The fall season of 2004 represented a "return to normal" for Adventures in Odyssey. After Connie's road trip to Washington, visits with Jimmy Barclay, the Washington family move, and even the discovery of a Lester in the family's basement, this season was a bit more subdued. While featuring many of the main adult characters (Wooton, Tom, Bart, Connie, Jack, Joanne, etc.), the majority of the episodes focused on the kids in Odyssey. It's also the first season in some time that didn't feature a multi-part episode. By and large, fans reacted positively to the "feel" of the season, while also noting some flaws and things they hoped for in future shows.

AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain sponsored their traditional "End of Season" Awards. Voting began on December 21, 2004 and ended on January 12, 2005. Results are posted below.

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Best Performance by a Male Actor

Walker Edmiston
Bart Rathbone in "Sunday Morning Scramble"

Jess Harnell
Wooton Bassett in "Stars in Our Eyes"
Chris Castille
Nick Mulligan in "Sounds Like a Mystery"
Corey Burton
Mr. Douglas in "True Calling"
Jordan Orr
Grady in "A Lamb's Tale"

With a strong performance in one the most popular episodes of the season, Walker Edmiston pulled a strong win in the best actor category. Though he's been nominated several times before, this is Walker's first win. He remains the longest running actor currently on the show and a fan favorite for his two characters—Tom and Bart.

Jess Harnell's continued strength as Wooton Bassett gained him a solid second place in the awards. This is his fourth second prize. He won first for his performance in "For Trying Out Loud."

Best Performance by a Female Actor
Katie Leigh
Connie Kendall in "Call Me if You Care"
J-Karen Thomas
Elaine Washington in "Sunday Morning Scramble"
Aria Curzon
Mandy Straussberg in "True Calling"
Sarah Buskirk
Cindy Bancroft in "Call Me if You Care"
Danielle Judovitz
Aubrey Shepard in "Potential Possibilities"

Katie Leigh once again claimed her familiar (and well-earned) title as best actress of the season. However, this was by far her closest win, with only six percentage points seperating her from the runner-up. (Katie's previous wins have generally been run-away victories with more than 50% of the vote.) Her excellent acting and emotions continue to be a cornerstone on Odyssey. Next to Walker (who also won this season), she's worked on the show longer than anyone else.

In a close second, J-Karen Thomas gave a stellar and forceful performance as Mrs. Washington. Her role was especially notable because her part was performed "wild." She wasn't in the studio with the other actors, but gave her lines by phone weeks later.

Best Sound Design
Sounds Like a Mystery 33%
Sunday Morning Scramble 22%
Fairy Tal-e-vision 20%
Call Me if You Care 8%
A Lamb's Tale 8%
Stars in Our Eyes 3%
True Calling 2%
And That's the Truth 2%
Potential Possibilities 1%
Think on These Things 0%

Rob Jorgensen just couldn't keep away from Odyssey. He had six straight wins in "Best Sound Design," which means he won the award for every season he produced Odyssey. Missing for four seasons, he came back to produce three shows and, of course, the winning one. This brings his total to seven "gold" awards, certainly a very respectable record. "Sounds Like a Mystery" featured some of the most complex effects of the season, with the sounds themselves "driving" the story.

Also very notable in the category was Nathan Jones's second place with his first episode—"Sunday Morning Scramble." Though the episode featured no "epic" sounds, it featured a number of complex scenes in the Washington home. Bob Luttrell won a very close third for his work on the frenetic "Fairy Tal-e-vision."

Best Scene

The Chicago Job — "A Lamb's Tale"
Nick confronts Mike about the real reason he gave up the job in Chicago—for Nick.

Bart wreaks mayhem at the Washington house —"Sunday Morning Scramble"
Bart Rathbone accidentally puts pepper on the cheesecake. Then he puts his head in the fishbowl and accidentally swallows a fish.
Visit the Electric Palace! — "Stars in Our Eyes"
Bart Rathbone does a commercial for Whit's End and everyone talks like Bart.
America's Funniest Explosions — "A Lamb's Tale"
Rodney tries filming the toy lamb blowing up, then films Grady climbing the tree.
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Nose — "True Calling"
Irving and Solly practice their act for the high school and things don't go as they plan.

The "Best Scene" races is generally the closest of all the awards. This year, the season finale "A Lamb's Tale" garnered two nominations. However, the heartfelt scene with Nick talking to his uncle Mike won the tally with nearly one third of the vote. This scene featured strong performances from two rarely-seen characters and great dialog from Odyssey's longest running current writer, Marshal Younger.

In the polar opposite of this scene was the close second from the "Fishbowl" scene. Featuring a hilarious mostly ad-lib performance from Walker Edmiston and great sound design from Nathan Jones, this scene is most notable because it was recorded a month after the rest of the show.

Best Episode
Sunday Morning Scramble 26%
A Lamb's Tale 24%
Sounds Like a Mystery 16%
Call Me if You Care 12%
Stars in Our Eyes 9%
True Calling 7%
Fairy Tal-e-vision 4%
Potential Possibilities 1%
And That's the Truth 0%
Think on These Things 0%

Last season broke the "Oscar curse" for the Season Awards. Before this time, episodes airing at the end of the always won the award. "Living in the Gray" was the first episode of the season and won the last round. This time, "Sunday Morning Scramble," a popular show from the middle of the season walked away with the award. The show was notable because it primarily featured the Washington family and only smaller parts for main Odyssey characters Tom and Bart. It was also arguably the most "relatable" show of the season with it's "family racing to church" theme.

In another close second, the heartfelt and touching season closer "A Lamb's Tale" gained a quarter of the votes.

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