13: Baby Daze

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Robert Vernon
Director: Robert Vernon & Steve Stiles
Scripture reference:
Theme: The sanctity of life.

Important Characters:
Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall, Dylan Taylor, William (Buddy), Dr. Mueller


"When a baby shows up on the doorstep of Whit's End, the place becomes a flurry of splattered food, dirty diapers and talking sock-puppets. Eugene wants to study the child's behavior in the name of "science." And Dylan and Connie can only laugh at his hilarious attempts at childcare. An animated adventure that involves evil scientists, runaway robots, kidnapping, and a important lesson about the value of human life. Animated, ages 6 and up." -- From CBD.

"An Uproarious Pro-Life Lesson

When a baby is abandoned on the doorstep of Whit's End, Eugene seizes the moment to study the little tyke for a project on artificial intelligence. But soon a suspicious scientist claims to have custody of the child-resulting in, what else . . . a comedic tug of war! Baby Daze is a romp-filled reminder about the incredible value of human life apart from the advance of science." -- From FOTF


Rating: 3 stars


Included on Odyssey DVD 1.

For the first time in the videos, Eugene has eyebrows in close-up shots.

GOOF ALERT:  Eugene's journal (with "Notes" on the cover) opens two different ways.


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Full Credits:

Executive Producer: Stephen Stiles
Associate Producer: Les Shaw, Jeffrey Learned, Robert W. Bontrager
Music: John Campbell
Writer: Robert Vernon
Animation Directed and Produced by Ken C. Johnson
Produced and Directed by Robert Vernon and Stephen Stiles

Based on the "Adventures in Odyssey" audio series, created by Phil Lollar, Steve Harris
Production Executives: Kurt Bruner, Al Janssen
Character Voices: Zack Duhame, Paul Herlinger, Katie Leigh, Alan Oppenheimer, Neil Ross, Will Ryan
Animation Directors: Rebecca Greenwood, Jane Gardner
Storyboard Artists: Butch Hartman
Character Designs: Barrington Bunce
Color Key: Allyn Conley
Background Layouts: Tim Deacon
Background Keys: Gary Eggleston
Track Reading: "Toon Tracks", Charlie King
Editor: Jeffrey Learned
Post Production Services: Anderson Video/4MC
Colorist: Michael Underwood
On-Line Editor: Scott Cooper
Title Sequence: Vision Art & Animation
CGI Animation: Visual Approach
Scoring Mixer: Tim Jaquette
Audio Post Production: Glenwood Editorial, Inc.
Supervising Sound Editor: Charlie King
Sound Editors: Cecil Broughton, Glenn Oyabe, John Bires
Re-recording Facilities: Digimix
Re-recording Mixer: Doub Pearce
Production Assistant: Susan Dudley
Production Secretary: Christy Shiftlett
Overseas Animation by Hanho Production Company
Animation Produced by The Stillwater Production Company
Distributed by Tommy Nelson, Inc.