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by OdysseyFan

Episode: Song:
101: Scattered Seeds Steven Foster: "Oh, I come from Alabama"
158: A Day in the Life “Sumer is a cumin” (Summer is Coming)
215: Caroling, Caroling "Seasonal Felicitations"
276: Third Degree "The Blue Danube"
383: BTV: Thanks “I’m glad I’m me” (By Harlow Doyle)
387: New Year's Eve Live! "Out with the old year", "Annum, Novum"
434: BTV: Christmas "The Ivy and the Holly", "Oh, Tannenbaum",
"Silent Night"
Video 7: Electric Christmas "Seasonal Felicitations"

Will Ryan (as the voice of Eugene Meltsner) actually plays the ukulele, and composes most of the songs used on Adventures in Odyssey. Will does music production through his "Snappytoons Amusement Company", and goes by the pseudonym, Terwilliger Ryan.