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As a service of both AIOHQ and OdysseyFan, we allowed fans to submit questions to Katie Leigh, the actress who brings Connie Kendall to life.  Thank you for all your questions!

Anna asks: Have any of your kids ever appeared on the show? What do your kids think of AIO, seeing as how their mom plays a prominent character? (Even though you plays a teenager!)

Dear Anna:

Yes! My eldest son was on a show once. He yelled, "Gangway," as his character ran out of Whit's End. I hope he will be on more episodes since he is very interested in "voice acting." My kids love that their mom is on Odyssey. They think it is cool. (Editor's Note: I believe the "gangway" was in 378: The Painting.)

Anthony F. Strand asks: What would you say was your favorite cartoon role to play? (I had to ask this because in the 1980's I was a big fan of both Muppet Babies and Gummi Bears.) Also, why did you go from being Katie Leigh Pavlakovich to just being Katie Leigh?

Dear Anthony:

Being Baby Rowlf is my absolute favorite best cartoon thing I ever did! I have always been Katie Leigh. My married name is Pavlakovich.

Anna asks: How did Hal Smith's death affect you? How about the entrance of Paul Herlinger? Do you think that they made a good choice in their decision to hire him as the "new" Whit? Do you think that he's the best choice other than Hal himself, or do you think that they could've found somebody better? Were your reactions[to Paul H. or Alan Young] similar to Connie 's reaction Jack Allen working at Whit's End?

Dear Anna:

I was very sad when Hal died. It was hard to work on the show. They always left his microphone empty, which was right across from mine and I couldn't look at anybody. Then they found Paul, I think he is wonderful. He is a lovely man and plays Whit as best as anybody could as well as sounding so much like Hal. It made things better to have Paul there. The writer usually write the way "Katie" really thinks. So my reactions are usually the same as Connie's oddly enough. So I think I reacted to them kind of like Connie did (although it is pretty neat working with Alan Young!!!).

Kalli asks: What is your favorite AIO episode that you have been in?

Dear Kalli:

I loved being in Back to Bethlehem and A License to Drive.

Heather asks: What do you think of the new episodes, like Passages, and Blackgaard's Revenge?

They scare me. :{

Anna asks: Was it hard to act like you hated Dr. Blackgaard? Is he actually really nice in person? Does he disguise his voice, or is that really how he sounds? What do you think of the idea to bring him back a second time?

Dear Anna:

The man who plays Dr. Blackgaard is really very nice, but it is not hard to scared of him when he talks to me that way. He can really give me the creeps if he wants to. That is pretty much what he sounds like. Isn't he great! I don't really want him back, but I hope I see the actor again.

Larissa asks: Do you have a least favorite AIO episode?

Dear Larissa:


Mellanie asks: Do you have a favorite Adventures in Odyssey character?

Dear Mellanie:

I love them all. (But Jason is very cute.)

Anna asks: Is that really how you sound? Do you change the sound of your voice? Are you really good friends with a person who plays a character? Who are you best friends with on the staff? Do you know anyone famous, like who was in a movie or something?

Dear Anna:

I can see you are a super big fan of Odyssey and maybe a budding actress? I am really good friends Eugene. We have known each other a very long time....but I worked with Tom, Eugene, the original Mr. Whittaker on Dumbo's Circus way before Odyssey. Connie's voice is really my own. I don't think I sound much different from her in person. I will be working with Mark Hamill in cartoon for Nickelodeon next week I think. He is pretty famous. I am friends with the writers, Phil and Paul. But they live kind of far from me.

Anna Bentley asks: Who is [your kids] favorite character?

Dear Anna:

I believe my children's favorite character is me.

OdysseyFan asks: How has being Connie Kendall, helped you in your everyday life?

The writer's usually write scripts that reflect my real life for some reason.   Sometimes I get very convicted working on Odyssey.

How hard is it to work on this Radio Series, and still raise your kids?

It is easy. They come to work with me when they are not in school. And they get free Odyssey shows to listen to.

 What do your kids think of Odyssey?

They love it.

What do your kids think of Connie Kendall?

I don't really know. But they like Mom's job. I think my eldest son is the de facto manager of my fan club. He is always giving me advice about dealing with fans.

What is the Best Part about working on AIO?

I love the people and the scripts and knowing how many people count on us for their listening and spiritual pleasure.

What do you think of the "Connie" action Figure? Do you like her?

I haven't seen her. But her cartoon character doesn't seem to be wearing any pants.

Did you enjoy finally being able to be in the Video Series?


Without revealing to much, What does the Future hold for AIO? And for you?

Well, it has always been my dream in real life to manage a retreat center, so maybe I will learn a few things. I never know what's going to happen until I show up for work--and even then sometimes I don't read the whole script and get surprised when I hear the show.

How well do you get along with Will Ryan? Do you spar like Connie and Eugene, or are you good friends?

Yes. and yes.

If you have heard it, what did you think of the Episode involving the "Blackgaard Virus" where Dr. Blackgaard Returns?

We just got it in the mail a couple days ago. I haven't heard it yet and all my son would say was it sounded too short. But when I was acting in it I thought it was creepy.