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Answers to Week #1

Our Winner from Week #1: The Ultimate AIO Web Site Staff! Congratulations!
Runner-Up: David & Bunny Reed

Question 1: What are the names of Whit's children (3) and grandchildren (2)? Whit's children are Jerry, Jason, and Jana.  His grandchildren are Jana's children: Monty and Jenny

Question 2: What is the first episode Philip Glossman appears in? The slimy Glossman first appears in Recollections.

Question 3: What is Tasha's (Jason's girlfriend for a long time) last name? Forbes

Question 4: What is the name of Connie's "marriage planning" service? Dreams by Constance

Question 5: What is the name of Jack and Joanne's antique shop? The J & J Antique Shop

Question 6: Where was the last place we "saw" Richard Maxwell (so far)? We saw him in The Last Resort in Darkness Before Dawn.   He was in a hospital bed, accepting the apology of Tom Riley.

Question 7: Who lived on the site where Whit's End now stands when it was a parsonage? (Hint: Reverend....) Reverend Andrew

Question 8: At what age did Eugene start college? Age 14 or 13, depending on the episode.  ("Eugene's Dilemma", he said 13.   In "Malachi's Message", he said 14.  Thanks to Jeff at The Ultimate AIO web site for catching this.  I forgot about the Malachi's Message reference since it's so new.)

Question 9: What are the Five "C's" that Richard Maxwell refers to in The Nemesis? Campbell County Community College Computers.   ("That's clever," says Lucy.  "And cute," says Maxwell.) It's where Nicholas Adamsworth, Eugene, and Richard used to work.

Question 10: In what episode did we first learn about the secret computer room in Whit's office? We first hear about this room in A Bite of Applesauce.  It is mentioned in many other episodes such as The Battle, A Name Not a Number, and Memories of Jerry, among others.

BONUS A: Who has written the most AIO episodes? Phil Lollar has written the most, followed by Paul McCusker.

BONUS B: What is the name of the castle that was Red Scorpion's headquarters? Enterlocken Castle, which Jason decoded from Tasha's message blinked on a tape from Red Scorpion.

Answers to Week #2

Our Winner from Week #2: Nolan Hoobler

Question 1: What is Jana Whittaker’s married name? Dowd

Question 2: What is the name of theater in which Edwin Blackgaard performs? The Harlequin Theater

Question 3: Name the two men who have voiced John Avery Whittaker. Hal Smith and Paul Herlinger

Question 4: Where was Jerry Whittaker killed? Vietnam

Question 5: In which three episodes do we hear Jenny Whittaker? (Hint: One is a two-part episode.) Recollections, and The Mortal Coil (2 parts)

Question 6: What the name of Connie’s aunt who introduced Connie’s father to Lindsey, the woman for whom he left Connie’s mother? Aunt Helen

Question 7: What is the name of Eugene’s father? Leonard

Question 8: Where did Blackgaard attempt to steal a government computer? Connie and Whit were involved when Whit’s computer was accidentally switched. Chicago

Question 9: What is the name of Dr. Blackgaard’s cat? Sasha

Question 10: What is the "emergency" number called for spiritual emergencies in the episode "Hidden in My Heart"? Rescue 1-1-9

BONUS A: Who were the two creators of AIO? (It was not called AIO when it was created.) Steve Harris and Phil Lollar

BONUS B: Where did Jason Whittaker live before he moved to Odyssey? Phoenix

Answers to Week #3

Our Winner from Week #3: Derek Ross
Runner Up: Dawey

Question 1: Who is the leader of the new Israelites in Darkness Before Dawn? I guess this question was a bit confusing.  Billy McPhearson was the basic leader, but at times Jack Allen and Jason Whittaker were also leading so I accepted all three answers.

Question 2: How long of a train ride is Odyssey from Chicago? One day

Question 3: What are the mountain and lake just outside the town of Odyssey? Forrest Mountain and Trickle Lake

Question 4: What was the Imagination Station transformed into by the movie-makers in A Day in the Life? A ring that enabled its wearer to jump back and forth through time

Question 5: What movie inspired all of the first names of the Barclay family? It's a Wonderful Life

Question 6: What is the computer's name in the secret room in Whit's office? MABEL

Question 7: Where did John Avery Whittaker live before he lived in Odyssey? Chicago

Question 8: What was Jason Whittaker's nickname when he was younger? The Judge

Question 9: What color are Eugene's eyes? Periwinkle blue What color are Katrina Shanks's eyes? Gray

Question 10: Who was the first person (aside from maybe Mr. Whittaker) to use the Imagination Station according to the radio series? Digger Digwillow   Who was the first person according to the books? Mark Prescott

BONUS A: What was the name of the "fore-runner" of the Imagination Station that Connie used in The Shepherd and the Giant? The Environment Enchancer

BONUS B: Which writer's name is actually a blend of two writers' mothers' maiden names? Campbell Freed\

Answers to Week #4

Our Winner from Week #4: The Ultimate AIO Web Site Staff!
Runner-Up: Odyssey Fan

Question 1: What are the names of the two Jacobs girls? Robyn and Melanie Which one is older? Robyn

Question 2: Which episode is it possible to hear Jason Whittaker played by a different actor than Townsend Coleman? Hint: It’s the first episode in which Jason appears. The Mortal Coil, Part 2

Question 3: What camp is derived from the name "Wey-Aka-Tal-Ah-Nee-Tee"? Camp What-A-Nut Who named the camp? Whit

Question 4: What is the radio station that Cryin’ Bryan Dern works for? Hint: There are two correct answers. Odyssey 105 and 104 FM

Question 5: Who is the main composer for AIO? He wrote the main theme. John Campbell

Question 6: Who once went into the window-washing business and created competition for Bernard? Bart Rathbone

Question 7: Which episode is the only episode where we hear Isaac’s father? I need to file a goof alert on myself for this question. As many pointed out, there are TWO episodes where it is possible to hear Isaac’s father: Isaac the Pure and Fair Weather Fans. I gave credit for either answer.

Question 8: Since we’re having so much debate on this site over Harlow Doyle, I guess a question about him would be appropriate. Which episode do we hear Harlow for the first time? When was the last time we heard Harlow? First: Harlow Doyle, Private Eye Last: New Year’s Eve Live!

Question 9: Who is Tom Riley’s sister and what is the only episode in which she appears? Becky, A Matter of Obedience

Question 10: Who once lived in Timmy’s cabin? Johnny Appleseed (Chapman)

BONUS A: Which episode was Wonderworld introduced? Heatwave Who built it? Digger Digwillow

BONUS B: Who is the missionary to Nicaragua featured in three AIO episodes? Dan Isidro

For the favorite AIO episode question, answers included: Pokenberry Falls RFD, Amazing Grace, A Name Not a Number (2 votes), and For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll (2 votes), Waylaid in the Windy City (2 votes), and Where is Thy Sting?  My personal favorite is Waylaid in the Windy City and I'm glad that it got some votes.  I'm thinking of starting a "best overall AIO episode" list.

Answers to Week #5

Our Winner from Week #5: The Ultimate AIO Web Site Staff

Question 1: In the Shepherd family, first heard in the new episode "Opening Day", what is the name of the oldest daughter? Aubrey

Question 2: Who did the oldest daughter meet along the road in "Opening Day"? John Avery Whittaker

Question 3: What was Mr. Shepherd doing many years ago when he first met Tom Riley? Hitchhiking

Question 4: What creatures bones are thought to have been discovered in "No Bones About It"? Bigfoot

Question 5: What evil religion did Saint Patrick face in Ireland? The Druids

Question 6: What act did Connie have to decide whether or not she would do at her graduation? Prayer

Question 7: How do the workers at Whit’s End notify the police is there is a hold up? A secret button under the counter. When the policeman comes in to ask if there is a hold-up, Connie is to say that Whit’s End doesn’t sell coffee.

Question 8: Tom Riley has a problem with holding grudges. Name one person besides Richard Maxwell that Tom has held a grudge against for many years. P. D. Barnes (and some one told that Tom holds at least a small grudge against Eugene since he always says, "Whit, I tell you, there’s something wrong with that boy.")

Question 9: What play and part was Jimmy auditioning for in "Coming of Age"? Romeo and Juliet, the part of Juliet

Question 10: Name two people in Odyssey who have been upset when their diary was read. Jimmy Barclay and Melanie Jacobs and a number of people in Soaplessly Devoted.

BONUS A: Who is the newest AIO writer? Jim Ware

BONUS B: Which production engineer’s name is actually a blend of two production engineers’ mothers’ maiden names? Ramsey Drexler (Dave Arnold and Mark Drury)

Darkness Before Dawn won the favorite album poll.

Answers to Week #6

Our Winner from Week #6: The Ultimate AIO Web Site Staff
Runner-Up: Amanda Wiswell

Question 1: What was the original name for the Odyssey series. (There were three names, Family Portraits, Adventures in Odyssey, and….) Odyssey USA

Question 2: Who was biking across the country and decided to stop in Whit’s End? Mark Herring What was the name of the book he was writing? Handlebars Across America

Question 3: Which rooms did Whit decide to paint green at Whit’s End? The attic and the basement Why did he paint them? To remind people not to be greedy

Question 4: Who went around the country burying treasure and buried his last and largest treasure in Odyssey? Henri LeMonde

Question 5: Who did Lucy run against for student council? Curt Stevens

Question 6: Whose book did Melanie read when she came to believe that Jesus was coming back on a certain Saturday? Henry Fernbank

Question 7: Which business in Odyssey was built by the Webster Development Company? We know the Electric Palace was built by the Webster Development Company. Since Dr. Blackgaard seems to own this company it probably built Blackgaard’s Castle. Also note that they tried to build a shopping mall, but Whit’s End was established instead.

Question 8: Name the two people who came out of the Imagination Station (that didn’t go in first)? Sir William, although as many pointed out, he did not REALLY come out of the Station. The entire episode took place in the station.  Also Malachi the angel came out the Imagination Station without going in.  (Thanks to Brad Bjorkman for the catch.)

Question 9: Which major AIO character was a crossing guard when he was younger? Bernard Walton

Question 10: Who tried to teach Eugene how to drive when he did not have a license? Connie

BONUS A: What AIO production engineer recently began directing AIO episodes? Dave Arnold

BONUS B: Which green dye number did Lucy think that the Calvin Bloom company was still using? 94

As for your favorite invention of Whit’s, we had a landslide vote for the Imagination Station, although the Train Set, the Room of Consequence, and the new Transmuter also got votes.

For suggestions on AIO HQ, two people said the questions were too hard. The reason that I’ve had to make the questions harder is that before, when I had easier questions, there was a week where two people got all of the questions right. So I decided to start making the questions more difficult so that we wouldn’t have ties of all correct (if possible). Another person asked if I have an e-mail address. Yes. It is nathan@aiohq.com and it is listed on the HQ home page. Finally, my favorite comment on the site was, "THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!" Thank you. J


Answers to Week #7

Our Winner from Week #7: Shawn Murphy
Runner-Up: (tie) Katichka Burrenin and Jeff

Question 1: Who started the very first Kids Radio broadcast? (Not Whit) Brad Dillard Who was his assistant? Sherman

Question 2: Who does Ned Lewis think Gloria has made a necklace for in "Camp What-a-Nut"? Ned Lewis (himself) Who is the necklace actually for? Nathanial Livingston

Question 3: What mysterious monster is said to live in the woods at Camp What-a-Nut? The Goatman

Question 4: What did Horace and Grover McAlester leave his sons in his will? Land in the Midwest

Question 5: In what branch of the military did Whit serve? (Note: Please disregard the reference in "The Case of the Secret Room".) The navy, specially naval intelligence and as a signalman. In what branch did "Uncle" Joe Finneman serve? The army

Question 6: What soap opera did Donna Barclay at one time enjoy? "Young Hearts Turning" Which two soap operas has Erica watched over the years? "Heartbreak Condominiums" and "Medical Center of Love"

Question 7: Who is the host of a Christian variety show on an Odyssey television station? Bernard Walton

Question 8: What did Charles initially write about for his poetry assignment in English class? Pants

Question 9: Where do the Barclays stay on their vacation when their car breaks down? With Chester and Grace What do they do on a Sunday afternoon there? They go to a church picnic.

Question 10: Who does Terry’s dad turn out to be in "The Last Great Adventure of the Summer? A secret CIA agent What is George Johnston's alias? Catspaw

BONUS A: Name the three characters who are in both the AIO audio series and the videos. Whit, Eugene, and Connie

BONUS B: When does the Odyssey book series occur in relation to the radio series? (Before, At the Same Time, or After) Before

And as for the final question, "Which conspiracy theories of Jared's do you think are true?", answers included "1984 plot to make kids dumb", "That Mark Haring wasn't biking across America", and "The Cereal Conspiracy".

Answers to Week #8

Our Winner from Week #8: The Ultimate AIO Site Staff
Runner-Up: Comkeen

Question 1: Where did Jimmy Barclay go that he wrote about in his journal? (Submitted by adamc113) On vacation to Florida, but they were waylaid along the way

Question 2: What is the name of the science fiction program that Dylan and Sal like? (Suggested anonymously) Star Quest

Question 3: Which video first introduced Connie to the animated video world? A Stranger Among Us

Question 4: Which two major inventions of Whit’s are carried over into the video series? (Note: Various versions of a certain invention only count once.) The Imagination Station and Room of Consequence

Question 5: What did Mark Prescott try to do in the Imagination Station in Strange Journey Back (the book)? Go back to the past and patch things up between his parents and himself

Question 6: Which historical character from the audio series do Jack Davis and Matt Booker meet in the Dark Passage and Freedom Run (from the book series)? Reverend Andrew

Question 7: What did Jimmy Barclay want to buy for $125 (since everyone else had them)? Jordos tennis shoes What did George Barclay want to buy years before (since everyone else has one)? Leather jacket

Question 8: To whom does Edwin show favor when he is teaching an acting class? Shannon Everet

Question 9: Where did the Barclays have their "Best Vacation Ever"? At home in Odyssey

Question 10: What happens to the Barclays on Christmas in "Peace on Earth"? They are robbed.

BONUS A: In what episode was Whit repairing damage done to the Imagination Station by Dr. Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell? (Note: Not The Battle. Although Eugene and Whit looked at the Imagination Station in that episode, they did not really repair it.) Elijah (2 parts)

BONUS B: Tom Riley is a major character in Odyssey. The same person voices both Tom Riley and another major AIO character. Who is that other character? Bart Rathbone

As for the first thing people would do in Whit’s End, nearly all answers included food, but the most interesting was "Order a Hamburger and Fries, and then claim I used to live there."

Answers to Week #9

Our Winner from Week #9: (tie) Heather and Derek & The Ultimate AIO Site Staff
Runner-Up: Derek

Question 1: Who is Dylan Taylor’s sister? Jesse

Question 2: What is Charles Edward Thompson’s nickname? Chunky

Question 3: Who gives Jimmy Barclay advice on radio production? Cryin’ Bryan Dern On whom did Jimmy "use" this advice? Eugene (and Whit)

Question 4: For what reason did Bernard Walton win Golden Squeegee Award? (Submitted by The Ultimate AIO Site Staff) Custodian of the Year

Question 5: When $100 winds up missing from the register at Whit’s End, why does Connie think Eugene stole the money? To buy a computer Why does Eugene think Connie stole the money? To buy a brand new used car What actually happened to the money? It was stuck in the cash register

Question 6: Which company spilled chemicals into the creek on Tom Riley’s farm? Edgebiter (not Eggbeater)

Question 7: What did Judah want Connie to do in "Back to Bethlehem"? Marry him

Question 8: Who does Courtney run against for student council? Shannon Everett What does her opponent do to try to "steal" the election? She uses portions from her notebook for her speeches and to sabotage various aspects of Courtney’s campaign.

Question 9: From which famous "shock jock" is Cryin’ Bryan Dern’s name derived? Howard Stern

Question 10: When Robyn Jacobs is very worried about bad luck, what causes her to have a bike wreck? She is in a hurry and drops a rabbit’s foot into her bike chain.

BONUS A: Which video has been the only video so far to be based on a single AIO audio episode? Someone to Watch Over Me

BONUS B: Which video do the animation producers appear in as background characters? Shadow of a Doubt

What is your favorite joke that has been told on Adventures in Odyssey? (I need a laugh this week.) Certainly, one of my favorites was submitted, "Shed Rack, Me Shack, and a Billy Goat" in VBS Blues.

Answers to Week #10

Our Winner from Week #10: Victor Hanger
Runner-Up: The Ultimate Adventures In Odyssey Staff

Question 1: What does the "A' stand for in "TA-418"? (Submitted by Heather and Derek) Avery, as in John Avery Whittaker

Question 2: What did Whit's message, "How I do is nothing great" mean? (Submitted by Heather and Derek) "Hiding", to tell Jason he was not captured

Question 3: What does Whit eat for breakfast in "It's a Wrap"? (Contributed anonymously) Eggs, Toast with butter, Coffee, Bacon. Just a note: Glenn noticed some one beside Whit eating oatmeal.

Question 4: Which two episodes have featured a rap song? (Contributed by Derek) Lights Out at Whit's End, Chores No More

Question 5: Who did Mike Caldwell "beat up" to become an instant hero? Billy Barton

Who beat Mike up to become the next hero? Sam

Question 6: What was the name of the train car that Michelle was accused of stealing? The Silver Streak

Question 7: In which episode do we first hear Rodney Rathbone’s father? An Act of Mercy

Question 8: Who was Connie’s first "serious" boyfriend? Jeff Lewis

Question 9: What happened to the Barclays on the Christmas after they were robbed? I asked a confusing question on this one. What I meant was "What happened the year after the Barclays were robbed." However, many thought that I meant what happened to the Barclays immediately after they were robbed. So I accepted both "The whole town helped them" and "They helped a homeless family" as correct answers.

Question 10: What did Philip Glossman want to do to Timmy’s Cabin? He wanted to tear it down and build a freeway over it.

BONUS A: In which episode does Eugene quote Shakespeare? The Final Conflict Which famous line does he quote? He says, "As Marcellus says in Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

BONUS B: Which episode flashes back through much of Connie’s history? Connie
Whit’s history? The answer I wanted was "The Mortal Coil", since it's the one that uses a flashback through a series of events. However, I also accepted "Recollections" and "Thank You God!" since they also contained flashbacks.
Eugene’s history? The Time Has Come

Is there one character that you would like to see return to the series? If so, which one? Lucy was by far the most popular character that people wanted to come back. Also mentioned were Richard Maxwell, Officer Harley, and Phillip Glossman.

Answers to Week #11

Our Winner from Week #11: The Ultimate Adventures in Odyssey Staff
Runner-Up: Steve in Omaha

This week's questions involved everyone's favorite reporter, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz.

Question 1: In which episode do we first hear Lucy’s original last name of Cunningham? Our Best Vaction Ever

Question 2: In which episode do we first hear Lucy’s second last name of Schultz? The Big Broadcast

Question 3: Finally, in which episode do we first hear Lucy referred to as "Lucy Cunningham-Schultz"? Siege at Jericho (Note: The names "Cunningham" and "Schultz" are used alternatively throughout the series, but this the first time, both of her last names are used.)

Question 4: Which newspaper does Lucy work for at Odyssey Middle School? The Odyssey Owl Which newspaper competes with that paper? The Odyssey Voice

Question 5: Where does Lucy go on her first Biblical adventure at Whit’s End? Along with Jonah in the "whale" and to Ninevah.

Question 6: Lucy was close friends with many people in Odyssey. To whom did she say, "You come to my house all the time. I’ve never been to your house."? Curt Stevens Why didn’t he want Lucy to come to his house? His father was an alcoholic.

Question 7: Who did Lucy have a crush on for a while? Richard Maxwell was the answer I was looking for, but I also accepted Isaac Morton due to the little incident in Isaac the Benevolent

Question 8: With whose campaign does Lucy help out? Curt Stevens

Question 9: What did Lucy do at summer camp that made Connie have to send her home? She sneaks away from the group and goes out of her cabin after hours.

Question 10: With whom does Lucy work on a geometry project? Isaac Morton What is the geometry project? The Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

BONUS A: Which actress played Lucy? Genesis Mullen Long

BONUS B: What was Lucy’s last episode? It's A Wrap

On to the "free" question… If you could visit one place in Odyssey besides Whit's End, where would it be? Answers included The Harlequin Theater, Odyssey Middle School, Odyssey Community Church, and Trickle Lake. However, for some reason, the most popular answer was Rathbone's Electric Palace.

Answers to Week #12

Our Winner from Week #12: Luke and Ansen
Runner-Up: CE

This week's question involved that guy who taught Whit how to make curly-qs, Jack Allen.

Question 1: Where is Jack Allen’s "home"? (Hint: He takes Whit there in an episode.) Nebraska

Question 2: Why did Jack take Whit there? (Hint: What had happened in Whit’s life?) To give him some time away after Jenny died.

Question 3: What was Jack’s first wife’s name? Alternatively Emmy or Emma. What is his second wife’s name? Joanne

Question 4: Where did Whit and Jack often vacation when they were young? Bath, North Carolina

Question 5: How did Jack and Whit pay for college? They found gold in "Blackbeard’s Cave" and sold it to a museum.

Question 6: What was the subject for Jack’s painting in "A Book by Its Cover"? This turned out to be a trick question since the episode never actually says what the subject of the painting is.  Therefore, I gave credit to anyone who said something that made sense.

Question 7: What caused Jack to quit working at Whit’s End for a little while (the first time)? He and Jason disagreed about how to run the Israelites.

Question 8: Where did Jack live for a time while he was first in Odyssey? He lived in Whit’s house from "A Code of Honor" until "Welcome Home".

Question 9: What color was Jack’s wagon that Whit broke when they were younger? Red

Question 10: What was the name of the social program that Jack started and Bart Rathbone tried to "steal" for publicity? Food for the Hungry

BONUS A: Which actor plays Jack Allen? Alan Young

BONUS B: What was Jack’s first episode? "Gone…"

Extra question: What is your favorite AIO family, past or present? The most popular AIO family (was there ever any doubt) was the Barclays, surprisingly closely followed by the Rathbones. Other popular families included the Kendalls and Shanks.

Answers to Week #13

Our Winner from Week #13: Nick P
Runner-Up: Connie and Eugene

This week’s question involve the super-spy Jason Whittaker.

Question 1: For which government agency did Jason work? National Security Agency (NSA) Who was his boss? Donovan

Question 2: Which adventures has Jason programmed into the Room of Consequence (2)? The soap opera adventure in "Soaplessly Devoted" and the lawyer situation in "A Victim of Circumstance"

Question 3: After the episode "A Name, Not a Number", what is the first thing that Jason decodes? The Israelite code in "A Code of Honor"

Question 4: Who calls Jason "Mister Whit’s Son"? Erica Clark

Question 5: Jason and Jack had a number of disagreements while Whit was gone. What type of games did Jason make that Jack did not like? Jason made Bible video games that Jack didn’t like because they were loud and didn’t really help children learn the Bible. Which Imagination Station adventure did Jason make that Jack did not like? He programmed it so the person in it would be able to overcome their physical handicap. What did Jason want to do in the basement at Whit’s End that Jack did not like? He wanted to open the Underground Railroad tunnel as a display. Which "gang" did Jason want to continue running? Israelites

Question 6: Who fell through the skylight that Jason was admiring at Whit’s End? Rodney Rathbone For what did the lawyer Weasel sue Jason? (HINT: There were three charges.) Emotional dourest, defamation of character, criminal negligence

Question 7: What was the major Whit’s end rule that Jason broke with Zachary Seller’s mother? He contradicted a parent in front of a child.

Question 8: Which continent was Jason visiting just before he came back in time for Jack and Joanne’s wedding? Europe

Question 9: Jason has a knack for adventure. Name two different times that Jason has been taken by an armed gunman. There are quite a few of these. He is held up twice by Mustafa and once by Filby in "A Name, Not a Number". He is held up by the police in "The Last Resort". Finally, he is held up twice by Benjamin in "The Search for Whit"

Question 10: Why was Jason’s nickname "The Judge" early in his life? He didn’t smile for a long time after he was born.

BONUS A: Which actor now plays Jason Whittaker? Townsend Coleman

BONUS B: What was Jason’s first episode? The Mortal Coil What episode served as Jason’s re-introduction episode? A Name, Not a Number

Finally, where (outside Odyssey) would you like to see an AIO episode take place? By far the most popular destination was...Canada.  Others included Kenya, Japan, and even Tasha's Toy Shop in Switzerland.  A few said they didn't think it would be AIO if it didn't take place in Odyssey.

Answers to Week #14

Our Winner from Week #14: Dawey
Runner-Up: Steve in Omaha

This week’s question involve Eugene Meltsner.

Question 1: What was the name of Eugene’s father? Leonard Meltsner

Question 2: What was the name of his grandfather? Garvey Hiram Meltsner Where did Eugene’s grandfather live at the end of his life? Connelsville

Question 3: To whom in Odyssey did Eugene find out that he was related? Bernard Walton What was the relative that they had in common? Martha Mushnic

Question 4: Where does Eugene go to college? Campbell County Community College

Question 5: What did Eugene do when he first came to Whit’s End that Whit did not like? He automated all the machines to take the control away from the kids. The kids didn’t like it and weren’t having fun.

Question 6: Where did Eugene think of going after he and Katrina split up (not the French Foreign Legion)? Oak Hills Monastery and Retreat Center

Question 7: Who did Eugene work with in the computer department at the college? Nicholas Adamsworth

Question 8: When you was fired from Whit’s End, how long was he not working there (approximately)? A month

Question 9: Who did Eugene meet in Bethlehem that taught him the meaning of faith? Hezekiah

Question 10: Who was valedictorian of Eugene’s high school class? Larry Kent

BONUS A: Which actor plays Eugene? Terwilliger (Will) Ryan Name another AIO character played by the same actor. Harlow Doyle and Officer O’Ryan among others

BONUS B: What was Eugene’s first episode? Connie (ironically enough) Since "The Trouble with Girls" is included in the first album (The Early Classics), I allowed that as an answer.


Answers to Week #15

Our Winner from Week #15: Nick P
Runner-Up: Steve in Omaha

This week's questions are about that perpetual teenager Constance Kendall.

Question 1: What is Connie’s mother’s name? June Kendall What is Connie’s father’s name? Bill Kendall

Question 2: Connie is known for her curiosity. What is the name of the computer program at which she "couldn’t help" looking? Applesauce

Question 3: Connie is also known for being late. Who fell from a tree on Connie when she was hurrying to Whit’s End just after Whit left? Harlow Doyle

Question 4: Whose house (aside from her own) did Connie visit during a thunderstorm when she was thinking of returning to California? (HINT: It was here that she realized that she didn’t have many friends her own age.) Debbie Which friend did Connie visit and go to the beach with while she was in California? Marcie

Question 5: Which two people did Connie have to home from Camp What-a-Nut? Lucy and Jill

Question 6: Which story did Connie "experience" in the Environment Enhancer? David and Goliath

Question 7: In which episode did Connie first decide to start a Bible study? "A Worker Approved"

Question 8: Which play did Connie direct at Whit’s End? (HINT: It included the Whittaker-Dowd children.) "The Sower and the Seeds"

Question 9: Connie often complains that she left out, but she sometimes has adventures of her own. Name one time that Connie has been tied up. Professor Webster tied her up while looking for the treasure of LeMonde and she was tied up by Hank Murry in "Hold Up!"

Question 10: Who was Connie’s "first love"? Jeff Lewis

BONUS A: Which actress plays Connie Kendall? Katie Leigh (Pavlakovich)

BONUS B: What was Connie’s first episode? Connie Comes to Town

And for which character from Odyssey would you most like to see in real life? I guess I didn’t really need to ask. The majority said Whit, although Jimmy, Katrina, Bernard, Jack, Connie, Eugene, Jason, and Harlow also were mentioned.

Answers to Week #16

Our Winner from Week #16: Nick P
Runner-Up: Shay

This week featured Bernard Walton.

Question 1: What was the original name of Bernard’s business? Walton's Janitorial Service To what was it briefly changed? Walton's Hygienic Maintenance and Engineering Company. It was also called "Walton’s Supershine" in "A Day in the Life"

Question 2: Who once walked under Bernard’s cleaning ladder while thinking she had bad luck? Robyn Jacobs

Question 3: Where (specific town) was Bernard put in jail? Oak Park Why was he put in jail? He was going to slow on the road and then argued with the judge in court while refusing to pay his fine.

Question 4: Which "star’s home" was Bernard trying to find when he and Eugene "ran into" Kelsey Smith-Hammer? Hip Hobson

Question 5: What is Bernard’s wife’s name? Maude What is the only episode where she is heard? Bad Luck Where was Bernard’s wife when he and Eugene came back from their "expedition"? Visiting her mother

Question 6: Who is Bernard’s grandfather? Borealis P. Walton Why did Bernard’s grandfather have a grudge against Meltsners? He claimed that Hiram Meltsner cheated him out of 1,998 pigs.

Question 7: What was Bernard hired to do during the making of the film in Odyssey? Be a technical assistant .

Question 8: Who was Bernard’s partner as a crossing guard in his younger years? Nick

Question 9: Which Bible story did Bernard tell to a boy with a large family? Joseph and his brothers
Which Bible story did Bernard tell to a girl who was having trouble with her little sister? Jacob and Easu
Which Bible story did Bernard tell while Whit was working on the Imagination Station? Esther
Which Bible story did Bernard tell about a man who really suffered? Job

Question 10: Who tried to compete with Bernard in the window-washing business? Bart Rathbone

BONUS A: Which actor plays Bernard? Dave Madden
Name one other character in AIO that has been played by this actor. Chester in "Family Vacation", Ebenezer Stooge, Nabesh in "BTV: Envy", and many, many others.

BONUS B: What was Bernard’s first episode? "By Any Other Name"

As for the favorite writer, Marshal Younger won by a landslide.

Answers to Week #17

Our Winner from Week #17: Nick P
Runner-Up: The Ultimate AIO Staff

This week's questions were about Tom Riley.

Question 1: Who was Tom’s first wife? Oh! Another GOOF ALERT on me! We never hear Tom’s first wife’s name, although we do hear that she has died from cancer. Who is Tom’s second wife? Agnes What was Tom’s son’s name? Timmy What was Tom’s sister’s name? Becky, Rebecca

Question 2: What occupation did Tom’s father have? Doctor

Question 3: What does Tom grow on his farm? Apples

Question 4: Name two teams and sports that Tom has coached. He coached the Coyotes in baseball, a basketball team, and Coyotes softball team.

Question 5: What are the names of Tom’s three horses? Leah, Rachael, Little Joe Which one was born during the course of the series? Little Joe

Question 6: Who accompanied Tom to Whit’s house when he was trying to persuade Whit to help with the fight for the Fillmore Recreation Center? Cadet David Harley

Question 7: Who was caught picking apples from Tom’s trees? Rodney Rathbone Who was caught setting up pranks in Tom’s barn? Curt Stevens

Question 8: Who was mayor before Tom Riley? Bill Jenkins Why did he resign? He was in a conversation on the phone (presumably with Blackgaard) in which he agreed to resign to get away from the conflict. The reason he gave to the public was that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Who was mayor after Tom Riley? Margaret Faye

Question 9: Who burned down Tom’s barn? Richard Maxwell How was the barn reconstructed? There was a barn raising. The whole community helped.

Question 10: Who went ice fishing with Tom (Hint: There are three.)? Whit, Eugene, and Monty Whittaker-Dowd Who went camping with Tom (Hint: There are three.)? Whit, Eugene, and Bernard

BONUS A: Which actor plays Tom Riley? Ed Walker Name another character in Odyssey that he plays. Bart Rathbone, and many, many others.

BONUS B: What was Tom’s first episode? (Hint: Don’t include Family Portraits.) Whit’s Flop

Answers to Week #18

Our Winner from Week #18: Derek
Runner-Up: Sara

This week's questions were about Tom Riley's alter-ego, Bart Rathbone.

Question 1: Who is Bart’s wife? Doris Who (that we have heard) is Bart’s nephew? (HINT: He or she would Rodney’s cousin.) Scrubb

Question 2: Even though Bart often called the Electric Palace "his store", it never has been. What company really owned the Electric Palace? Webster Development Company (Dr. Regis Blackgaard) Who owns it now (or at least the last we knew)? Edwin Blackgaard

Question 3: Through which brand name did Bart put out The Bones of Rath’s band’s tapes? Bart Records

Question 4: Bart often does not seem to be a strong influence on Rodney. What name does Rodney constantly call Bart that Bart tries to correct him? "Pop"

Question 5: How did Bart Rathbone’s hatred of Sunday School begin? The other children made fun of him for coloring outside the lines when he was young and he has been trying to destroy it ever since.

Question 6: Bart is often very worried about the competition with his store, even competition that doesn’t really exist. Over which incident did Bart criticize Whit’s End? (HINT: In his defense, he said that the video games at his shop were safe and mindless.) Some children were upset when the Imagination Station could not "heal" their handicaps. While the living nativity was playing at City Hall, Bart was concerned that all the "traffic" from the nativity was going to another store. Which store was that? King’s Appliance Cave

Question 7: What was Bart’s punishment for his part in the "Blackgaard scandal"? Community service (cleaning garbage cans)

Question 8: Who opposed Bart Rathbone in his first bid for mayor? Tom Riley Who opposed Bart in his second bid for mayor? Margaret Faye

Question 9: Which of Bart’s contests did Whit write an editorial about? His beauty pageant Who would "one lucky girl" win a day with as one of Bart’s contests? A day with Nick Grant

Question 10: Name two sports that Bart has coaches in Odyssey. Softball and Soccer

BONUS A: What was Bart’s first episode? An Act of Mercy

BONUS B: During which episode did we first hear his name (his correct name)? Missing Person

As for that question of all questions, we got a nearly tie response as to whether Regis Blackgaard should come back.  The "yes" comments said things like "YES!!!!! Odyssey would not be as exciting without him," and "Yes, because he was one of the best storylines anywhere."  The "no" comments said thins like "Because then there would be the idea that evil is invincible, that there would be no closure and it would have the feel of a soap opera," to simply "No.   He's dead," which sums it up nicely for myself as well.

Answers to Week #19

Our Winner from Week #19: OdysseyFan
Runner-Up: Luke

This week's questions focus on Mr. Whittaker, the main character in Odyssey for many years.   These questions focus on his life before Whit's End opened.

Question 1: Where was Whit born? Aberdeen, Scotland What was his father’s profession there? Americam History Professor (Teacher)
Question 2: Where was the next place that Whit lived? Durham, NC What did his father do there? He was a professor at Duke University.
Question 3: What was Whit’s step-mother’s name? Fiona Donneral How was she blinded? She had a horse riding accident.
Question 4: Of which branch of the armed services was Whit a part? The navy What was his position? Signalman In which battle was he wounded? Battle of Guadalcanal What was the code name for his mission? Operation Digout Who did he meet on this mission that came to visit him in Odyssey fifty years later? Reginald Duffield
Question 5: How many years were Whit and his wife Jenny married? 37
Question 6: Which of Whit’s children were valedictorians of their high school classes? Jerry and Jason
Question 7: Which company did Whit start in the 1950s? Universal Press Foundation Which subdivision of that company publishes school textbooks? Macadamia Publishers
Question 8: What was Whit’s profession in Odyssey before he opened Whit’s End? A teacher at the high school
Question 9: Which experience with Whit did Jack Allen say showed him Whit’s faith in God while they were both children? In the search for Blackbeard's Treasure, Whit demonstrated his trust in God.
Question 10: For which government agency did Whit work as an agent? (HINT: There seem to be two different acceptable answers.) The Department of Defense or the National Security Agengy What program was Whit working on "long before he even thought about Whit’s End"? Applesauce
BONUS A: Who voiced the original Mr. Whittaker? Hal Smith Who voices him now? Paul Herlinger
BONUS B: What was the first episode in which Whit discussed his past? Acceptable answers: A Member of the Familiy, Thank You, God   (Recollections is not acceptable since Tom is the one discussing.  Thanks to Brad Bjorkman for the catch.)

Answers to Week #20

Our Winner from Week #20: AIOFan
Runner-Up: Anna

This week's questions focus on Katrina Shanks.

Question 1: What are the names of Katrina’s parents(First and last)? Armitage and Millie Shanks
Question 2: Where did Katrina go to college when she was not in Odyssey? Chicago
Question 3: What age did Katrina start high school? Twelve In which club started at Whit’s End (consisting of Connie and Whit) could Katrina be a part? The club of valedictorians
Question 4: Name two people that Katrina has tutored. Darren and Melissa
Question 5: Where Eugene and Katrina meet for the first time? The library at Campbell College
Question 6: Who did Eugene consider a rival for Katrina’s heart? Brandon Teller
Question 7: Aside from the college and Whit’s End, where else did Katrina work while in Odyssey? Holstein’s Books and the library at the college Who were the two thieves who kidnapped Jenny while Katrina was working there? Russell Kosh and Martin Johns
Question 8: Who took care of Katrina when she was hit in the mouth with a football? Eugene Meltsner Who hit Katrina with the football? "Cousin" Hans
Question 9: What was actually happening when Eugene thought Katrina and Brandon were getting married? Armitage and Millie Shanks were recommitting their wedding vows.
Question 10: What color are Katrina’s eyes? Gray
BONUS A: What was Katrina’s first episode? Truth, Trivia, and ‘Trina
BONUS B: The actress who plays Katrina also plays another prominent woman in Odyssey. Who is that? Doris Rathbone