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Adam Pavlakovich plays Cal Jordan, a new kid on the series and a bit of a trouble-maker, and he agreed to answer some fan questions.  Adam is also the son of Katie Leigh, the actress who brings Connie Kendall to life.  He's also played a few characters in past shows, including "Sticks and Stones" and "Worst Day Ever." The following are his answers to fan questions.

Paul Brown asks, "Do You sign Photos of Yourself Like you Mom did?"

Well, I haven't yet and the photos I have are from about 3 years ago. So to answer your question, not really.

Harrison asks, "What is it like talking to your mom like she is Connie? How old are you?"

I haven't talked to my mom yet in Odyssey yet, but I really want to. In real life, my mom sounds a lot like Connie anyway so it's not that big of a difference. I am 13 years old.

Jacob Isom asks, "Hi! I have been a fan of Odyssey for eight or nine years! I am 15 years old, and I was wondering... what's it like knowing your mom plays Connie? Do you enjoy being on Odyssey just like your mom?"

My mom has been doing Connie since I was born so I grew up with it. It's still kind of fun though, knowing that there's this huge fan base for my mom. I've always wanted to work on Odyssey with Connie and I finally got my chance. I like it very much and hope to do a lot more episodes.

What was it like to work with Travis Tedford?

Travis is a very nice, and fun person. It's cool because he was Spanky in The Little Rascals and my mom used to call my Spanky because I looked a lot like the original one when I was a baby. It's now my nickname. Anyway, back to the subject, Travis is very fun to work with but I haven't had a lot of time with him off the studio.

C.W. Frito asks, "Is it cool to work with your mom and the people that do AIO? BTW, you’re my favorite person on AIO."

Yeah it's a lot of fun like I said earlier. About being your favorite guy...thanks, even though I've only been in 3 episodes...

Dave asks, "You're one of the best actors in history! I can't wait to see how your character comes off! How long have you wanted to act on AIO?"

Thanks you so much (quote from above). I can't wait to see how my character comes off either. I hope everyone likes my guy because I want to be in Odyssey for a while. I guess they have to use me though because I'm part of the Novacom lucky me.

Anna asks, "Do you want to make voice acting a career? How do you feel about being on the same show as your mom and having a key role in this new saga?"

A voice acting career would be nice. I've always wanted to follow my mom's footsteps but I might also want to be an on screen actor, a director, or maybe even a lawyer (but that takes too much school). I don't know exactly what I want to do in the future but voice acting is very fun (plus you don't have to put on makeup).  It's pretty exciting being in this big Novacom thing. My favorite album is Darkness over Dawn so I really like these long, saga shows. This Novacom is huge.

AIOFreak asks, "What do you think about your mom playing a character who has just fallenn love? Also, how did you get involved with AIO?"

I don't really think of it as my mom falling in love I think of it as Connie falling in love. I don't really relate them. There was another time when Connie fell in love which was kinda awkward but I was younger then. I got involved in Odyssey when they needed a part for the episode "Sticks and Stones" they called me up and I did an audition for them over the phone. They liked me so they decided to give me my own character, Cal.

Dave asks, "What is your favorite actor on AIO other than yourself?

That's a hard question, I don't really have a "favorite actor" but I do like the guy who does Cryn' Bryan Dern. He's very funny. Otherwise I like them all.

Ben asks, "How did you get involved in AIO?"

I've been involved with AIO ever since I was born. I used to go to all the shows that my mom was recording.