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Instances of Connie's romantic entanglements | Quotes from people who know
Instances of Connie’s romantic entanglements:
4: Connie Comes To Town 
Bobby develops a crush on Connie and plans to accompany her back to Los Angeles
111: First Love 
Connie dates baseball star Jeff Lewis
117: The Trouble with Girls 
Connie tells Jesse a story about how she once liked a guy that paid no attention to her, so she ignored him, and then he fell for her so hard she couldn’t get rid of him.
154: Coming of Age
Jimmy Barclay develops a crush on Connie while entering adolescence
182: The Scales of Justice
Isaac wrote a note about his affection for Connie that read; "Connie Kendall is about the sweetest girl I know. She’s fun, and she smells good too. If I could pick any girl to be my girlfriend, it would be Connie."
220: This Is Chad Pearson?
Connie once had a Crush on TV Detective Mike Hamcharmer & Singer Rick Springload
Connie won the "Win a Day with Nick Grant Contest".  While Nick tried to impress Connie, she isn’t interested in him, but eventually becomes his friend.
260: Naturally, I Assumed...
Whit believes Connie and Eugene are in love after Eugene practices giving a gift (for Katrina) to Connie, and gives her flowers and candy that Katrina rejected.
335: Love Is In the Air, Part 1
336: Love Is In the Air, Part 2
Connie has a crush on Jason Whittaker. Eugene is caught hugging Connie twice.
440: I Slap Floor
In a fictional story that Bernard told, Connie and Eugene fall in love and get engaged.


Quotes from People Who Know:

"Connie's love life. What a mess!! She really loves Jason, you know. But I'm afraid a new actress came on the scene this month that will be just more fodder for Connie's jealousy. There really hasn't been anyone that she's been close to except for Eugene. He wishes we would get together :> (he just doesn't know it.). I think Connie is ready, but maybe the show isn't. That's life in a serial, no?"

- Katie Leigh

"These last three episodes and Katie’s note pretty much sum up Connie’s love life, her crush on Jason never really went away, especially after he and Tasha parted ways. Her involvement with Eugene may be a sign that the writers are leaning towards Connie rather than Katrina for Eugene. Her early-life crushes are normal for teenage girls, and so equally are the crushes the boys of Odyssey had on Connie. Connie is obviously a beautiful character on the Audio Series, somewhat unlike her Video Series likeness. Like Katie, I’m not only optimistic, but also hopeful that Connie will meet her soul mate and companion in the near future. So as she continues to grow, we can better learn lessons that will apply to, and benefit, our own lives."

- OdysseyFan