Classics Album 1: Welcome to Odyssey

4: Connie Comes to Town
19: Recollections
7: Promises, Promises
34: Stormy Weather
36: Kid’s Radio
50: Karen
46: The Shepherd and the Giant
49: Thank You, God
51: Connie, Part 1
52: Connie, Part 2
66: The Imagination Station, Part 1
67: The Imagination Station, Part 2

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Good episodes to introduce an new AIOer to the series.  It mainly introduces Connie's character, with a little of Eugene and Whit thrown in.

Favorite Episode: Recollections

Rating (for those brand new to Odyssey): 4 stars

Rating (for veterans): 3 stars

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This series contains a set of tapes to acquaint new AIO listeners to the series' beginning.

There are two versions of the cover for this album, a hand-drawn look (like the first nine albums) and a watercolor one (like albums ten through twenty).  There is also a brand new cover shown above.

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