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Welcome to Odyssey Picture Book: The Start of Something Big
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Phil Lollar
Book Cover Description:
Dylan's the new kid in town... and has no idea what awaits him in Odyssey.

Dylan Taylor was used to living in the big city – amusement parks, major league baseball, and a state park. But now he's the new kid in a small town named Odyssey, a town he thinks can only move in one speed – slow motion.

But his boredom is about to disappear faster than he can say "Strata-Flyer". Through a series of zany events – including a hyperactive dog that keeps running into Dylan and a mysterious flying machine that seems to be following him – Dylan suddenly finds himself too busy to be bored. The adventure grows as Dylan arrives at "Whit's End" – a combination ice cream parlor and discovery emporium.

But what is the secret project that everyone is working on, and why do they keep bugging Dylan to help them? Children will fun trying to guess the surprise ending as they – along with Dylan – learn lessons of friendship and trust in God, discovering that things are often the opposite of how they first appear.

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