A Guide to Background Dialogue

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Characters in Odyssey are always talking, whether you can hear what they are saying or not.  This page is a look at some of the background dialogue that it is nearly impossible to hear and yet is priceless none the less.  Check back for occasional updates to this page.

Slumber Party

Get episode information for 459: Slumber Party.

Dialog between dad and the girls when Alex and David are outside...

LIZ: You have red-eyed monsters upstairs?
DAD: Not literally, Liz.  I’m talking about me and Mrs. Straussberg. 
LIZ: But why are you red-eyed?  Do you have an infection or something?  Because my Dad had pink eye and he used some great drops for it.
DAD: We’re tired, Liz.  That’s all I meant. 
MANDY: Never mind, Dad.
DAD: Now, listen, you three.  I told you before: you can stay up late if you keep it quiet, and you’re not keeping it quiet.  Now settle down with a quiet game or something or you’ll have to go to bed now.  Is that what you want?

The zombie movie...

ZOMBIE:(slowly)I am coming to get you.
ZOMBIE: Of course, I am. That’s what Zombies do.
ZOMBIE: And you’re supposed to scream and cry and whenever really scary music plays go down into the basement.
WAIF-LIKE HEROINE: Is that when I trip and fall?
ZOMBIE: No, no, no. (exasperated sigh) You have to wait until I’m actually reaching for you.
WAIF-LIKE HEROINE: You know Mr. Zombie. You are so helpful. Maybe, uh, maybe we could go out sometime?
ZOMBIE: Sorry. You’re too skinny for me.
ZOMBIE: But you’d still make a good snack for mother.

Red Herring

Get episode information for 458: Red Herring.

Dreams by Constance commercial...

It’s your perfect day, so why not pick the perfect person to plan it?  Connie Kendall, with 'Dreams by Constance' wedding planning service. (harp, romantic music) Providing all the beauty, all the romance, and all the happiness of a wedding made in Heaven.  (harp) So when it comes to your wedding, come to Connie.  Dreams by Constance. 

Cookies by Connie commercial...

It’s your perfect meal, so why not pick the perfect person to cook your cookies?  Connie Kendall with ‘Cookies by Connie’ cookie planning service.   (harp, romantic music)  Providing all the beauty, all the romance, and all the happiness of a cookie made in Heaven.  (harp) So when it comes to your cookie, come to Connie.  Cookies by Connie. 

Treasure Hunt

Get episode information for 198: Treasure Hunt.

Radio Newscaster...

He is a tall, sandy-haired gentleman who is on foot and smells like dirty clothes. Call the police immediately if you suspect you've seen this man. (BEAT) In other news, the President announced today the formation of a new Congressional committee to monitor the ethical practices of the Ethics Committee. (BEAT) In Sports, the Falcons lined their nest with the Woodchucks by beating them 7-3. (BEAT) Odyssey 105 weathercast will see sunny skies until evening when it will become dark - perfect for the big contest downtown! Now this...

The Jokes on You

Get episode information for 391: The Jokes On You.

Skating Rink DJ...

Hey, hey, hey, that was a cool song by the "Cool Guys". Hi, I'm Jed Black and welcome to the Odyssey Rollerama. I'm playing music you can roll to, and this one's no exception. Put some oil on those wheels and let 'em rotate to the rhythmous beats of "The Renegade Raiders" and their hit song, "Really Really Rambunctious". Okay, let's have all the girls on the floor now. It's an all-girls skate time. Guys, head on off the floor, you'll get your turn...


Okay, let's have the guys out here now. Girls, go have some popcorn and a coke. Tell 'em Jed Black sent you...


All right, everybody with brown hair, it's your turn. Blondes, redheads... take a load off. It's an all brown-haired people skate.


Okay, people born east of the Mississippi, get on out here. We love Easterners, and to show how much, we're giving you this chance to take the floor...


Okay, everyone who knows the definition of the word "punctilious" roll to the floor right now. There will be a quiz...


Anyone who orders their salad dressing "on the side", get out here and skate. The floor's yours...


Okay, people who have college degrees and make less than 18,000 dollars a year, get on out here. You deserve this...

Terror from the Skies

Get episode information for 248: Terror from the Skies

Radio Commercial...

Listen, friends...Are you sick and tired of those annoying red spots, pimples and blackheads? Then maybe it's time your tried to clear, tingling feeling of OXYMORON! That's right, OXYMORON is the only acne medicine containing carbonite-benzedrine-peroxide -- the patented formula designed to get rid of pimples and keep them away! So the next time your look in the mirror at those ugly red things, just say to yourself "OXYMORON". Available at all fine drug stores and Rathbone's Electric Palace where you can buy one and get the second for the same price! Batteries not included. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required.


Get episode information for 269: Fences

Television Program...

On today's show, we have women who wish their husbands would watch more sports on TV. We have an interesting panel with us today. First off, we have Jeremy McDade. This is a man who has no interest in sports. All he does on the weekends is laundry, vacuuming, and cooking. And guess what? His wife hates it. To explain this phenomenon, we have noted psychologist, Dr. Josephine Carraway, who has written the best-selling book, Stop Cleaning and Start Being Lazy! Doctor Carraway, I read through this book rather quickly before the show, and it was fascinating... or at least the parts that I read. Actually, I only got through half of chapter two, but really, the book I'm sure is incredible... That is, if it's nearly as good as the first chapter and a half...

Top This

Get episode information for 313: Top This!


How many times has this happened to you? You're happily eating spaghetti, twirling your fork into a nice ball of pasta... and suddenly...you run out of fork! You've got another three yards of spaghetti to twirl, and you have no fork to put it on. What can you do? (BEAT) Introducing Jumbo Fork--the biggest fork you'll ever see in your life! Get Jumbo Fork--and get it in your mouth! Available at Pete's Gas n' Chow, your beef jerky co-op.

Gathering Thunder

Get episode information for 326: Gathering Thunder.

During the movie theater scene...

MANAGER: "You're crazy!"
ROCKY: "I gotta do it for my kids!"
MANAGER: "For crying out loud, Champ, they're married and have their own kids! They can fend for themselves. You've proved yourself to them, now you gotta move on."
ROCKY: "To what, Mick?! I can't do nothin' but box! I don't know nothin' else! (BEAT) I know what it is. Yeah, I know! You're gonna put me in a nursing home, aren't you?!"
MANAGER: "Oh, Rock!"
ROCKY: "You don't want me back in that ring 'cause it'll prove I can take care of myself!"
MANAGER: "I'm not doubting that you can take care of yourself!"
ROCKY: "Oh, yes, you are! (BEAT) And I'm gonna prove it to you."
MANAGER: "You don't have to, Rock!"
ROCKY: "I'm gonna do 50 sit-ups, right here in front of you."
MANAGER: "Oh, Rock, you don't have to do that."
ROCKY: "No, you don't believe me."


ROCKY: "Hold my feet."
MANAGER:(SIGHS) "Okay, if it'll make you feel better."



Chain Reaction

Get episode information for 433b: Chain Reaction (Split)

Television in the background while David refuses to cut Bernard's grass...

CONTESTANT: "Yes, I’d like to solve the puzzle."
HOST: "Okay."
CONTESTANT: "Don’t. look. a. gift. horse. in. the. house."
HOST: "Ooh. No. Sorry. Robin?"

Wheel spins.

HOST: "450."
CONTESTANT #2: "Is there a "D"?
HOST: "Yes, there is."
CONTESTANT #2: "I’d like to solve the puzzle. Don’t look a gift house in the house."
HOST: "No. Sorry."

Easy Money

Get episode information for 338: Easy Money.

Television in the background when Butch is betting on the game...

ANNOUNCER: "It's caught! Touchdown! Jones makes the catch! What an unbelievable catch! (BEAT AS CROWD REACTS) Jones, the rookie out of Virginia Tech with a miraculous dive and catch. And the Raiders go up 23 to 14.
JOHN MADDEN: "It was a hook and go. Jones ran down the sideline, beat Darrell Brown and made the catch in the back of the end zone. Watch the blocking on this. Murdock comes around the end and Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom Boom! Boom Boom Boom! Boom! Boom Boom Boom Boom! And look at him on the sidelines--got a big chunk of grass stuck in his helmet--that's what it's all about--getting grass in your helmet.."


ANNOUNCER: "The extra point is up and... off to the left. No good. And the Raiders' lead stays at nine, 23-14. We'll see if that comes back to haunt the Raiders."
JOHN MADDEN: "The blocking really broke down on this extra point. Watch the inside here. Boom! Boom! Boom Boom! Boom Boom Boom! Look at Smith. He's pulling out a tooth. Now that's a football player!"

The Good, the Bad, and Butch

Get episode information for 301: The Good, the Bad, & Butch

Rusty and Sam talk in the background while Rodney and Butch talk in the foreground.

RUSTY: "You really don't know any?"
SAM: "No."
RUSTY: "Well maybe you can make one up. Let me help you. Try to think of the three most disgusting things you've ever heard of."
SAM: "What?"
RUSTY: "Okay, I got mine. You got yours?"
SAM: "No."
RUSTY: "All right, I'll let you use mine. Number one..."
SAM: "I don't wanna hear this."
RUSTY: "You know, you're really not getting into the spirit of this. Maybe we need to smear some pimento cheese or something on your face. That'll get you thinking disgusting thoughts."