Classics 3: The Secret Cave of Robinwood

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Paul McCusker

Mark Prescott promises Patti that he'll never reveal the secret of her hidden cave. It's a great place for pirates, buried treasure, and secret meetings. When a gang Mark wants to join, is looking for a new clubhouse, Mark thinks of the cave. He's positive they would make him a member if he told them about it. But Patti doesn't want to share the cave. And she doesn't want to join the gang. Mark is torn between his friendship with Patti and his new friends.

Important Characters:

Mark Prescott, Patti Eldridge, Whit, Julie Prescott, Emma Douglas, George Baldwin, Billy McPherson


Seeming slightly routine as far as stories go, this book features a typical story with few twists.  The storyline can pretty much be guessed from the beginning. 

Much of this story is rehashed in A Code of Honor.

Rating: 2 1/2 stars


book2.jpg (10293 bytes)There are two different versions of the cover of this book.  This is the original cover.


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