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Wondering how some of those Odyssey Times articles fit into what's happening in Odyssey?  Find out below.

Odyssey Times, Issue 7

Odyssey Times, Issue 8

Clubhouse "Odyssey Scoop" articles


Odyssey Times, Issue 7

No Recount Here: Margaret Faye elected mayor uncontested

The various elections over the years.  They've happened every three years ("Tom for Mayor," "The One about Trust")

Fun Park to change it's name to Old West Fun Park

Connellsville Fun Park in "The Long Way Home"

Corey Shadow is named for one of our favorite webmasters.

Abe Norman built the sign in "The Painting"

Old West Fun Park in "Red Herring"

Local Internet guru strikes it big

The Grahams,, Winchester Court and other ties to "Life Trials of the Rich and Famous"

Kids' Radio to debut exciting new drama

Set up for "The Great Wishy Woz"

Campbell College Planetarium nearing completion

The planetarium is a references to the field trip in "Red Herring"

The name "Thomas Greyson" refers back to "Eugene's Dilemma."  Thomas Greyson was the president of the college.

The old planetarium at the science museum refers to "Do, for a Change"

Odyssey Times under New Management

References the sale of the Odyssey Times in "Opportunity Knocks"

The Odyssey Tattler showed up in "The Other Woman"

The Daily Mudslinger showed up in "Muckraker"

Timothy Center to host camp for Connellsville youth

This article was a set up for "Best Laid Plans" before Connie and Jason knew their plans would change.

New media company buys Stellar Hotel

Introduced the company that played a prominent part in "Opportunity Knocks"

Parents protest new video release

Revenge of the Killer Zombies-Part 3 is the movie they watch in "Slumber Party"

There are some movie references in the article.  Did you spot them?

Famous skating team to perform

Starlights on Ice, Zamboni drivers, and Nancy Sheridan all referenced "Worst Day Ever"

Local Gardener wins National Award

Gloria Filgengeister and her rose bushes were supposed to be the old woman with her dog who reprimands Mandy in "Worst Day Ever."  Notice that she says she doesn't want her bushes trampled and that she's down the street from Whit's End?

Talk radio program found to be most popular in town

This article was to re-introduce "Candid Conversations," since it's being used again on AIO.

Reviews of In Your Wildest Dreams and The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner

Many of the included comments in the reviews came directly from fan comments

John the Baptist Imagination Station program

Tells a few of the events of "The Big Deal"

Classified Ads

I'll let you figure these out yourself.


Odyssey Times, Issue 8

Harlow Doyle announces Daniel Boone Day

We've heard that Harlow is a member of the Daniel Boone Fan Club back in "Harlow Doyle, Private Eye"

Imagination Station programs available

Refers to the Christmas Imagination Station programs over the years.

Campbell College updates electronic security system

A tie in to the events of "Red Herring"

A Call to Action: Around the World Missions announces summer pledge drive

Various references to "Missionary: Impossible," including Vince Ludwig, Around the World Missions, and the Nairobi Children's Home.

The "Tomato War" is an actual event that takes place here in my college town of Wilmore, Kentucky.

Yearly Sunshine Girl cookies sale ends

Refers to the cookie sale in "Life Trials of the Rich and Famous"

Costumes stores report drop in sales over Halloween season

The Cinderella and Duck masks refer to the masks Alex and David use in "Slumber Party"

The All Saint's Day party at Whit's End from "What Are We Gonna Do about Halloween?" is mentioned.

Zappazoids still most popular video game in Odyssey

The article references many episodes where Zappazoids appears, particularly "Life Trials," "The Meaning of Sacrifice," and "The Visitors"

Candid Conversations with Connie scores high ratings

Talks about how the seemingly desperate conversation on Connie's radio show in "Red Herring" actually turned out all right.

Recreational Committee Announces Schedule for next year

Refers to the Father-Son Baseball Clinic in "Our Father"

Yet another reference to the Zamboni drivers at the Odyssey Civic Center mentioned in "Worst Day Ever"


Clubhouse "Odyssey Scoop" articles

Welcome Back, Jason!: Jason Whittaker returns home after Missions Work by Kathy Wierenga

Various tie-ins to "Malachi's Message"

Jason's slide show and other references to "Missionary: Impossible"

Websites popular at Whit's End

Alex promotes ""

Kids' Radio to debut exciting new drama

Set up for "The Great Wishy Woz"

Reference to Eugene "being electrocuted in Mandy's last play" refers to "Mandy's Debut"

Timothy Center Fund-Raiser a Success

This article is about the fund-raiser that is referenced in "Opportunity Knocks"