This season of Adventures in Odyssey began with the last episode of Connie's lengthy roadtrip with a visit from the Barclays in Washington, DC. After the many "Adventures away from Odyssey," it was time for some more traditional Odyssey shows like a Twilife Zone, a story from Bernard, and several family "slice of life" shows. The final three episodes followed the Washington family's journey to a new house and the adventure they found there. These awards broke several long-standing trends, most notably that the ending episode of the season is the best episode winner.

AIOHQ and The Soda Fountain sponsored their traditional "End of Season" Awards. Voting lasted a month in June and July, with results posted below. We had 111 votes this time. Thanks to the many fans who voted!

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Best Performance by a Male Actor

David Griffen
Jimmy Barclay in "Living in the Gray"

Jess Harnell
Wooton Bassett in "Nothing But the Half Truth"
Jeff Doucette
Lester in "No Way Out / No Way In"
Corey Padnos
Trent DeWhite in "Called on in Class"
Josh Shada
Young Bernard Walton in "The Girl in the Sink"

The return of an Odyssey character, especially a beloved one is always cause for celebration. Jimmy Barclay's return was met with some uncertainty as many fans wondered if he had gone too far "off the deep end." Any concerns aside, however, the overwhelming votes showed that fans still love Jimmy and David Griffen, the actor who has brought him to life for sixteen years.

Second prize winner Jess Harnell is no stranger to the awards. His hilarious and heartfelt Wooton placed second (for "Bassett Hounds") and first (in "For Trying Out Loud") in previous awards.

Best Performance by a Female Actor
Katie Leigh
Connie Kendall in "Living in the Gray"
Aria Curzon
Mandy Straussberg in "Split Ends"
Sara Buskirk
Hallie in "My Girl Hallie"
Lauren Schaffel
Liz Horton in "Stubborn Streaks"
J-Karen Thomas
Elaine Washington in "Something's Got to Change"

In the least surprising category of the awards, Katie Leigh won "Best Actress" for the sixth straight time. (Katie has now tied the record for the most consecutive awards; Rob Jorgensen won six production awards in a row). Katie's performance (acting as Jimmy's vertible big sister) was different than many previous wins for emotional shows (like "Something Blue" and "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow").

Aria Curzon earned her second straight "silver" prize for "Split Ends." (She previously won second for "Teacher's Pest")

Best Sound Design
No Way Out / No Way In 39%
Called on in Class 14%
Living in the Gray, I & II 13%
My Girl Hallie 12%
Eggshells 6%
Split Ends 6%
The Girl in the Sink 4%
Nothing But the Half Truth 3%
Bernard and Saul 2%
Stubborn Streaks 1%
Something's Got to Change 1%

In another continuing tradition, the final show of the season won "Best Sound." This time it was for the multi-story adventure of Whit in the basement room "No Way Out." The show featured a variety of different sound environments and effects. Stand-out scenes included Jason and Connie hearing sounds in the background of Whit's phone message, and Whit describing what happened to him in the tunnel. Glenn Montjoy (who previously won for "Something Blue") and Allen Hurley (who previously won for "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow") share the well-earned award.

In second was a completely different kind of show—Called on In Class. The many imagination scenes were a true stand-out, as was Trent's preparation to get in front of his class. Todd Busteed and his team at GAP Digital share the second prize.

Best Scene

Jimmy and George's farewell — "Living in the Gray II"
Jimmy Barclay talks to his dad in the airport security line. He finally admits that he "wants to come home."

Lester Redeemed — "No Way In"
Marvin and Tamika beg Lester to rescue them from Mac, but he's too afraid to go upstairs. Finally, he overcomes his fear and tells Mac "I've got the money!"
"Mm-hmm!" — "Nothing But the Half Truth"
Wooton Bassett meets with a businessman, but can't say a word, so he must speak in "Mmm" and "Hmm."
The Rescue — "The Girl in the Sink"
Using a rope, Ezekiel lowers young Bernard into the Sink to rescue Mary Beth.
Trent's Big Imagination — "Called on in Class"
Trent DeWhite imagines how he can get out of his report. Maybe he can fake getting sick...or cause the roof to collapse!

The race for "Best Scene" was the closest of the awards, though it still wasn't that close. In fact, the vote for "Best Scene" very closely mirrored the vote for Best Episode. First prize went to a touching scene between two characters who have grown up and (mostly) left the show—Jimmy and George Barclay. Marshal Younger (the writer), Allen Hurley (the production engineer) and David Griffen and Chuck Bolte (the actors) deserve a pat on the back for this terrific scene.

In second place was the exciting climactic scene from "No Way In," a show with many "good scenes."

Best Episode
Living in the Gray, I & II 45%
No Way Out / No Way In 25%
Nothing But the Half Truth 10%
Eggshells 5%
Split Ends 5%
My Girl Hallie 3%
The Girl in the Sink 2%
Stubborn Streaks 1%
Called on in Class 1%
Bernard and Saul 1%
Something's Got to Change 1%

In a change from previous seasons, few of the episodes this season had to do with on-going story arcs. In fact, "Split Ends" and "Stubborn Streaks" were really the only episodes to deal with a continued story—Mandy and Liz's arguement. The winner for Best Episode went to a show without much "action adventure" or huge twists. By voting for "Living in the Gray" for Best Episodes, fans are clearly saying that a show doesn't need to be part of a storyline or be action/adventure to be great.

Not that fans are against action-adventure! The strong second place finish of "No Way Out / No Way In" proved that. However, it was also the first time in five seasons that the season finale did not win the award. Will the finale make a comeback next season? Stay tuned!

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