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February Contest Winners and Answers

February's contest required your AIO trivia skills and your crossword puzzle skills.  The grand prize of an AIO tape will be rewarded to The Paul Family!  Congratulations!  Of all of the entries, this one was the only one to get them all right!

Here are the answers:

Yellow Across: An Old Organ Resides here (Attic)
Pink Across: In the Kitchen Corner (Fireplace)
Red Across: Hidden behind a picture (Safe)
Blue Across: This room monitors everything in the shop. (Computer)
Teal Across: Built entirely by the patrons. (Trains)
Purple Across: Which Room did Aubrey and Lisa stumble upon and nearly ruin a seemingly priceless work of art? (Treasure)
Grey Across: This place once housed slaves of the run. (Tunnel)
Lime Across: Has a workbench - kids create things here. (Inventor's Corner)

Yellow Down: Vertical Travel. (Staircase)
Pink Down: Toppings stored here. (Stockroom)
Dark Green Down: Where Edwin Blackgaard saw something of Connie's that was "plainly awful" (Little Theater)
Red Down: Another term for the Front Counter where Ice Cream is served (British Spelling). (Soda Shoppe)
Blue Down: Customers are not allowed here. (Basement)
Teal Down: Room with all the titles. (Library)
Purple Down: Can't tell you. (Secret)
Aqua Down: Where the Imagination Station, Room of Consequence, and Transmuter are located. (Bible)
Orange Down: Has a servant staircase to Whit's office and a back door. (Kitchen)
Grey Down: Arctic Simulation (Freezer)
Lime Down: "Let's go up to my  ________" (Office)

This contest was created by OdysseyFan and Nathan Hoobler. AIOHQ is not affliated with Focus on the Family.