New Series 2: Escape from the Forbidden Matrix (#15)

Essential Facts:
Writer: John Beebee, Jeffrey Learned, and Robert Vernon
Director: Robert Vernon
Scripture reference: 1 Corinthians 6:12
Theme: Addictions

Important Characters:
Eugene Meltsner, Dylan Taylor, Sal Martinez

Novelization (written by Marshal Younger)

This video is an adaptation of 415: Gloobers.

Suggested retail: $14.99


The official site says, "Dylan & Sal can't get enough of the new action-packed video game "Insectoids." So when they are invited to play Insectoids "for real" in the virtual-reality Room of Consequence at Whit's End, they jump at the chance. But soon they're engaged in a life-sized, three-dimensional jungle war, fighting giant insect warriors and an even more dangerous foe. "



GOOF ALERT: The Master Brain says, "Mr. Taylor, Mr. Martinez...welcome to my world."  The pair wonders how he knew their names and he says, in part, "Your names are printed on your uniforms."  But we can clearly see that their first names are printed on their uniforms and he calls them by their last names.

GOOF ALERT: Shortly after Dylan and Sal enter the Insectoids program, Dylan gets tangled in a vine. The picture then goes to a quick shot of his companion, Sal, but Sal's name tag says "Dylan" on it! In the next shot, and for the rest of the story, the name tag says "Sal." (Thanks to Gideon Slife.)


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