9: Someone to Watch Over Me

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Essential Facts:
Writer: Robert Vernon (Adapted from a story by Phil Lollar)
Director: Robert Vernon & Steve Stiles
Scripture reference: Psalm 23:4; Hebrews 2:14; 1 Peter 5:8
Theme: God's sovereignty

Important Characters:
Dylan Taylor, Eugene Meltsner, Whit, Jesse Taylro, *Nagel, *Jimmy Barnes, *Grimstaad/Grimkauf/Grim


"The Imagination Station has gone haywire, and Dylan is in for the ride of his life! Crocodiles, fighter planes, and galactic starcruisers are out to get him, but at each "last second" a mysterious stranger comes to his rescue. Will Dylan ever get home? Stay tuned for the surprise ending that kids want to see again and again! 30 minutes" -- From CBD


Dylan's time in the Imagination Station has never been like this before! He's in a battle to end all battles--and even worse, help seems to be nowhere in sight. Will this nightmare ever end? Find out in Someone to Watch Over Me, for ages 6 and up." -- From FOTF


Someone To Watch Over Me, taken from an AIO audio episode, follows the adventures of Dylan, into the air, to Russia, and into space.  This is perhaps one of the best AIO videos, but pales in comparison to the audio adventure; even so, it is interesting and action filled. However, it's appeal is basically to children, whereas I find the audio series interesting and engaging to both kids and adults. But compared to anything on the secular market, it's content is excellent.
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5 (Contrbuted by Dan Shane.)

Nathan's Rating: 3 stars


This video was adapted from the excellent Some One to Watch Over Me, AIO144 AIO radio episode.


Order from FOTF
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Order from Tommy Nelson

Full Credits:

Executive Producer: Stephen Stiles
Associate Producer: Les Shaw
Music: John Campbell
Writer: Phil Lollar & Robert Vernon
Animation Directed and Produced by Mike Joen and Ken C. Johnson
Produced and Directed by Robert Vernon and Stephen Stiles

Based on the "Adventures in Odyssey" audio series, created by Phil Lollar, Steve Harris
Creative Consultants: Kurt Bruner, Paul McCusker
Character Voices: Kyle Gibson, Janna Michaels-Parr, Paul Herlinger, Will Ryan, Phil Lollar, Michael Belle, Phillip Clarke, Carol Katz
Production Coordinator: Jeffrey Learned, Robert W. Bontrager
Timing Directors: Dan Craig, Rebecca Greenwood
Storyboard Artists: Normand Derepentigny, Eric Fredrickson, Athanassios
Character Designs: Len Smith
Prop Design: Normand Derepentigny
Models: Len Smith
Color Key: Allyn Conley
Background Layouts: Tim Deacon
Background Keys: Dennis Venizelos
Film Editing & Track Reading: "Toon Tracks", Charlie King
Negative Cutting: West Coast Editorial
Telecine Colorist: Michael Underwood
Overseas Animation by Hanho Production Company
Computer Title Sequence: Vision Art & Animation, Visual Approach
Video Post Production: Sunset Post
Audio Post Production: Larson Sound Center
Re-recording Mixers: Doug Grey, Anthony Costantini
Supervising Sound Editor: John Kincade
Production Assistant: Susan Dudley
Production Secretary: Christy Shiftlett
Animation Produced by The Stillwater Production Company
Distributed by Word, Inc.