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August 2000 Contest Winners and Answers

The contest began on July 24th and ended Sunday, August 6th.  And the winner is...

Andy G. Harvey!!!

Congratulations!  You and your family have won an all-expense paid trip to...well, nowhere, but you have won:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the latest contest!!!

The next AIOHQ contest will take place around the time that the AIO fall season is beginning.  Stay tuned!

The Answers!!

(AA) 's dad was named (BB)

(BB) used to work with (CC)

(CC) has a brother named (DD)

(DD) has a son named (EE)

(EE) is (FF) ís Cousin

(FF) once had a crush on (GG)

(GG) usually argues with her co-worker (HH)

(HH) is distantly related to (II)

(II) owns and runs a (JJ)

A Rival (JJ) was once opened by (KK)

(KK) ís son (LL) calls him "Pops"

(LL) 's cousin is named (MM)

(MM) once gave a key to (NN)

(NN) once wanted to date (OO)

(OO) once dated (PP)

(PP) was once employed to mow lawns by (QQ)

(QQ) ís dad is (RR)

(RR) is a Sunday School Teacher for (SS)

(SS) once hired (TT) to find her lost faith

(TT) once helped (AA) solve a crime committed by (LL) and (UU)

(UU) liked to tease Charles Edward Thompson "(VV) "

(VV) ís teacher was (WW)

(WW) has a son named (XX)

(XX) once enlisted (YY) to help him find (TT)

(YY) and (AA) once worked together to solve a Mystery (With the Help of (RR) )

Clues: (Fill in clue boxes too)

(VV) is a nickname


(CC) was once an Operations Manager

This contest is not affiliated or sponsored by Focus on the Family.  The contest is designed by OdysseyFan.