The latest season of Adventures in Odyssey has come to a conclusion. From the confines of a South American jail to a touching memorial service, a lot of things out of the ordinary happened this season. To celebrate this break in the season, AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain sponsored an "End of Season Awards" in February and March. The results and analysis are below. Watch for the next round of awards this July as we talk about the conclusion of the Novacom saga!

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Best Sound Design:

Plan B, II: Collision Course (21) 26%
Plan B, IV: Resistance (14) 17%
Shining Armor I & II (10) 12%
Plan B, III: Cross-fire (9) 11%
Plan B, I: Missing in Action (8) 10%
O. T. Action News: Battle at Kishon (7) 9%
Strange Boy in a Strange Land (6) 7%
Grand Opening I & II (3) 4%
Secrets (2) 2%
Happy Smilers (1) 1%
The Popsicle Kid (1) 1%
Relatively Annoying (0) 0%

The big news in the sound design category is that Rob Jorgensen won it for the fifth time in a row, as "Plan B: Collision Course" took top honors. (He was also the engineer for Passages, I Slap Floor, The Great Wishy Woz, and The Triangle, which won the award in past seasons.) "Collision Course" featured an exciting car chase, revelations about Andromeda, and a fast-paced conversation with AREM.

Best Performance:

Connie Kendall in “Plan B” (61) 73%
Jared DeWhite in “Strange Boy” (9) 11%
John Avery Whittaker in “Plan B” (9) 11%
Grandpa Jefferson in “Relatively Annoying” (5) 6%
Guy Shaeffer in “Happy Smilers” (0) 0%

In the only major landslide of this season, Katie Leigh took nearly three-quarters of the votes for best preformance for her touching emotional scenes in Plan B. A lot of difficult things happened to Connie in these shows and Katie brought an incredible amount of realism to her part. Tied for second place were Paul Herlinger as Whit in those same shows and Brandon Gilberstadt as Jared in his comeback.

Best Scene:

The chase scene between Mr. Charles and Jack Allen in “Plan B: Collision Course" (35) 43%
When FBI agent Bourland tells Whit that Mitch is dead in “Plan B: Collision Course" (15) 19%
When Jared DeWhite shows up again in “Strange Boy in a Strange Land” (13) 16%
The marriage between Eugene Meltsner and Katrina Shanks in “Plan B: Missing in Action" (13) 16%
Aubrey talking to Guy Shaeffer in “Happy Smilers” (4) 5%
Robert Mitchell confronting Mr. Charles in Novacom’s headquarters (1) 1%

The action kicked into high-gear during a car chase in "Plan B," which took the award for best scene. The scene between Agent Bourland and Whit that ended that show took second.

Most Shocking Plot Twist:

Finding out that Robert Mitchell was dead (43)
Eugene and Katrina's wedding at her father's deathbed (20)
Finding out that Robert Mitchell was AREM (12)
The return of Jared DeWhite (in the Witness Protection Program) (5)
Arthur Dent returning from his “disappearance” as an apparent friend (4)

A good number of fans thought that Robert Mitchell's death was shocking (whether or not they liked the story point). Mitch's death got more than twice as many votes as any other twist. Finding out that he was AREM only got 14% of the vote, perhaps because many already suspected it.

Best Episode:

Plan B, II: Collision Course (24) 29%
Plan B, IV: Resistance (16) 19%
Plan B, I: Missing in Action (11) 13%
Plan B, III: Cross-fire (10) 12%
Grand Opening I & II (8) 10%
Strange Boy in a Strange Land (7) 8%
Shining Armor I & II (3) 4%
Relatively Annoying (3) 4%
Secrets (2) 2%
O. T. Action News: Battle at Kishon (0) 0%
Happy Smilers (0) 0%
The Popsicle Kid (0) 0%

Dominating the best episode category were all four parts of the Plan B episodes. Collision Course took the top spot with its car chases and dramatic revelations. Second place went to Resistance, possibly for it's increased emotions, stellar preforamnces by the actors, and excellent writing.

Selection of Fan Comments:

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"Great season! I loved all of it. I liked how you were able to make it seem as though you were standing right there in all the Novacom shows. I liked Plan B the best. Nothing really majorly needs to be changed in my opinion."

"I would like to hear some fun, comedy type shows sometime soon (preferably with Harlow Doyle)."

"I really enjoyed this season, especially Grand Opening and Plan B. I like the excitement and suspense--that's the best kind of episode. But I don't want Mitch to be dead!"

"Will it ever end?!"

"You need to make more fun shows like Relatively Annoying and Popsicle Kid, and quit killing off uneeded people—just have them move away or something."

"These shows were great; they kinda brought out the cool side to Whit, Jack, Joanne, Eugege,and Katrina."

"I am very surprised that, for Best Scene, you didn't at least list ONE of Connie's scenes in Plan B."

"The last few Novacom shows were great. Most of the others kind of seemed like fluff-filler until we got to the "real" stuff."

"These episodes are so exiting. Make Mitch comes back to life."

"AIO keeps getting better all the time! I've heard AIO from the very first show, and it's so refreshing to see AIO totally recovering from the 2000 "slump." It's wonderful to once again not be embarrassed to recommend AIO to my friends. :-) Many of the shows this season bring back memories of long ago shows... definite classics, worth hearing repeatedly, memorizing line for line, debating point by point, and so forth. Keep it up!"

"The only thing would be to not drag stuff out more than needed. Plan B could have been squashed into three episodes and we wouldn't have missed anything. I like the way the story line is going."

"I can't belive there's only 12 more episodes until Episode #500!"

"I think that the wedding could have been better, but i was happy that they finally tied the knot!"

"I guess the thing that I would say needs to be changed is the amount of family involvement. I would like to see more eps with families interacting with each other."

"Great spirtual impact at the beginning and the end! I love it!"

"Nothing needs to be changed except for more Androma Episodes!"

"The Andromeda series is awesome. I really like the excitement and suspense!"

"This is definatly a 10 star season!"

"I'd recommend more bible verse themes. Also, Don't have people die as much. Dying is a serious issue and the writers didn't touch that theme much in the past episodes."

"I REALLY enjoyed almost every show this season! I wouldn't hav approached the wedding so quickly because the actors weren't even there."

"This past season has been the best ever!! I think Plan B, particularly Resistance, was your best episode ever! The message was great and put across in the most striking way. I really like the exciting adventurous episodes that also have important lessons in them."

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