Now that the Novacom saga has come to a close, the AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain sponsored the "Battle Lines 2002 Awards". We wanted to know what the fans thought of the most recent season, one of the most intense in Odyssey history. The awards ended July 27, so check out the results below.

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Poll Results


Best Sound Design:

Exit (25) 39%
500 (14) 22%
The Black Veil I & II (9) 14%
Exactly as Planned (5) 8%
Expect the Worst (5) 8%
Exceptional Circumstances (3) 5%
The Unraveling (2) 3%
Box of Miracles (1) 2%
Sheep's Clothing (0) 0%
Twisting Pathway (0) 0%
Under the Influence I & II (0) 0%

Once again and for the sixth time in a row, Rob Jorgensen snagged the award for "Best Sound Design" with the terrific work on "Exit," which consisted almost entirely of an action sequence and climaxed with the destruction of the Imagination Station with the Applesauce program. Runner-up was the clip and interview-intensive "500," engineered by Jonathan Crowe. Third place went to "The Black Veil," also action-intensive and engineered by both Jonathan and Rob.

Best Performance:

Connie in “The Unraveling” (34) 52%
Jason in "Exit" (10) 15%
Monica in "Exceptional Circumstances" (8) 12%
Tom in "Expect the Worst" (8) 12%
Walter in "Sheep's Clothing" (4) 6%
Aubrey in "Under the Influence" (2) 3%

Also consistent with the last set of awards, Katie Leigh won Best Performance for playing the emotionally distraught Connie Kendall in "The Unraveling." As usual, Katie Leigh showed a full range of performance in her reaction to Mitch's death, which led to an overwhelming victory. Townsend Coleman as Jason Whittaker came in second with a desperate role as he tried to figure out how to stop Novacom's launch day in "Exit." Interestingly enough, aside from the final scene with Monica, all of Jason's scenes had him filtered through the phone.

Best Scene:

Finding out Mitch is alive in "The Unraveling" (28) 44%
The destruction of the Imagination Station in "Exit" (21) 33%
The tower sequence from "Expect the Worst" (8) 13%
Jason confronting Monica in "Sheep's Clothing" (3) 5%
Finding Arthur Dent in "Exactly as Planned" (2) 3%
Mickey going crazy in "The Black Veil" (1) 2%

Once again similar to the last round of awards, a big revelation about Mitch won "best scene." This time it was Rachel Mitchell telling Connie that, yes, "Mitch is alive." This shocker capped off "The Unraveling," which also featured the winning performance of Katie Leigh as Connie. The destruction of the Imagination Station in "Exit," which featured dozens of clips from past Imagination Station adventure scored a close second.

Best Novacom Arc Character:

Robert Mitchell (41) 61%
Bennett Charles (10) 15%
Monica Stone (9) 13%
Arthur Dent (6) 9%
The Chairman (1) 1%
Walter (0) 0%

In the biggest landslide of the awards, Robert Mitchell easily took the award for best character of the Novacom Arc. Fans loved Connie having a boyfriend, especially one who could help the FBI and rescue her from trouble. Andromeda badguy Bennett Charles came in second, just ahead of the changed badgirl Monica Stone.

Best Episode:

Exit (24) 37%
The Unraveling (11) 17%
500 (7) 11%
Expect the Worst (6) 9%
The Black Veil I & II (6) 9%
Exactly as Planned (5) 8%
Sheep's Clothing (2) 3%
Box of Miracles (2) 3%
Exceptional Circumstances (1) 2%
Under the Influence I & II (1) 2%
Twisting Pathway (0) 0%

It was a very different season for Adventures in Odyssey, following on the heels of the highly-popular "Plan B" series and with every story dealing in some way with the Novacom story line. In the end, "Exit," the grand finale of the Novacom saga won an easy first place, with its big action scenes and resolution to many story arc plot threads. "The Unraveling" earned second place, with many emotional Connie scenes and a shocker ending. "500," the clip/interview season finale got third.

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