Passages 4: Glennall's Betrayal

Essential Facts:
Writer: Paul McCusker

Present Day Odyssey Characters:
Whit, Jack Allen, Connie Kendall, Frank

Plot / Review:
Manuscript #4 “The Chronicles of the Betrayed” tells a story of a young man who wants to escape from a seemingly hard life during the last days of the Depression. His parents are dead, his family torn apart. Then when he steps out of Odyssey into a land where two moons light the night sky, he becomes part of a powerful story of betrayal, slavery, revenge, and, through God, restoration. “Passages” is becoming more involved, as we begin to learn about the author of the Manuscripts, the story behind “Hillingdale Haven”, and the Truth about “The Unseen One” in a strange place, called... Marus. (Contributed by OdysseyFan)

pass4.gif (17449 bytes)Notes:

There was an earlier version of the cover, shown at right.

The original title for this book was Glennall's Revenge.


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