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Line heard Episode and Instance
At the airport: "Uh huh." "The Mortal Coil, Part 1"
"(laugh) Okay, Tom." "Christmas Around the World, Part 1"
"Will do." "The Mortal Coil, Part 1"
"Well, I'd better be going." "The Secret Keys of Discipline"
"Okay." "Promises, Promises"
"Hmmm?" "The Mortal Coil, Part 2"
"Bye, Tom.  God bless."
On the airplane: "No, no, no, no, I'll do it." "The Cross of Cortes, Part 1"
"No, no, I have enough pillows, thanks." "Best Intentions"
"Ah, let's see now, which book shall I start with next?" "Best Intentions"
"Lord, help me relax about this." "Connie, Part 1"
Later on the airplane: "Good grief!" "Scales of Justice"
"Oh, Eugene!" "The Cross of Cortes"
Whit's speech thanking the town. Actually Hal Smith thanking everyone at FOTF for the cards given him when his wife died.
In a letter to Eugene: "The Best is Yet to Come." "A Prayer for George Barclay"


The Time Has Come

Line heard Episode and Instance
On answering machine at beginning: "Hello....hel-hello?" "Peace on Earth"
"Eugene?  Connie?" "Let This Mind Be In You"
"(indecipherable) Jerusalem" "An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1"
"I'll call you later." "Peace on Earth"
In Imagination Station: "Eugene?"
"Eugene?" "Train Ride"
"Answer me." "Train Ride"
"Are you all right?" "Train Ride"
"Eugene?" "The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'"
"Eugene, are you in here?" "The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'"
"Your whole future is at stake here." "Eugene's Dilemma"
"Push the red button." "The Imagination Station, Part 1"
"Hold on tight." "The Imagination Station, Part 1"
On answering machine later: "Hey, anybody home? Anbody?" "The Curse"
"Connie, Eugene? Where are you?" "A Bite of Applesauce"
"(sigh) Eugene, we have to talk." "Best Intentions"
"It's something I've been praying about since I met you." "Thy Kingdom Come"
"It's very hard to explain." "Castles and Cauldrons, Part 2"
"I'd like to talk to you about (that)." "And the Glory"
"Hold down the fort will you, okay?" "Isaac the Benevolent"