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The Odyssey on-staff writing team joined us for a chat on July 20, 2002 to talk about Novacom, the 500th show, and anything else fans wanted to talk about. John Beebee, Kathy Wierenga, and Marshal Younger were in attendance and had a lot to say. Check out the transcript below.

<AIO_Nathan> Welcome Kathy! The first of our writers to enter!
<AIO_Nathan> Welcome, Marshal!
<AIO_Kathy> Hi everyone!
<AIO_Marshal> Hello!

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) Kathy, how was jumping today? :-)
<AIO_Kathy> I survived!
<Deborah> Q: Was that skydiving?
<AIO_Kathy> Yep!
<AIO_Marshal> I cleaned the house today!
<guitargirl> I bet your wife was happy about that Mr. Marshal!;-)

<Fletcher_2> Q: Is there any importance to the conversation Mitch had with Charles in Grand Opening 2?
<AIO_Kathy> Everything in Odyssey is important

<AnnaK15> Q. What happened to Dave Madden, he hasn't been on Odyssey for awhile
<AIO_Marshal> Dave lives in Florida now. So we have to limit his appearances. But he'll be back.
<AIO_Kathy> Bernard will be at our next recording session
<AIO_Kathy> I FINALLY get to do my diet show!

<Sonuna> Q: Are there any plans for the next season... that you can mention?
<AIO_Marshal> More will be heard from Connie and Mitch, Wooton, Tom and Agnes...
<Margaret> Q: Is there a future for Connie and Mitch
<AnnaK15> There has to be a future for Connie and Mitch! :)
<AIO_Kathy> There's a future for both of them, the question is will it be together
<Margaret> Q: Will it be together??
<AIO_Kathy> I'm not convinced Mitch is man enough for Connie

<Fletcher_2> Q:Who is the Chairman?
<AIO_Marshal> The Chairman is an unknown entity right now.

<Pianogirl> (Q) Can you give us any clues about what will happen to Monica?
<AIO_Marshal> Monica has to serve her time before we hear form her again.

<shadowpaw> Q: Will any new characters be introduced in the upcoming season?
(ones that will stay longer then one episode)?
<AIO_Marshal> We are trying to start a new family, or a couple, actually. One will be
African American
<katrinameltsner> if you want a family use Eugene and Katrina
<AIO_Kathy> E and K can't have a family yet. It's not healthy
<Deborah> Q: Will we hear from the Mulligans again, or have they taken the walk down the long, dark tunnel?
<AIO_Kathy> They got lost in the long, dark tunnel
<Wumper> Q: Will the Barclays be back?
<AIO_Marshal> Not plans for the BARCLAYS at this point.

<AnnaK15> Q. Who's the actress behind Monica's voice?
<AIO_Marshal> Monica's name is Melissa. I'm not sure we can give away her last name at this point.

<pianoguy> Q. Who was the lady who talked on the 500th episode... other than Connie, I couldn't recognize her voice
<AIO_Nathan> Pianoguy, there were some Odyssey fans who talked on the 500th show.
<AIO_Kathy> Chris spoke on 500
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, Chris also spoke. :) Kathy and Marshal did, too.

<Fletcher_2> Q: Why does Applesauce appear in "Exit" after it was erased in "The Battle"?
<AIO_Marshal> Applesauce was only a self-destructing password, not the program.

<Sonuna> Q: Is the 'giraffe' thing an obscure in-joke?
<AIO_Marshal> Giraffe?
<katrinameltsner> Mitch's screen namne
<AIO_Kathy> I just think giraffes are always funny
<AIO_Marshal> Oh. Giraffe was Kathy's invention. Her imagination gets away from her sometimes.
<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: rdvarkaa? is this an inside joke also?
<AIO_Marshal> Aardvark was Kathy too.
<AIO_Kathy> Aardvark is very important. Top secret stuff

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: are there any more plans to do off the wall eps like emergency 119,
the twilife zone, and space quest, etc....?
<AIO_Marshal> I'm sure we'll do our share of crazy eps. John Beebee is still on the team, you know.

<AnnaK15> Q. Have any of you writers been on an episode before, as characters?
<AIO_Kathy> I was customer #2. I'm sure it was one of your favorites. [Editor's Note: This was in "Career Moves."]
<Pianogirl> wasn't Marshal young Jack in The Triangle?

<Wumper> Q: Where are you guys? Southern California?
<AIO_Marshal> I'm in CO.

<Fletcher_2> Q: Why in Grand Opening 2 when Mitch talks to Mr. Charles is he very oblivious about the hidden cameras. Why did he want to see Dent?
<AIO_Kathy> Mitch plays it cool
<AIO_Marshal> Mitch wasn't oblivious about the cameras. He just didn't realize how they were being used.

<Carolyn1234> Is the chairman someone from Odyssey's past?
<AIO_Marshal> The Chairman is new.

<shadowpaw> Q: How long do you think it will be before things finally get back to
<shadowpaw> "normal" for Odyssey (normal is a hard term to describe Odyssey but you know what I mean ;o)
<AIO_Marshal> Things will be back to normal in Odyssey next season. No new story arcs.
<AIO_Kathy> Excuse me, don't forget Whit's Obesity Story Arc.
<AIO_Marshal> Or at least, no story arcs that involve mind control.

<Fletcher_2> Q: Will, Will Ryan be back?
<AIO_Marshal> I can't really talk about Will Ryan. I know you guys are frustrated by the lack of info, but for reasons protecting him and us, I can't talk about him,
<AnnaK15> I hope he comes back soon!
<AIO_Kathy> Me too
<Sonuna> I've missed Eugene...
<AIO_Marshal> 'Me too.

<pianoguy> Kathy, you seem like an incredibly wacky person
<AIO_Kathy> Take out the wacky, and it's true

<AnnaK15> Q. How did Barry Muntz get to be the Chairman's right hand man after being sent to South America?
<AIO_Kathy> They don't tell my anything.
<AIO_Marshal> Was that Barry Muntz at the helicopter?
<AIO_Nathan> Barry Muntz was a jack of all trades, he said.
<AIO_Nathan> He must have been a good helicopter pilot, too. :)

<Deborah> Q: Were there any storylines in the recently past episodes that were particularly difficult to write for one reason or another?
<AIO_Marshal> It was difficult to wrap up everythying that we felt needed to be wrapped up in the Novacom saga, and also we had to decide how much we needed to answer.
<AIO_Kathy> I had difficulty writing Connie's emotional scenes without them being cheesy
<AIO_Kathy> You might be getting more romance lately. I"m feeling more that way since I got engaged
<AIO_Kathy> He agrees with the incredibly wacky comment

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) What was your favorite Novacom story?
<AIO_Marshal> Plan B, part 4
<AIO_Kathy> exit
<AIO_John> Favorite Novacom Show? Probably "Exit."
<AIO_Nathan> Feel free to ask your question again. :)

<pianoguy> Q: While writing the last few episodes of the Novacom saga, did you intentionally do anything to make the story similar or different from DBD?... (I just listened to DBD yesterday and today)
<AIO_Marshal> I never really thought much about DBD as I was going through this. Honestly, I enjoyed the Novacom one much more.
<AIO_Kathy> I think we tried to not make the morals too similar, so we thought about it then
<pianoguy> Marshal, any particular reason why Novacom was more enjoyable? (It's funny because I alway hear authors who say that they don't have any favorites among their stores :) )
<AIO_Marshal> I was much more involved in Novacom, plus I think there were a lot more "Human" elements in it.
<AIO_Marshal> I liked the way every main character inadvertently helped Novacom.
<AIO_Kathy> I liked working as a team in writing them

<Carolyn1234> Q: will there be an album like DBD that covers and finishes the Novacom series?
<AIO_Kathy> There are too many shows for one album

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: what did you use as the idea for Novacom?
<AIO_Marshal> X-Files was an inspiration, but mainly for Paul McCusker

<Fletcher_2> Q:Any hints you can give us about "Novacom wash up" shows?
<OdysseyFan> I think you mean "Cleanup"
<AIO_Marshal> We'll hear a bit more about what happens to Novacom.
<AIO_Kathy> Well, we have to deal with the presence of Novacom in Odyssey and Mitch and Connie stuff
<AIO_Kathy> And the exciting things we're going to do with Whit's End Connellsville
<AIO_Nathan> Exciting things...right, Marshal?
<AIO_Marshal> Oh, yes. Exciting things with W.E. Connellsville.
<Fletcher_2> Q: What kind of new job will Mitch get?
<AIO_Marshal> Mitch will be looking for work

<AnnaK15> Q. Was Courtney Vincent the voice of Rachel Mitchell?
<AIO_Marshal> Yes, Courtney was Rachel

<Fletcher_2> Q: Is there more to Mary then there seems?
<AIO_Marshal> No, there's less.

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) Margaret is wondering what Novacom will do with Mitch still in town?
<AIO_Kathy> Good question. Um...
<AIO_Marshal> Novacom is having its own problems without having to worry about Mitch.

<pianoguy> Are Monica and Jason going to have a relationship of any kind that's on the show, or will that sort of fade away?
<AIO_Marshal> Monica has to clean up her act before Jason will come anywhere near her.
<AIO_Nathan> Also, remember Monica isn't a Christian.
<AIO_Kathy> So should Jason hook up with Amy or Monica. He can only have one chic.
<AIO_Nathan> Or Tasha? Or Connie?
<AIO_Marshal> I think Jason should get together with Margaret Faye.

<Fletcher_2> Q: Why have Mitch killed just to bring him back? Though I'm glad that you did!
<AIO_Marshal> Why did we kill Mitch? Was it not the thing you guys talked about the most for the next two months?

<Carolyn1234> Q: Why wasn't there security by the IS, if the chairman knew Whit was/is so smart?
<AIO_Marshal> Novacom got cocky. That's why they left it alone.
<AIO_Nathan> That seems to often be a problem with bad guys. They get so arrogant that they forget one thing that leaves them open to downfall.

<katrinameltsner> i would also like to hear about Eugene's childhood
<AIO_Kathy> I'd like to hear more about E's past, too
<AIO_Marshal> So what was Eugene like as child?

<AIO_Nathan> Hello, John!
<AIO_Nathan> Welcome!
<AIO_Kathy> Good Morning!
<AIO_John> Hi!

<whitsendpb> what is the new live show about
<AIO_Marshal> The live show is sort of similar to "New Years Eve Live"--a variety show.

<OdysseyFan> (Q): Will we hear any more stories about Jack Allen's past such as how he got saved?
<AIO_Kathy> What would you like to know about Jack's past?
<pianoguy> Q: Any chance we'll get to see more about Jack and Emily?
<AIO_Marshal> No plans for Jack and Emily at this point. Nathan?
<AIO_Nathan> I think we should hear from Young Jack again. :)
<AIO_Nathan> Everyone knows Jack is Marshal, right?
<AIO_Kathy> Jack was on medication for a time...

<Fletcher_2> Q: John, anything on the future of Aubrey?
<AIO_John> We're going to test Aubrey's newfound Christianity--what's it mean to be a
<AIO_John> Christian?
<AIO_Nathan> About Aubrey, Bob Hoose is currently working on a script about her.

<Carolyn1234> Q: Is Mr. Charles out of the picture now?
<AIO_John> Mr. Charles is selling shoes in Minnesota.
<AIO_Marshal> I would love to hear Mr. Charles again.
<AIO_Nathan> People can get out of jail...or escape!

<whitsendpb> will Richard Maxwell ever come back
<AIO_John> No plans on Richard right now.

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) John, Marshal, did you like writing for Novacom verses writing other shows?
<AIO_John> It was a lot of fun pooling our ideas together and mapping out the end of the world.
<AIO_Kathy> It was a challenge for me to do high adventure shows, when I'm used to more relational and slice of life stuff.

<Fletcher_2> Q:Where did you get the idea of the Radio Wave Study?
<AIO_John> Paul was the brains behind the Radio Wave Study.
<AIO_Marshal> The RWS was Paul McCusker, and he's the only one that understand it.

<AnnaK15> Q. Will you be releasing the clips from the Marathon? We missed it
<AIO_Nathan> Anna, we may release clips from the marathon on the Official website. :)

<katrinameltsner> (Q) have you ever considered doing a "unreleased episode" album?
<AIO_John> Yes, we've talked about doing some "unreleased" shows in an album or two.
<AIO_Marshal> Yes we've considered doing an unreleased album, though there is a reason why they're unreleased.

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: are there any plans to address Sept 11 2001 in any eps?
<AIO_Kathy> We haven't talked about doing anything specific to 9-11

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) John, can you tell us anything about the upcoming Odyssey video you wrote?
<AIO_John> The new video is a tribute to WWII vets--Dylan is going to find out what it was like to be in battle.
<Fletcher_2> Q:It's about the Underground Railroad right?
<AIO_Kathy> That's Marshal's work of art
<AIO_Nathan> Fletcher, Marshal wrote the one about the Underground Railroad.
<AIO_John> Marshal's show is "Race to Freedom" about the Underground Railroad.
<Fletcher_2> Q: Mr. Marshal, what will be the basic story of the Underground Railroad video?
<AIO_Marshal> It's interesting because the URR video started out being a video adaptation of the audio story, but it ended up completely different. Carter goes back in the IS as a slave.
<Fletcher_2> Q:Kind of like Dark Passage?
<AIO_Marshal> Yes, a bit like Dark Passage.
<AIO_Nathan> (Q) John and Marshal, how do you compare writing for video and writing for audio?
<AIO_Marshal> Writing visually is completely different.
<AIO_John> Video gives you a lot more opportunities to tell your story visually, although there's a lot less control over what comes out.

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) Kathy, now that you've finished your second book, which do you now prefer...books or audio?
<AIO_Kathy> I love the combination. I like the teen audience, but the team I work with in odyssey is the best!

<Carolyn1234> Q: Will RWS research etc. still be an issue?
<AIO_John> I think we unplugged the RWS forever--although Eugene may still be tinkering with it.

<AnnaK15> Q. Are you guys at the Whit's End in Colorado Springs often?
<AIO_Nathan> (I was at Whit's End today...)
<AIO_John> Sometimes we go to Whit's End to hang out--not very often. Although I love their employee-discounted cookies.
<AIO_Kathy> We get employee discounts on cookies?

<pianoguy> Will the albums that haven't been released on CD (1-15) be released in the future.
<AIO_Marshal> Fletcher, we are currently trying to repackage albums 1-15, but they won't be out in September. The tape-only ones will be available on CD.

<AIO_John> Has anybody asked Kathy about her skydiving adventure today?
<Sonuna> Q: ...Skydiving?
<AIO_Kathy> We had to untwist the chute in the air
<AIO_Kathy> But I survived
<AIO_Kathy> Obviously
<AIO_John> Whoa, Kathy!
<AIO_John> Has anybody asked Marshal about his pogo stick adventure in the Alps?
<AnnaK15> what about it, Marshal?
<katrinameltsner> So... Mr. Younger..... You can ride a pogo stick?
<AIO_Marshal> I survived. We had to untangle the... pole thing... on the summit.
<AIO_Kathy> I had a great flossing adventure in Europe
<AIO_John> You guys know Kathy flossed her way virtually around the world.
<AIO_John> I think Kathy's going to write a book about the flossing adventure.
<AIO_Kathy> John had his shoes stolen recently
<AIO_Marshal> Did I mention I cleaned the house today?
<AIO_John> Yes we do have exciting lives. Hey, Kathy goes skydiving, Marshal goes to the Alps on a pogo stick and I get my shoes stolen!
<AIO_Nathan> Be sure to listen for an upcoming character named Mrs. Nietshew. (Spelled correctly Kathy?)
<AIO_John> Here's the story about my stolen shoes, since everybody was excited to hear about it...
<AIO_John> I was typing away on my next Adventure in Odyssey when all of a sudden...
<AIO_John> My shoes were gone! Stolen, I tell you!
<AIO_Kathy> some crazed writer, slid on her stomach to steal poor John's shoes from under his desk
<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: who was the crazed writer?
<AIO_John> A crazed writer with the initials Kathy, I mean KW.
<AIO_John> I had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to go down the long hallway in front of thousands of people without my shoes.
<AIO_John> I can tell you guys are spellbound.
<AIO_John> And so...using my amazing detective skills, I immediately surmised it was KW!
<AIO_Kathy> And he paged Miss Need-shoe over the intercom at Focus
<AIO_Kathy> And Mrs. Nietchew in Odyssey was born
<AIO_Kathy> You'll hear her in "For Trying Out Loud"--when Wooton is in one of Edwin's plays
<AIO_Kathy> The story was actually recorded last September, but was put on hold until after Novacom
<AIO_John> I never made it to the restroom. I don't want to elaborate.

<whitsendpb> are there plans to make the 500 show a 99 cent tape
<AIO_Nathan> It will be on a special CD (with a longer version of the show and bonus material) and will be out in October.

<Carolyn1234> Q: What was with the mentions of staplers in the Novacom series?
<AIO_Marshal> We can't talk about the staplers. Classified.

<AnnaK15> Q. How did each of you get started writing for AIO?
<AIO_Marshal> I started writing for AIO in 1992 as a result of a radio drama I wrote for college. Paul M contacted me.
<AIO_Kathy> God pretty much dumped it in my lap. I moved out to Colorado and needed a job, and started doing coordinating for Odyssey
<AIO_Kathy> But I'm not a very good coordinator
<AIO_Kathy> So I had to write
<AIO_John> When I was about 10-12, I dreamed of writing for a radio show. And, thanks to God, he helped my dream come true!

<AIO_Nathan> (Q) John, Kathy, Marshal...which story coming up in the next season (written or not written yet) are you most looking forward to?
<AIO_John> I'm looking forward to BTV: Bible. And "Noobles and Nerbles" of course, right, Marshal?
<AIO_Marshal> Yes, I'm looking forward to "Noobles and Nerbles" as well, John. And I'm sure Paul is too.
<AIO_John> That Paul sure has good taste.
<AIO_Kathy> I've wanted to do the Whit and Bernard goes on a diet FOREVER. So I'm excited about that.
<AIO_Kathy> And about doing stuff with Mitch and Connie's relationship

<whitsendpb> what do writers get paid for one script if you can say
<AIO_Kathy> We make a crown in heaven for each show. And 12 cents USD
<AIO_Kathy> It adds up with interest

<Fletcher_2> Q:Any hints on what the season opener will be about?
<AIO_Marshal> The season opener will have Connie and Mitch, I'm pretty sure.
<Fletcher_2> Q: Will it be a 2 parter?
<katrinameltsner> or a five parter?
<katrinameltsner> connie could steal mitch's shoes.....
<AIO_John> Yes! A five parter about some missing shoes! Great idea, guys. I'm working on it now!
<AIO_Kathy> To put your minds at ease--John did get his shoes back
<AIO_Marshal> No, missing shoes is a little too intense, I think.
<AIO_Kathy> We could add a warning
<AIO_Marshal> The Missing Shoes story arc would be too much for our younger audience.
<AIO_John> Guess you're right, Marshal.
<AIO_Kathy> ONly Marshal knows that stuff

<Carolyn1234> Q: When will 501 be aired?
<AIO_Marshal> The next new show airs January 11
<OdysseyFan> Ya know, Phil and Paul used to Crank out 50 shows a year, and now there are 7 writers doing half that?
<AIO_Kathy> We have lives.
<AIO_Kathy> And love our families
<AIO_Kathy> And we're slower
<AIO_John> Actually, to be honest, we do a lot more than the AIO radio. We do books and videos and secret projects.
<AIO_Kathy> Shhh, John
<AIO_John> I didn't mean to spill my guts about the secret projects, but I--Oh no! The FBI just showed up and I....
<AIO_Nathan> One note for you guys is that the shows up until the new ones will feature new openers and intereting tidbits, such as the Best of the Barclays with Chuck Bolte.
<AIO_Nathan> One note, too, is that shows take much longer to produce now.
<AIO_Nathan> (Sound effects, etc.)

<AIO_Marshal> I have to go now.
<AIO_Kathy> Cleaning out drains now huh
<AIO_Nathan> Thank you so much for coming Marshal! :)
<AIO_Marshal> I'm going to look for the perfect wedding gift for Kathy.
<AIO_Kathy> I could use a new parachute
<AIO_Nathan> (Q) Do you have your OWN parachute?
<AIO_Kathy> No. Remember 12 cents a show?
<AnnaK15> I can brag that I talked to Marshall Younger!
<AIO_John> Hey, I talked to Marshal Younger, too, you know!
<AIO_Marshal> Thanks for chatting! I enjoyed it very much!
<AIO_John> Oh no. I can't find my shoes.
<AIO_John> It's great to talk with you guys--I've gotta go.
<AIO_Nathan> Thanks for coming, John!
<AIO_John> You're welcome--it's awesome to work for you all!
<AIO_Kathy> I need to go, too. Thanks for chatting everyone. We appreciate you soooo much!!
<AIO_Nathan> Thanks for coming, Kathy.

<whitsendpb> will there be a new odyssey guide book
<AIO_Nathan> I'm still hoping there will be another complete guide, but it won't be for awhile.

<Fletcher_2> What parts did you write of Plan B?
<AIO_Nathan> In Plan B, I wrote starting with the scene where Jack says, "It it much farther, driver."
<AIO_Nathan> Until the end of the day.

<katrinameltsner> (Q) doyou ever write episodes in your spare time, not ones for Odyssey, but just for fun?
<AIO_Nathan> Before January, I wrote all my episodes in my spare time since I wasn't on staff.
<AIO_Nathan> But now I don't usually write shows in my spare time.

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: what is your favorite story style? ie mystery, romance, ....etc...
<AIO_Nathan> I like all the story styles, but I think my favorite is action/adventure.

<Carolyn1234> Q: Favorite character to write?
<AIO_Nathan> Probably Edwin Blackgaard.
<AnnaK15> Why?
<AIO_Nathan> I like writing for Edwin because he was a character I loved so much and it was fun to finally write for him.
<AIO_Nathan> Toughest character to write for?
<AIO_Nathan> far.
<AnnaK15> Do you guys use a dictionary when writing for Eugene?
<AIO_Nathan> I don't know what they use when writing for Eugene. Unfortunately, no one has been able to write for Eugene since I got here.
<AnnaK15> Q. How long has Eugene been gone?
<AIO_Nathan> The last show Eugene was in (aside from Plan B and Exit) was Mandy's Debut.

<whitsendpb> any new odyssey people coming to the show
<AIO_Nathan> There are a number of new characters coming in the new shows.
<Carolyn1234> Q: Kids/adults?
<AIO_Nathan> Both kids and adults.
<AIO_Nathan> We definately need a few new kids on the show.
<AIO_Nathan> We don't have names for some of the new characters yet.

<Carolyn1234> Q: Will we see more of Bernard in the new episodes?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, Bernard will be in...let's see...about four of the new shows we'll be recording in September.

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: how do you usually compensate for a loss of actors in the script (do you have a meeting and discuss possible alternatives)?
<AIO_Nathan> Sometimes we find that an actor isn't available after we've already written them in.
<AIO_Nathan> Usually, we do 1 of 2 things.
<AIO_Nathan> We'll change the date of the recording.
<AIO_Nathan> Or we'll re-write the script.
<AIO_Nathan> The first one happened with Plan B. Alan Young (who plays Jack Allen) wasn't available when we had originally intended to record.
<AIO_Nathan> So we moved the session, and he's still in the show.
<AIO_Nathan> The second one happened with 15 Minutes.
<AIO_Nathan> Originally, Bernard was the character who taught Alex how to golf. But Dave Madden (voice of Bernard) wasn't available.
<AIO_Nathan> So, we used Bart instead.

<whitsendpb> will there ever be more splitshows
<AIO_Nathan> I doubt there will ever be more split shows...
<AIO_Nathan> But...who knows?

<JoeB1> (Q) Do you guys use software like pro-tools or sabalias to record.. or DAT tapes and stuff?
<AIO_Nathan> We use ProTools to edit all Odyssey shows.

<Carolyn1234> Q: Like DBD is Novacom series going to finish off in an entire album, or stories here and there, inbetween slice of life shows?
<AIO_Nathan> Carolyn, Novacom ended (for now anyway) with Battle Lines, which was entirely Novacom shows.

<AnnaK15> Isn't Strange boy a good ep??
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, Strange Boy is a good ep.
<AnnaK15> Who wrote it?
<AIO_Nathan> Strange Boy was by Marshal.

<whitsendpb> how many alex shows will we hear
<AIO_Nathan> Alex is in several shows coming up.

<AnnaK15> Q. Will you wrap up the Novacom saga in the near future?
<AIO_Nathan> The Novacom saga was wrapped up with Exit.
<AnnaK15> Okay, there were just some unanswered questions I was wondering about
<AIO_Nathan> Some things about Novacom will continue into future shows (such as the company itself), but the storyline largely ended with Exit.

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: do you do anything to prepare to write stories?
<AIO_Nathan> To prepare to write stories? Not really. I often go get a big glass of orange juice and turn on a movie soundtrack.
<Pianogirl> what movie soundtrack?
<AIO_Nathan> Various ones.
<Pianogirl> any favorites?
<AIO_Nathan> The ones I listened to while writing the last show I wrote (which is called "The Pact" by the way), were Braveheart and Dragonheart.
<AIO_Nathan> So the show should have lots of heart.
<AIO_Nathan> Hee hee!
<AIO_Nathan> I listen to a lot of John Williams also.

<JoeB1> Does Bernard have any story episodes next season? I love those ones.
<JoeB1> one of my favorites is Bernard and Esther
<AIO_Nathan> Joe, I'm not sure about Bernard stories.
<AIO_Nathan> We'll have to see.
<AIO_Nathan> He'll be in some shows, but I'm not sure if he'll tell a story.
<Carolyn1234> what's the one where eugene keeps interrupting bernard when they're telling a story together?
<AIO_Nathan> Deliver Us from Evil
<Fletcher_2> AIO has told almost all Bible stories that I can think of.
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, they are getting low on Bible stories, though there are still many to tell.

<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: how did you get to work for AIO?
<AIO_Nathan> Here's the story...
<AIO_Nathan> A while after I started AIOHQ, some of the team contacted me via e-mail and IM.
<AIO_Nathan> We chatted back and forth and eventually Mark Drury suggested that I intern for Focus.
<AIO_Nathan> That sounded cool to me, so I filled out the paperwork, and eventually I interned in the summer of 2000.
<AIO_Nathan> During that time, I wrote my first show (Triangle).
<AIO_Nathan> I freelanced for the show for the next 1 1/2 years while I finished college.
<AIO_Nathan> Then, in January, I was hired full time.
<Fletcher_2> Dream come true right?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, it was (and still is) a huge dream come true. :)

<Fletcher_2> What is your favorite ep that you've written?
<AIO_Nathan> My favorite episode that I've written is probably "Break a Leg."
<AIO_Nathan> Maybe "The Pact," too. We'll have to see how that turns out.

<Fletcher_2> Nathan, if you haven't answered this question already, do you know how Bart R gained back ownership of the Electric Palace from Edwin.
<AIO_Nathan> Bart doesn't own the Electric Palace.
<AIO_Nathan> Edwin still does.
<AIO_Nathan> (He said so in "Break a Leg.")
<AIO_Nathan> But Bart still likes to THINK of it as his shop.
<JoyElectric> That was also in Merchant of Odyssey, right?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, that was also mentioned in that show.

<Fletcher_2> Will there really be the ep BTV: Bible?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, there will be one called BTV:Bible.
<AIO_Nathan> If I understand correctly, BTV: Bible will be written by John Beebee and I.

<OdysseyFan> So, Nathan do you know what the "real" show # of "500 was? (weren't they approaching 700?)
<AIO_Nathan> Approaching 700??
<OdysseyFan> on the Weekend Listing #s
<AIO_Nathan> On the weekend listing, do you mean when they count even the repeat shows?
<AIO_Nathan> I think it's up to about 750 on the weekend count.

<Fletcher_2> Any other ep titles for the new season you would like to reveal?
<AIO_Nathan> There's a show called "For Trying Out Loud," which Kathy mentioned.
<AIO_Nathan> It's with Edwin and Wooton.
<AIO_Nathan> There's "The Pact," which I wrote.
<AIO_Nathan> There are also shows called "For the Fun of It" and "Benefit of the Doubt." (I think.)
<AIO_Nathan> Those were recorded in June.
<Fletcher_2> Any hints you can give about "The Pact"?
<AIO_Nathan> Let's see....
<AIO_Nathan> All I want to say at this point is that it's a two-part mystery show.
<AnnaK15> rachel loves mysteries
<AIO_Nathan> I like mysteries, too. But they are tough to write.

<JoyElectric> Did we get an idea for when the new season will start?
<AnnaK15> January 11, I think
<AIO_Nathan> About the "late start"...
<AnnaK15> that must be nice
<AIO_Nathan> One reason that it's starting later is that they are having a "celebration of Odyssey" time. All the "repeat" shows feature new interviews or behind the scenes stuff.
<AIO_Nathan> One of them will feature the winner of the writing contest from the Official Site.

<Fletcher_2> What kind of bonus material will be on CD albums 11-15? Any ideas?
<AIO_Nathan> Do you mean albums 1-15?
<Fletcher_2> yes
<AIO_Nathan> They will have new covers.
<AIO_Nathan> And they may feature some fun "behind the scenes" tidbits like the Odyssey scrapbooks they have sometimes.
<AIO_Nathan> Or they may feature a little booklet with information about the shows.

<katrinameltsner> Q: do all "fan scripts" get read?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, all the scripts that are sent in get read.
<AIO_Nathan> And we send comments back to the people. :)
<JoyElectric> "Go ahead, we'll steal your ideas"
<AIO_Nathan> Ha've heard the Chris blooper. :)
<JoyElectric> I LOVED the Chis blooper
<AIO_Nathan> The Chris blooper is one of the bonus things that will be included on the 500 Bonus CD.

<Fletcher_2> Does AIO get complaint letters on Harlow Doyle's character?
<AIO_Nathan> I remember reading a few complaint letters about Harlow, but not very many.
<Fletcher_2> I mean what's the difference between a bumbling policeman and a bumbling detective?
<JoyElectric> Detectives are private sector
<katrinameltsner> police are part of the government...
<katrinameltsner> kids are supposed to be taught to look up to officers
<AIO_Nathan> Since a private detective is not a public servant like a policeman.
<katrinameltsner> and respect them and know that they can ask them for help
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, you're right katrina.
<Fletcher_2> True, but part of the reason OH was banished (correct me if I'm wrong) was because it caused kids not only to disrespect officers but also elders.
<AIO_Nathan> I wasn't around when Harlow was banned. :) I was only 8 at the time.
<AIO_Nathan> But...
<AIO_Nathan> I think it was mainly due to the fact that the comical character was a policeman.
<AIO_Nathan> Not necessarily an authority figure.
<Fletcher_2> I just wish they had left the Harley tapes on the market- but not have him in future episodes.
<AIO_Nathan> They re-wrote most of the Harley tapes, so I thought it was okay.
<AIO_Nathan> And he wouldn't be as much of a legend if you could still hear him. :-)

<JoyElectric> At one point someone made the suggestion of a "Odyssey for teens" special series
<JoyElectric> 6 eps or so
<AIO_Nathan> There aren't any plans to do an Odyssey for Teens right now, but it always could be a possibility.
<AIO_Nathan> I may be in the minority, but I don't know if Odyssey would work for a general teen audience.
<AIO_Nathan> It's certainly a noble goal, but I think teens are by far the hardest demographic to reach for Christians.
<AIO_Nathan> But, maybe someone much smarter than me could do it.
<JoyElectric> Yeah, I was thinking more for those fans who started listening in their earliest years, but are still fans
<AIO_Nathan> I like how Odyssey currently still appeals to people of all ages.
<AIO_Nathan> Would people listen to a new series? I dunno.

<Chibi-Hime> nathan does pamela has a problem air on the radio?
<AIO_Nathan> Pamela has a Problem doesn't air anymore.
<AIO_Nathan> The reason it doesn't air is because many parents would rather talk to their kids about abortion themselves, rather than hearing it on the radio.
<AIO_Nathan> However, I believe you can still order the tape.

<chexwarrior> Did the writers explain the brain tumor thing?
<AIO_Nathan> You mean what CAUSED the brain tumor?
<chexwarrior> yes
<AIO_Nathan> It wasn't specifically said, but it was pretty heavily implied that they killed Armitage because of his resistance.
<AIO_Nathan> In Exactly as Planned.
<chexwarrior> How did they kill him?
<AIO_Nathan> They somehow used the radio waves to brain waves technology.
<AIO_Nathan> It wasn't specifically explained how...probably because it would be either boring or crazy.
<AIO_Nathan> Kinda like how the Imagination Station is never FULLY explained.

<katrinameltsner> Q. how old do you have to be to write for Odyssey?
<AIO_Nathan> There isn't an age limit on Odyssey.
<AIO_Nathan> Any age is fine.

<AnnaK15> Did Arthur Dent send the pic to Mitch?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, I believe Arthur Dent sent the picture to Mitch.

<AnnaK15> Q. Will Tony and Briana be on any future eps?
<AIO_Nathan> Tony and Brianna won't be in any future shows that I know of...but it's always a possibility.

<katrinameltsner> Q. On a scale from one to ten, howmuch fun is it to write for odyssey?
<AIO_Nathan> On a scale of one to ten...which is most fun?
<AIO_Nathan> One or ten?
<katrinameltsner> ten
<AIO_Nathan> Then, 10.
<JoyElectric> Say 11
<AIO_Nathan> 11 would be too clichéd to say...
<AIO_Nathan> :-)

<whitsendpb> how old are you nathan I for get
<AIO_Nathan> I am 22.
<Hawkeyeaz1> Q: do you plan on encouraging any possible future kids of your to listen?
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, I'm sure I'd encourage my kids to listen. :-) But that would be a long way away.

<whitsendpb> nathan are you the youngest writer
<AIO_Nathan> Yes, I'm the youngest writer.

<whitsendpb> what odyssey show this year got the worst reviews
<AIO_Nathan> Exit got some bad reviews, as did Plan B.
<AIO_Nathan> Though they also got lots of positives.

<AIO_Nathan> Thank you all for coming.
<AIO_Nathan> Thanks for being such faithful fans.
<AIO_Nathan> See you all later.
<AIO_Nathan> BYE!!!!!