Album 30: Through Thick and Thin

388: Leap of Faith
389: O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow
390: No Bones About It
391: The Jokes On You
396: Poor Loser
397: Tornado!
392: When In Doubt...Pray!
398: A Case of Revenge
399: Bernard and Job
400: The Spy Who Bugged Me
401: More Like Alicia
402: Arizona Sunrise


Adventures in Odyssey has had so many episodes that sometimes it seems impossible to come up with completely original episodes.  So many hundreds of ideas, jokes, storylines, and setups have been used it often seems that a few of the new ones use the older ones.  That's one of the biggest challenges after having (now) more than 460 episodes counting Family Portraits, movies, and books.  A few of these episodes suffer from that problem.  In particular The Jokes on You, Bernard and Job, The Spy Who Bugged Me, Poor Loser, A Case of Revenge, and More Like Alicia sounded similar to previously used plot ideas.  This didn't stop some of them from being good episodes.   The Jokes on You, A Case of Revenge, and More Like Alicia were still entertaining and interesting, but they aren't as good as they could have been if they were completely original. The Eugene and Bernard section of Poor Loser is completely hilarious, but the Julie/Heather/volleyball section sounded VERY familiar.  OT Action News: Jephthah's Vow was another good Bible story, much like BTV.  No Bones About It has it's original sections, but is overall disappointing, especially seeing that it was written by two of Odyssey's best authors.

Leap of Faith is the Mulligan family and it basically provides an escape from all other storylines in Odyssey.  Unlike the Barclay family storylines which were often tied into other stories, the Mulligans basically have very little to do with the rest of Odyssey.  It's a good episode, but they still feel out of place. 

When you have had that many episodes, it really makes you appreciate the episodes that try to be very different.  Tornado! has a very different timing and structure than other AIO episodes and is so sweet and powerful in its closing scenes, that you nearly have to like it.  When in Doubt...Pray! followed an Imagination Station adventure and was also different from the usual timing, jumping between various stories.  Finally, Arizona Sunrise was creative and exciting, not mirroring any previous stories.

Favorite Episode: Tornado!

Rating: 3 stars

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There are two versions of this album's cover: a more naturalistic one (like album 29) and a more slick one (like album 31).

GOOF ALERT: On the right side of the CD album cover (the side that opens), instead of saying the album is called "Through Thick and Thin", it says "Through Thin and Thin." (Contributed by Josh)

GOOF ALERT: Also, Whit is shown pulling the two kids up with his hands. In "A Case of Revenge," the show the cover is based on, he used his car. Also, the rope is around both of them, which conflicts with the show. (Contributed by Kit!)


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