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(Contributed by OdysseyFan)

The Train Set at Whit's End is the largest in the county, though at one time it was billed as the largest in the sate. It is an entirely hand-made electric set. All of the cars are made by the patrons at the Inventors' Corner. At least one Train is a replica of an entire train from a certain Era. One Model was of a late 1800's Steam Engine Train - Except for the Coal Car which was from 1935.

Some Kids who have Made Cars are:

Michelle Terry -- Blue Caboose
Traci Needlemeyer -- Engine - "Silver Streak"(destroyed)
Jenny Whittaker-Dowd -- 1885 Southern Pacific Railroad Passenger Car - 1:32 Scale
Monty Whittaker-Dowd -- Train Engine

Some children's cars are selected for display at the State Fair.

Sources included:
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