8: Go West Young Man

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Robert Vernon & Paul McCusker
Director: Robert Vernon & Steve Stiles
Scripture reference: Acts 24:16; Matthew 5:37
Theme: Personal integrity; keeping your word

Important Characters:
Dylan Taylor, Whit, Eugene Meltsner, *Miss Lilly, *Pete, *Amos Dalton, *Angus Dalton


"Sagebrush and saddlesores---what are Eugene and Dylan doing in the Old West? When the two pals don their ten-gallons for an adventure in the open country, trouble's sure to follow. Eugene and Dylan learn the value of keeping their word when they rashly make an empty promise---and some local desperadoes stop at nothing to make sure they come through! Fun for kids ages 4 and up. 30 minutes." -- From CBD.

"A Rip-Roarin' Ride to Character-Building Values

Strap on yer chaps as Dylan and Eugene take on the dreaded Dalton gang in Go West Young Man. Young 'uns and old folks alike will hoot 'n howl through this Imagination Station adventure that teaches the importance of keeping your word." -- From FOTF


Rating: 1 1/2 stars


This video features a special "Western" version of the Adventures in Odyssey theme.

Angus Dalton says, "You boys have had your fun. Now you'll pay for it." This line is directly drawn from the movie Pinocchio.


Order from FOTF
Order from CBD
Order from Tommy Nelson

Full Credits:

Executive Producer: Stephen Stiles & Rolf Zettersten
Associate Producer: David W. King & Les Shaw
Music: John Campbell
Writer: Robert Vernon & Paul McCusker
Animation Directed and Produced by Mike Joen and Ken C. Johnson
Produced and Directed by Robert Vernon and Stephen Stiles

Story by Robert Vernon
Based on the "Adventures in Odyssey" audio series, created by Phil Lollar, Steve Harris
Creative Consultants: Chuck Bolte, Paul McCusker
Character Voices: Jack Lester, Victor DiMattia, Will Ryan, Tony Pope, Maggie Roswell, Hamilton Camp, Ed Gilbert, Sid Goodloe
Production Coordinator: Jeffrey Learned, Robert W. Bontrager
Animation Directors:  T. W. Yocum, Don Craig, Graham Falk, Rebecca Greenwood
Storyboard Artists: Eric Fredrickson, Dan Fausett
Character Designs: Len Smith, Tom Owen
Prop Design: David Rodriguez
Color Key: Allyn Conley
Background Layouts: Lorenzo Martinez, Bob Smith, Jennifer Yuan
Background Keys: Dennis Venizelos, Dick Heichberger, Jane Nussbaum, Allyn Conley
Film Editing & Track Reading: "Toon Tracks", Charlie King
Negative Cutting: West Coast Editorial
Telecine Colorist: Michael Underwood
Overseas Animation by Hanho Production Company
Computer Title Sequence: Vision Art & Animation, Visual Approach
Audio Post Production: Larson Sound Center
Re-recording Mixers: Doug Grey, Anthony Costantini
Supervising Sound Editor: Andre Caporaso
Product Manager: David G. Hagen
Production Assistant: Susan Dudley
Production Secretary: Joy Klopfenstein
Animation Produced by Mike Joens Productions, Inc.
Distributed by Word, Inc.