October 2001

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Teaser of Shining Armor posted at Official Site!

October 31—Listen to the first brief teaser of the upcoming Odyssey premiere episode at the Official Website. (Thanks to HowdyPardner for the heads up.)

Official Site announces new game

October 30—The Official AIO website has announced a new game starting November 2. The game will have to do with the Novacom shows. The prize hasn't been announced.

November Odyssey Scoop: The Button Business

October 19—The newest Odyssey Scoop article in Clubhouse magazine has been posted. And this time it's all about buttons. The article mentions Edgebiter Chemical Company and the Imagination Station. (Thanks to OdysseyFan for the heads up.)

Read the latest Odyssey Scoop in Clubhouse Magazine!

AIO Survivor to premiere soon; Trailer posted

October 17—A minute-long audio trailer for a new fan version of AIO Survivor has been posted at the Odyssey Scoop. The contest will be starting soon and, like the earlier AIO Survivor (sponsored by The Soda Fountain) will feature a lot of fan interaction.

Check out the audio trailer on the Odyssey Scoop.

The first AIORadio web-broadcast

October 6—Looking for an Odyssey broadcast before this November? Check out a way cool broadcast by a couple of fans that talks about current issues, answers FAQ, and gives web news. The broadcast is planned as a continuing weekly broadcast.

Listen to AIORadio web broadcast at AIOWeb!

Wonderworld Opens!

October 5—Fans have eagerly awaited the opening of the Wonderworld section on the Official website. It has finally opened to the public. Full access requires parental permission (through the mail), but here's a list of features available immediately:

Features include games, an "Ask the Producers" section, and more.

Check out Wonderworld at the Official Site!

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