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Thank you to all of the following people who have helped make AIO HQ.   You are, to use the colloquialism, lifesavers!


JJ Crockroft

Joni Slade — for the reviews and many great ideas about the future of Odyssey

Anthony Strand  — for the reviews and many site corrections.  Thank you for keeping me on my toes!

OdysseyFan — for his reviews, articles, and insight.   Also, a special thanks for his site suggestions and connections to AIO people.

Dan Shane (Switchflood) — for his many reviews

Emily Hoobler

Steve in Omaha

SCWoody423 -- for his reviews and comments

Luke — for his many reviews and thoughtful comments

Nolan Hoobler — for his many suggestions, reviews, and help with the site

Jeff and Josh over at the Ultimate AIO Website— for all their news, thoughts, and much "insider info".  (Special note to Jeff: Thank you for answering my many questions!)

Every member of the AIO team.  Thank you for all of your hard work over the years.  We are eternally grateful to you!

Everyone who visits this site.  Thank you for all your support!