Classics Album 2: A Maze of Mysteries

39: The Case of the Secret Room, Part 1
40: The Case of the Secret Room, Part 2
29: Rumor Has It
82: Heatwave
102: The Treasure of LeMonde
113: Suspicious Minds
182: The Scales of Justice
196: Harlow Doyle, Private Eye
309: The Perfect Witness, Part 1
310: The Perfect Witness, Part 2
311: The Perfect Witness, Part 3
142: Train Ride

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An interesting collection of AIO mysteries.

Favorite Episode: The Perfect Witness

Why the Mysterious Stranger (AIO 244 & 245), which in my humble opinion are among the best mysteries in Odyssey history, were left off this album, I'll never understand.  Jeff from the Ultimate AIO Website revealed that the reason The Mysterious Stranger was left out was that it got too much negative mail. I guess it is pretty scary...


This album is the only one that includes the episode "Train Ride".   However, for those of you who don't want to purchase this album just for that episode, it is available on a single cassette from FOTF.

GOOF ALERT: On the Cover of the 4-CD Album it reads: "A Special 6-Cassette Collection of Radio Drama Classics" (Contributed by OdysseyFan)

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