From Zappazoids to Gloobers

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The Evil Slime-Zoids from the planet Zapp have invaded our Solar System!

Game Analysis: 

It seems to be a space-flight simulator game

Game Versions: 

Zappazoids (the original)

Zappazoids 2

3.0 home version

Super Zappazoids 3

3.7 Upgrade (Includes Turbo thrusters, hydraulic drive, and bionic overload)

Episode References:

98: The Visitors, 148: Isaac the Procrastinator, 152: The Meaning of Sacrifice, among others

Mach 10

The Ultimate Portable Bible Game

Game Analysis: 

Probably a Game-Boy-type game console.  It's strange, though, that if it cost so much, why did it have only one game?  And being a Bible Game, even at a Christian bookstore, it's hihghly unlikely it would be so widely sold-out.

Episode References:

236: Into Temptation


Game Analysis: 

Even on the computer, the game is most likely a first person shooter.

A game similar to Zappazoids.  There is a version of it designed by a 12-year old kid named Gregory.  Played mostly on the computer.   Gloobers are a human-sized blob, blue in color, and heavy on the slobber.   Jared and Dwayne's obsession with Gloobers prompted Eugene to modify the Room of Consequence into a full Virtual Reality Room.  The modified Gloobers Program was designed by Gregory, and programmed by Eugene and Whit.  After playing, Jared and Dwayne were convinced that they shouldn't spend so much of their time playing video games.

Game Features: 

Blue Gloobers

Blasters (Power indicator, Rapid fire mode)

Gloober Patrol on Level 4

Anti-Gravity boots

At least 12 levels

Episode References:

415: Gloobers

Video Game Machines at Whit's End

Game Analysis: 

Probably a standard joystick and multi-button arcade-style game.  Originally designed without a volume control, although it was probably installed later.

Jason re-designed the kids to learn more, but still the video games at Whit's End were not approved by many parents.  Although it never has said so in the series, the Complete Guide says that they were taken out.


Elijah and Elisha (Multi-level game, originally a voice came on during rounds and explained about the two prophets.)

The Israelites (As an Israelite, you are chased by Egyptians.  You can repel them by throwing Plagues on them, and escape by parting the Red Sea)

Episode References:

296: Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos