1: The Knight Travellers

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Ken C. Johnson
Directors: Ken C. Johnson & Mike Joens
Scripture reference: Matthew 6:19-21
Theme: Materialism vs. lasting treasure

Important Characters:
Whit, Dylan Taylor, Jesse Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Eugene Meltsner, Dr. Fred J. Faustus, Niles, Edgar


"Meet Dylan Taylor, a young boy escaping from a boring home and a pesky sister. Dylan's escape launches him on a great adventure with an inventor, Whit, and his dog Sherman, as they battle the diabolical Faustus. Faustus has stolen Whit's Imagination Station and changed it to the nasty ''Manipulation Station.'' Will Dylan and Sherman arrive in time to save Whit---and the Station? This action-packed, fully animated video packs a powerful message for viewers of all ages. 30 minutes." -- From CBD

"A Daring Rescue and a Voyage Through Time

Adventure abounds as Dylan and Whit set out to retrieve the stolen Imagination Station in The Knight Travelers. Will the diabolical Faustus prevail in his evil bid to change Whit's masterpiece into a "Manipulation Station"? Based on the popular "Adventures in Odyssey" radio series, this exciting animated video makes a point about what's truly important in life. For ages 6 and up. Running time: approximately 30 minutes" -- From FOTF


Rating: 1/2 star


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