10: In Harm's Way

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Robert Vernon
Director: Robert Vernon & Steve Stiles
Scripture reference: 1 Samuel 16:7; Matthew 25:40
Theme: Seeing others through God's eyes

Important Characters:
Eugene Meltsner, Dylan Taylor, Whit, Holly Ferguson, Doug Harding, Elliot, Eugene, Charlie, *John


"Get ready for another action-packed adventure with Dylan and the Odyssey gang! This newest release follows Dylan through non-stop thrills and danger---a bike race down "suicide hill," a chase through the streets of 19th-century London, and a ride on a runaway train---where he learns what it really means to be a friend. 30 minutes." -- From CBD

"A Lesson in Loving

An awkward boy and a terrifying bicycle ride put Dylan In Harm's Way as he learns the true meaning of friendship. But what will the other kids think if Dylan hangs out with the neighborhood "nerd"? This popular episode in the "Adventures in Odyssey" animated series has the answer! Ages 8 and up. Approx. 30 mins." -- From FOTF


Rating: 2 1/2 stars


Included on Odyssey DVD 1.

GOOF ALERT:  Even though Elliot is "deaf", he sometimes responds to people talking behind his back or answers specific questions when he can't see people's lips.  An example would be were Dylan tells him that he wants to be left alone at Whit's End.  Elliot turns his back to walk away and Dylan calls to him.  Elliot shouldn't "hear" him, but he turns around anyway.


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Full Credits:

Executive Producer: Stephen Stiles
Associate Producer: Les Shaw
Music: John Campbell
Writer: Robert Vernon
Animation Directed and Produced by Mike Joen and Ken C. Johnson
Produced and Directed by Robert Vernon and Stephen Stiles

Based on the "Adventures in Odyssey" audio series, created by Phil Lollar, Steve Harris
Creative Consultants: Kurt Bruner, Paul McCusker
Character Voices: Kyle Gibson, Michael Litberg, Erica Horne, Paul Herlinger, Will Ryan, Joe Alaskey, Quinton Flynn, Ross Malinger, Adam Wylie
Production Coordinator: Jeffrey Learned, Robert W. Bontrager
Timing Directors: Dan Craig, Rebecca Greenwood
Storyboard Artists: Barrington Bunce, Athanassios Vakalis, Dan Fausett, Mike Bennett
Character Designs: Len Smith, Athanassios Vakalis
Prop Design: Normand Derepentigny
Models: Len Smith, Athanassios Vakalis
Color Key: Allyn Conley
Background Layouts: Tim Deacon, Bob Smith
Background Keys: Dennis Venizelos, Gary Eggleston
Film Editing & Track Reading: "Toon Tracks", Charlie King
Negative Cutting: West Coast Editorial
Overseas Animation by Hanho Production Company
Post Production Supervisor: Jeffrey Learned
Video Post Production: Sunset Post
Telecine Colorist: Michael Underwood
Computer Title Sequence: Vision Art & Animation, Visual Approach
Scoring Mixer: Tim Jaquette
Audio Post Production: Glenwood Editorial, Inc.
Supervising Sound Editor: Charlie King
Sound Editors: Cecil Broughton, Jerry Winiki, Glenn Oyabe, John Bires
Re-recording Facilities: Digimix
Re-recording Mixer: Doub Pearce
Technical Advisor on Disabilities: Gail Williamson
Sign Language Services: The Sign Language Company
Production Assistant: Susan Dudley
Production Secretary: Christy Shiftlett
Animation Produced by The Stillwater Production Company
Distributed by Word, Inc.