October 2002

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New Shows in November

October 13—The Official Site has announced that AIO will air two new episodes in November. (This is more than a month before the season officially begins in January.) The new shows will be:

Odyssey Continues…Post-Novacom

October 1—AIO will begin a new season on January 11, 2003 as the show moves into a "post story arc" era. The show will focus on more traditional kinds of shows, while also dealing with the aftermath of the storylines raised by the dramatic Novacom story arc that has dominated the series since December 2000. According to Marshal Younger, two new families will be introduced, including an African-American family. Tidbits about some of the futures of several characters has also been discussed:

Connie and Mitch
Mitch will be looking for a job and the two of them will be thinking about the future of their relationship. An episode about the two of them will be the season opener.

Bernard Walton
Bernard will be back in several of the shows in the upcoming season, including one where he and Whit go on a diet. (Kathy Wierenga is the writer of this show.)

Aubrey's new Christianity will be tested. Currently, Bob Hoose (writer of "The Unraveling") is writing a script about her.

Upcoming Episodes: