12: A Stranger Among Us

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Robert Vernon
Director: Robert Vernon & Steve Stiles
Scripture reference:
Theme: Jumping to conclusions. o

Important Characters:
Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall, Dylan Taylor, Whit, Burt, Rocky Mancuso, Mr. Smith, Mr. Burnbaum, *Laurie

ds...maybe not. 


"Trapped at Whit's End by a terrible storm, Dylan, Eugene, and Connie offer shelter to a couple. But after watching a spooky TV show and hearing a news flash about a nearby prison break, the trio becomes suspicious of the strangers—and the evening becomes a fear-filled misadventure! For ages 6 and up. 30 minutes." -- From CBD

"Thunder! Lightning! Mystery and a Moral!

The worst storm in decades brings much more than rain to Odyssey. "Adventures in Odyssey's" new video, A Stranger Among Us, is a misadventure of epic proportions that teaches the importance of not letting runaway emotions cloud sound judgment. Approx. 30 minutes in length. Recommended for ages 6 and up." -- From FOTF


Rating: 3 stars


This video introduced Connie Kendall to the video world.

On the television during an opening scene, the following dialogue is heard: "He's got a gun!" "No wait!" Bang! Bang! Bang! Scream! "You killed him!".  Despite the fact that the AIO videos are made for a younger audience, it is very doubtful this dialogue would have been allowed on the AIO audio series, aimed for an older audience.


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Full Credits:

Executive Producer: Stephen Stiles
Associate Producer: Les Shaw, Jeffrey Learned, Robert W. Bontrager
Music: John Campbell
Writer: Robert Vernon
Animation Directed and Produced by Ken C. Johnson
Produced and Directed by Robert Vernon and Stephen Stiles

Based on the "Adventures in Odyssey" audio series, created by Phil Lollar, Steve Harris
Production Executive: Kurt Bruner
Creative Consultants: Paul McCusker
Character Voices: Walker Edmiston, Bill Boyett, Kyle Gibson, Paul Herlinger, Katie Leigh, Lorenzo Music, Pat Musick, Will Ryan, Danny Wells
Animation Directors: Terrence Harrison, Kevin Petrilak
Storyboard Artists: Barrington Bunce, Steve Lumley, Butch Hartman
Character Designs: Len Smith
Model Prop Design: Normand Derepentigny
Background Layouts: Tim Deacon, Bob Smith
Background Keys: Gary Eggleston
Film Editing & Track Reading: "Toon Tracks", Charlie King
Editor: Jeffrey Learned
Post Production Services: Anderson Video/4MC
Colorist: Michael Underwood
On-Line Editor: Scott Cooper
Computer Title Sequence: Vision Art & Animation, Visual Approach
Scoring Mixer: Tim Jaquette
Audio Post Production: Glenwood Editorial, Inc.
Supervising Sound Editor: Charlie King
Sound Editors: Cecil Broughton, Jerry Winiki, Glenn Oyabe, John Bires
Re-recording Facilities: Digimix
Re-recording Mixer: Doub Pearce
Production Assistant: Susan Dudley
Production Secretary: Christy Shiftlett
Overseas Animation by Hanho Production Company
Animation Produced by The Stillwater Production Company
Distributed by Tommy Nelson, Inc