4: Shadow of a Doubt

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Ken C. Johnson & Mike Joens
Director: Ken C. Johnson & Mike Joens
Scripture reference: Proverbs 18:24
Theme: Faithfulness to friends and God

Important Characters:
Whit, Dylan Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, Eugene Meltsner, Phineas, Reed


"Everyone in Odyssey is talking about the elusive cat burglar. But when a surveillance camera finally records the sneaky thief's movements, he looks can't be!...John Avery Whittaker! Dylan must somehow prove Whit's innocence before the jury declares him guilty. Along the way, he learns a valuable lesson about the faithfulness of friendship. 30 minutes." -- From CBD

"An "Open/Shut" Case About Friendship

There's a cat burglar loose in Odyssey and the trail of clues leads to Whit of all people! Can Dylan prove his innocence beyond a Shadow of a Doubt--before it's too late? Don't miss this "Adventures in Odyssey" video with a great lesson on faith and the meaning of true friendship. For viewers ages 6 and up." -- From FOTF


Rating: 3 stars



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