September 2000

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Focus News Release on Fall Season 2000

Focus on the Family recently released the following press release to radio stations about the AIO fall season.

It’s an Odyssey Reunion!
Fueled by Faith.  Driven by Imagination.

 Colorado Springs—It’s like meeting an old friend again for the first time.  The weekly version of Adventures in Odyssey rolls out a new season on September 30, welcoming back classic Odyssey characters and storylines.  The gang also makes new friends, and Whit encounters a new nemesis in an unexpected place.  It’s more drama than ever, combined with the heart-felt values audiences have come to expect.

The new action-packed Adventures in Odyssey weekly series features the continuing adventures of John Avery Whittaker (“Whit”) and his young friends.  The backdrop for many of the adventures is Whit’s End, an “ice cream parlor and discovery emporium” Whit opened to satisfy every child’s desire to explore the world.

What began as an experiment in radio drama in 1987 has since then brought scriptural situations to life through memorable characters, realistic dramas, heartfelt comedy and even fantasy.  Radio, often dubbed “the theatre of the mind”, provides a perfect backdrop for teaching young listeners the values of obedience, faith, truthfulness, friendship, and commitment.

The weekly version of Adventures in Odyssey is broadcast on more than 1756 radio stations in North America.  It has been translated in 15 languages and broadcast on dozens of radio networks worldwide.  Odyssey is the 3rd-most-listened-to religious broadcast in North America.

“We have listeners who never miss an Odyssey program,” says Bethany Murphy, Operations Manager at KCFB in St. Cloud, MN.  “These kids stop whatever they’re doing, whether it’s playing Nintendo, watching television or playing outside, to hear the broadcast.”

In addition to the radio broadcasts, Adventures in Odyssey is available in cassette, CD, video and novel form.  Other products include puzzles, activity sets, action figures, apparel, Bibles and a family board game.

Future releases will be posted as they become available.

Marshal Younger Answers Fan Questions in Chat

September 2, 2000—Marshal Younger joined Odyssey fans to chat on September 2, 2000.  

Read a complete list of answers from Marshal

Among the things discussed were:

There will be four Kidsboros coming out in the fall of 2001. Kidsboro will be published by FOTF in the fall.  It will be "Odyssey-ized", meaning, Whit and some more of the gang will be included in them.

He wrote 3 or 4 episodes coming this fall, including "Best Laid Plans" and "Nova Rising," which features Bernard, Alex, and Whit.  Other fall episodes include "Red Herring" and "Worst Day Ever."

He's coming back on staff at FOTF in November. (Editor's Note: For the last five years he has been a freelance writer, coming to Focus headquarters in Colorado only for writer's meetings.)

Instead of seasons, the AIO team is concentrating more on filling albums.  Episodes could possibly run through the summer. (This is unconfirmed at this point.)

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