey fans will recognize the writer of this adaptation, Paul McCusker; the producer, Dave Arnold; and the production engineer, Todd Busteed.

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Radio Theatre Schedule Announce

November 28, 2000

Shows Air Dates
The Luke Reports (5 parts) December 9 - January 6
Silas Marner (4 parts) January 13 - February 3
Prince Caspian (8 parts) February 10 - March 31
Source: Focus on the Family Magazine

Odyssey Times and Scoop Updated

November 27, 2000

The Odyssey Times, published on the official site, has been updated with an entirely new issue.

The December Odyssey Scoop, published in Clubhouse magazine is now available.  NOTE: This article will probably make more sense if you read it after you hear Opportunity Knocks, coming this weekend.

Nova Rising Airdate Released

November 21—Nova Rising, one of the most talked about upcoming Odyssey episodes will air on February 3, 2001.  The episode will begin the spring "season" of shows and is written by Marshal Younger.  The new episode will follow six weeks of show re-airs from the previous seasons.  This year's break is a few weeks shorter than last year's break between seasons.

Christmas Re-Airs Announced

November 21—The following shows will comprise the weekend schedule over the Christmas season and the month of January.

December 23 434: BTV: Redeeming the Season
December 30 448: Mandy's Debut (Split)
January 6 446: A Matter of Manners/The Seven Deadly Dwarves (Split)
January 13 443: Changing Rodney
January 20 419: Another Man's Shoes
January 27 427: Something Cliqued Between Us

December Schedule

November 19—Get the December AIO episode listing.

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