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And our Contest Winner is... Sidepart!!  Congratulations! 
You and your family have won an all expense paid trip to Odyssey through the album that you requested: Signed, Sealed, and Committed.

Contest Results

Each week was worth 25 points, with each question worth five point.   More than 30 people participated in the contest and everyone who participated in all four weeks was scored.  Here are the scores of the top six contest participants (out of the 21 who entered all four weeks). 

User Name Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 TOTAL SCORE
Sidepart 24 25 23 21 93
Nick P 18 25 25 24 92
Anna 19 23 25 25 92
Joni 19 21 22 18 80
Erin 13 17 25 19 74
Luke 13 17 18 17 65

Thank you to everyone for making this contest a success!

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Week #1

NUMBER ONE: Marshal Younger often uses parody in his work.  "The Time of Our Lives" contains a number of parodies within the episode.  From the list below, choose the parodies which appeared in this episode. Select as many as necessary.

CORRECT ANSWERS: Forrest Gump, "Home Improvement", "Leave It to Beaver", "Gilligan's Island", The Fugitive, Columbian coffee, "The Twilight Zone"

INCORRECT ANSWERS: "Lassie", Patriot Games, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Star Trek, Days of Our Lives, Clearasil, Back to the Future, "Seinfeld", Return of the Jedi

NUMBER TWO: Match up these quotes with the people who said them.  Select a person from the list.

"Sorry I'm late.  Why is that always the first thing I say?" -- Connie Kendall ("The Nemesis, Part 2")
"I'll have the train wreck special." -- Eugene Meltsner ("First Hand Experience")
"Well, it worked for my parents. They lost twenty pounds, each!" -- Eugene Meltsner ("Suspicious Minds")
"Your look like you invested a fortune in eight-track tapes." -- Bernard Walton ("The Time Has Come")
"You know the one: black, made of leather.  Given to you as a Christmas present..." -- John Avery Whittaker ("The Search for Whit, Part 2")
"I'll have a hamburger and fries." -- Albert Schultz ("Cousin Albert")
"...And my fadaway jumper looks just like his, or so I'm told." (Derek Malone) -- Phil McFarland ("The Fundamentals")
"He took a whole city with him?" -- Harlow Doyle ("The Case of the Candid Camera")
"Heavenly nectar." -- Edwin Blackgaard ("Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard")
"Without you, there would have been no one to clap for me." -- Rusty Gordon (Malone) ("The Fundamentals")
"There's a man over by the front door who wants to see you...no, but he's very nice looking though." -- Lucy Cunningham (Schultz) ("The Nemesis, Part 1")

NUMBER THREE:  Which of these people has been on the paid staff at Whit's End?   Select as many as necessary.

CORRECT ANSWERS: Emma Douglas, Connie Kendall, Eugene Meltsner, John Avery Whittaker, Katrina Shanks, Julie Myers, Jack Allen, Jason Whittaker, Ernie Myers

INCORRECT ANSWERS: Jack Davis, June Kendall, Bart Rathbone, Phillip Glossman, Jana Whittaker, Rodney Rathbone, Rusty Gordon, Jerry Whittaker

ANSWERS THAT COULD BE CORRECT OR INCORRECT (depending on how you look at it):Tom Riley, Bernard Walton

NUMBER FOUR: Some actors who work on AIO are very talented and do multiple voices for the show.  Select a name from the list for each person.

Katrina Shanks is played by the same actress who plays Doris Rathbone.
Bart Rathbone is played by the same actor who plays Tom Riley.
Richard Maxwell is played by the same actor who plays Young Reginald Duffield.
Eugene is played by the same actor who plays Harlow Doyle.
Cyrin' Bryan Dern is played by the same actor who plays Walter Shakespeare.

NUMBER FIVE: Put these events in chronological order by placing a number before each event. NOTE: Do NOT put them in order by episode; put them in the order that they happened in history.

12 -- Whit's End is shut down after it is assaulted by a hacker.
15 -- Eugene and Connie return to Bethlehem.
21 -- The Imagination Station is modified to "heal" physical handicaps.
22 --  Whit's End is shut down because it supposedly has toxic chemicals beneath it.
11 -- Digger Digwillow takes the first ride in the Imagination Station
16 -- Whit and Eugene use the Imagination Station to experience life after death.
1 -- William Ross uses the Underground Railroad tunnel at Whit's End.
25 -- Margaret Faye becomes mayor.
7 -- Whit and his family come to Odyssey.
24 -- Jack and Joanne are married.
18 -- Jack Allen comes to Odyssey.
8 -- Jenny Whittaker dies.
2 -- Rufus Cowley stuffs a clue to a treasure in an organ pipe in the attic.
5 -- Spencer Barfield is killed in the basement.
10 -- Whit runs the Israelites for a few summers.
9 -- Whit starts Whit's End.
3 -- Whit and Jack find some gold in a "pirate's cave".
6 -- Jerry Whittaker dies in Vietnam.
19 -- Jason Whittaker comes to Odyssey.
4 -- Whit serves in the navy at the Battle of Gaudalcanal.
23 -- Eugene uses the Imagination Station to "jump through" his life in Odyssey.
20 -- The Imagination Station is modified to allow the user to become a historical character.
17 -- John Avery Whittaker takes an Imagination Station adventure for the first time.
13 -- The Imagination Station is modified to allow two people to use it.
14 -- Eugene and Connie go to Bethlehem for the first time.

PLEASE NOTE: A few derivations of the order above were acceptable, since a few events could be thought of as being at various times.  For example, Jason Whittaker comes to Odyssey could be thought of at a few different times.

Week #2

NUMBER ONE: Characters in Odyssey spend a lot of time talking, but what was the very first line they said in the series?  Select the very first line of each character from the list below.  NOTE: Do not include "flashback" scenes, or try to think what their first line would be in "historical" order.  Use their first line that we ever heard them say.

Jason Whittaker -- "Hi, Tom." (In "The Mortal Coil, Part 2")

Jack Allen -- "Excuse me, gentlemen. I couldn't help but overhear; did one of you mention Whit's End." (In "Gone...")

Constance Kendall -- "Excuse me...could you tell me how to get to Front Street?" (In "Connie Comes to Town")

Eugene Meltsner -- "Good day, gentlemen." (In "Connie, Part 1")

Phillip Glossman -- "I do, chairman Riley." (In "Recollections")

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz -- "Yeah, but my dad had to help me." (In "Rumor Has It")

June Kendall -- "Hello." (On the phone in "The Tangled Web")

Bernard Walton -- "Job's done, Whit.  The windows are clean." (In "By Any Other Name")

Doris Rathbone -- "Yeah, what is it, Bart?" (In "Family Values")

Harlow Doyle -- "Miss Turner, take a letter." (In "Harlow Doyle, Private Eye")

NUMBER TWO: Check the characters that have been carried over into the Adventures in Odyssey video series.

CORRECT ANSWERS: John Avery Whittaker, Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall

INCORRECT ANSWERS: Bart Rathbone, Jack Allen, Jason Whittaker, Dr. Regis Blackgaard, Rodney Rathbone, Margaret Faye, Lucy Cunningham-Schultz

NUMBER THREE: The Imagination Station has been used for various purposes.  Select the correct person for each of the Imagination Station "firsts" below.

Who was the first person to use the Imagination Station? Digger Digwillow (In "The Imagination Station")

Who were the first pair of people to use the Imagination Station? Jack Davis and Robyn Jacobs (In "Elijah, Part 1")

Who was the first person to try the "healing" Imagination Station program? Jenny Roberts (In "A Touch of Healing, Part 1")

Who was the first person to use the "life after death" program? Connie Kendall (In "The Mortal Coil, Part 1")

Who were the first pair of people to use the Imagination Station when it was modified to make the users look like historical characters (so they actually blended in)? Sam Johnson and Rodney Rathbone (In "St. Paul: Man from Tarsus")

Who were the first pair of people to go back to an adventure where they were already well-known to the characters since they had gone back on a previous adventure to these same people?  Connie Kendall and Eugene Meltsner (In "The Star, Part 1")

Who was the first person to go back to an American history adventure instead of a Biblical one?  Jimmy Barclay (In "Lincoln, Part 1")

Who was the first person who seemed to step out of the Imagination Station (who didn't go in first)?  Sir William (In "Isaac the Chivalrous")

Who were the first father/child pair to use the Imagination Station? George Barclay and Jimmy Barclay (In "Moses: The Passover")

Who was with Whit when he first took an Imagination Station adventure to experience history?  Lucy Cunningham-Schultz (In "An Adventure in Bethany, Part 1")

NUMBER FOUR: Put these characters in the order they moved to Odyssey.

3 -- Connie Kendall
9 -- Glenn Adams
7 -- Jason Whittaker
8 -- Zachary Sellers
4 -- Eugene Meltsner
6 -- Jack Allen
1 -- Tom Riley
2 -- John Avery Whittaker
5 -- Jenny Roberts
10 -- JoAnne (Woodston) Allen

NUMBER FIVE: Name the episode from which this dialogue comes.

Dern (after 94 hours on the air): Let's have a moment of silence for...somebody.   Are we at war?  Oh!  We have a caller, we have a caller!   Hello."
Caller: "Yes, my hamster's been kind of sick lately."
Dern: "Perfect! What's your hamster's name?"
Caller: "Binky."
Dern: "Great! Let's have about an hour of silence for.. Binky."

This dialogue is from Top This!

Week #3

NUMBER ONE: Lucy seems to have many friends who are boys in Odyssey.  Pick the correct pair of people for each incident below.

Lucy & Sam -- They go to Trickle Lake to fish and get their bikes stolen. (In "Small Fires, Little Pools")
Lucy & Curt -- They go to his father's house and see him intoxicated. (In "Home is Where the Hurt Is")
Lucy & Jack -- They walk to school past a house with a mysterious boy in the window. (In "Rumor Has It")
Lucy & Isaac -- They are walking through Gower's Field when they find Rodney Rathbone trapped in an old barn. (In "Missing Person")
Lucy & Isaac -- They help save a boy from drowning after falling through the ice. (In "Isaac the Courageous")
Lucy & Jack -- They accompany Jonah in the whale...uh, big fish. (In "Return to the Bible Room")
Lucy & Curt -- They go back to see the Star Spangled Banner written. (In "By Dawn's Early Light")
Lucy & Curt -- They discovered what selpurcs were. (In "Have You No Selpurcs?")
Lucy & Curt -- She always seems to be involved in his political ambitions. (In various episodes.)
Lucy & Isaac -- They did a geometry project together. (In "Isaac the Procrastinator")
Lucy & Sam -- They were part of the Israelites. (In "Gathering Thunder")

NUMBER TWO: Spot that Plot!  Name the episode for each plot description.

"The Mortal Coil" -- A wise old man gets into a contrapation and experiences a vision of his afterlife.
"The Mysterious Stranger" -- A disabled man tries to convince Whit that his relative is a lunatic.
"The Homecoming" -- A young man from a small town returns home after time spent away for misdeeds and chasing his former employer to get revenge.
"Aloha, Oy!" -- After playing with the doors at the entrance to a business, a youth gets the opportunity to take his family to a far away land with his best friend and the business owner.
"Tom for Mayor" -- A seed planter and a swindler compete for political office.
"Waylaid in the Windy City" -- A former security agent and his employee are suspected of stealing secrets on a look-alike piece of equipment.
"Harlow Doyle, Private Eye" -- A new crime investigator tries to find a young girl's will to worship.
"Blind Justice" -- Two distant cousins are assigned to determine a young man's guilt in a burglary case.
"Bernard and Joseph" -- A window washer tells the story of a boy with many brother to a boy with many brothers.

NUMBER THREE: Chris the announcer often had her own little adventures at the beginning of the AIO broadcasts.  Choose the episode for each of Chris's adventures below.

"And When You Pray" -- Chris discusses Odyssey mail with her mailman after he delivers it to her house.
"Back to Bethlehem, Part 1" -- Chris argues the meaning of Christmas with a local inventor.
"An Act of Mercy" -- A production engineer bashes Chris's car.
"Whit's Flop" -- Despite his failings in the past, Chris allows a failure-prone plumber to fix her faucet.
"Curious, Isn't It?" -- Chris discovers a liferaft in a box at the studio.
"Last Shall Be First" -- Chris talks to her mailman who is inside a mailbox.
"A Good and Faithful Servant" -- Chris tries to take some money out of her bank account.
"A...Is for Attitude" -- Chris talks to a man who is nervous about giving blood.
"Promises, Promises" -- Chris calls "Phil" after he is late picking her up for bowling.
"Muckraker" -- Chris is interviewed for a newspaper.

NUMBER FOUR: This week we're saluting the three main writers of AIO before the 1997 hiatus.  We'll have a salute to the production engineers next week.  Choose the correct person for each statement.

Paul McCusker -- He became a part of the AIO team at the very beginning and has often written some of the more "mature" AIOs, such as the ones about marriage and dating.  He has also written stories about changes to the Imagination Station, such as the life after death program and the "healing" program.

Marshal Younger -- He became a freelance writer in 1992 and went on to become a part of the AIO team.  He created characters like Butch, Glenn, and Robert Skeed.  He wrote episodes about such things as soap operas, slavery, and computer hacking.

Phil Lollar -- He was a co-creater of AIO and has been with the program from the beginning.   Helping to create many of the mainstay characters like Whit, Tom Riley, and Connie Kendall, he has written and directed more episodes than anyone else.


"So I suggest that you run for your life."
"You don't want to kill me."
"Oh, you fool!  Why wouldn't I? Goodbye, Jack Allen!"

Which episode does this dialogue come from? "The Final Conflict"

Week #4

NUMBER ONE: Name that Odyssey "first".

Horace McCalister -- First farmer who discovered that the Wey-Aka-Tal-Ah-Nee-Tee valley's flooding could be fixed by drainage ditches (In "The Ill-Gotten Deed)
Jimmy Barclay -- First person (aside from perhaps Whit as he built it) to try the Room of Consequence (In "Into Temptation")
Davey Holcomb -- First person to help Whit make pizza at Whit's End (In "Whit's Flop")
John Avery Whittaker -- First person to open an ice cream and discovery emporium in Odyssey (In "Recollections"...I was feeling generous when I thought up this question)
Harlow Doyle -- First official "private eye" in Odyssey (In "Harlow Doyle, Private Eye")
Donny McCoy -- First person to narrate an adventure at Camp What-A-Nut (in the audio series) (In "Camp What-A-Nut")
Jimmy Barclay -- First person to talk to Dan Isdro on an AIO episode (In "A Mission for Jimmy")
Jeff Lewis -- First person with whom Connie was in love (In, ironically enough, "First Love)
Brad Dillard -- First person to be heard on a KIDS Radio broadcast (In "KIDS Radio")
John Avery Whittaker -- First Odyssey resident to see Richard Maxwell after he got out of prison (In "Waylaid in the Windy City")

NUMBER TWO: Adventures in Odyssey often parodies names of celebrities, consumer products, and television shows.  Below is a list of name used on Adventures in Odyssey.  Give the name of the real world person, product, show, or group the name is parodying. (Example: Huge Gowns parodies Hue Downs.)

Teddy Ruxbein -- Betty Buckskin doll
Barney the Dinosaur -- Blarney the Rhinosaur
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- Teenage Black-Belt Metamorphasaurs
Mr. Spock --  Mr. Crock
Howard Stern -- Cryin' Bryan Dern
Beaver ("Leave It to Beaver") -- A young child named Chipmunk
Rescue 911 -- Rescue 119
Lassie the Wonder Dog -- Laffy the Wonder Dog
Barbara Walters -- Bobbie Walker
Charles Kerault -- Charles Gestault
Mr. Suluu -- A space pilot named Mr. Zuzu

NUMBER THREE: Whit's End is full of secrets.  Answer the following questions about the discovery of a few of its mysteries. First names will do.

Who was with Tom and Whit when they discovered the secret room in the basement? Jami Martin

Who was the first person aside from Whit to find out about the secret computer room? Eugene Meltsner

Who was with Whit and Connie when they discovered the secret room in the attic? Robyn Jacobs

Who was with Jack Allen when they discovered a second secret tunnel under Whit's End? Carl Ross

NUMBER FOUR: This week we're saluting the production engineers of AIO before the 1997 hiatus.  Choose the correct person for each statement.  The statements below describe an episode or episodes for which the person served as production engineer.

Dwayne Harms -- This engineer produced the sounds for one of AIO's many crowd scenes.  This one took place on the Imagination Station adventure that went the furthest back in time and involved people having a hard time communicating.

Jonathan Crow -- This engineer worked on effects for some of AIO's historical adventures including one about the origination of a holiday.  The episode had a spectacular "cut" as a father and son briefly discussed an invading army coming to the village.  Suddenly, the episode cut to heat of battle with people sword fighting and huts burning.

Todd Busteed -- This engineer worked on effects for one of the flood episodes.  In the episode, we hear the sounds from the perspective of a child who goes under the water and then resurfaces before she is rescued by her adopted father.

Bob Luttrell -- This engineer created effects for another AIO episode involving water.  In this episode, two people are heard thrashing in the water before they both are pulled under.  They resurface and then are pulled under again.  During the time they are under water, nearly all is quiet above in this very suspenseful sequence.

Ramsey Drexler -- This production engineer was actually the blend of two engineer's mother's maiden names.  The episode produced contained an actor sliding across the stage, and the acting out of a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays.

Mark Drury -- This engineer created sounds for an episode that included a voyage in the Room of Consequence, a tumble through a window, and even a courtroom drama.

Dave Arnold -- This engineer created effects for an episode with four different mini-adventures, each with similar characters and storyline.  Some sounds that had to be produced included airplane bomber noises, sounds in the ocean, and various spaceship buzzes and zaps which included a parody of Star Wars.


"I was thinking about this show, too."
"There's something you'd like to do...?"
"Well, yeah.  I'd really like to play a tough detective type. I'm even trying to grow a mustache.  See?"
"Really?  How exciting!  We'll all get our magnifying glasses and have a look."

Which episode does this dialogue come from? A Class Act