April 2001

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Danger Signals cover art  

April 30The final cover art for album 36: Danger Signals has been released and is shown at right.  The cover features an image from 463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips where Whit tries to break up a protest in front of Novacom.  The tower introduced in 457: Opportunity Knocks is seen in the background. 
  Get complete information, an episode listing, and  and ordering links for Danger Signals

Vote on a New Odyssey book series

April 30A poll has been posted at the Official site asking users what kind of book series they would like to see from Adventures in Odyssey.  The choices involve adaptation of audio series mysteries, brand new mysteries, or mysteries set in a small town run by kids.

Vote at the Official site.

New Odyssey Scoop

April 29The Odyssey Scoop for May 2001 is up at the Clubhouse site.  This month it's about Edwin and Shakespeare.

Summer Re-Airs Highlight Life of Whit

See an update to this story: A Member of the Family not airing

April 29Thirteen weeks this summer will highlight the life of the central Odyssey character John Avery Whittaker.  One of the notables of the series will be the airing of "A Member of the Family" since 1988.

June 9 17: A Member of the Family, Part 1

June 16 18: A Member of the Family, Part 2

June 23 19: Recollections

June 30 28: The Price of Freedom

July 7 49: Thank You, God

July 14 93: Rescue from Manatugo Point

July 21 94: Operation Dig-Out

July 28 211: The Mortal Coil, Part 1

August 4 212: The Mortal Coil, Part 2

August 11 297: Blackbeard's Treasure

August 18 365: Clara

August 25 464: The Triangle, Part 1

September 1 465: The Triangle, Part 2

Just for fun, here are those same episodes in the chronological order of Whit's life: 

CHILDHOOD 49: Thank You, God, 297: Blackbeard's Treasure

YOUNG ADULT 93: Rescue from Manatugo Point, 94: Operation Dig-Out, 464: The Triangle, Part 1, 465: The Triangle, Part 2

EARLY ODYSSEY 19: Recollections, 365: Clara (part of this show takes place during "Recollections"), 17: A Member of the Family, Part 1, 18: A Member of the Family, Part 2

AT WHIT'S END  28: The Price of Freedom, 211: The Mortal Coil, Part 1, 212: The Mortal Coil, Part 2

Album 36...Danger Signals

April 18The latest original Adventures in Odyssey will be titled "Danger Signals" and will feature episodes from the spring season of 2001.  The album will be available in August 2001, but is already available to preorder from various outlets.

Get more information about the album

Episodes in the album:

462: The W. E.
463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips
464: The Triangle, Part 1
465: The Triangle, Part 2
466: Snow Day
467: Broken Window
468: Chains, Part 1
469: Chains, Part 2
470: Break a Leg
471: Fifteen Minutes
472: Welcoming Wooton
473: Breaking Point

Order the Tape:

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Order the CD:

Order from CBD

New Odyssey Times

April 11Check out additions to the Odyssey Times at the Official site.

So What's Been Happening Recently on AIO websites?

April 9Since it will be another three weeks before we hear any new Odyssey shows, I decided to take the time to review some Odyssey websites and point out some recently added features.  Thus follows the "AIOHQ April 2001 Webguide to Recently Added Features."

The Odyssey Scoop (Fan Webpage)
Not to be confused with the Odyssey Scoop in Clubhouse magazine, this fan site has some fun new features.

The Odyssey Scoop (check out the preview of the "virtual" Whit's End!)

Extra! Extra! Just to make things more confusing, the Odyssey Scoop has a version of the Odyssey Times.  Read some interesting articles.

You Know You're Addicted to Odyssey When... This section mixes the well-known feature from the Complete Guide with some insightful new ways to know.  (My favorites: "You know why the dog walked on water," and "You use the word "colloquialism.")

Actors -- See some compiled pictures of some of the Odyssey actors.

So what do Mandy, Nathaniel, and Alex look like?

Here's a snapshot of the three of them (Aria Curzon, Blake Ewing, Travis Tedford).

The picture

Aria Curzon @ Starmania.com

Travis Tedford @ Starmania.com

See also: Scarlett Pomers @ Starmania

Clubhouse Magazine Odyssey Scoop
The monthly Odyssey articles appearing in Clubhouse often relate to things happening in Odyssey.  This month's article is about the new Whit's End in Connellsville.

The Next Generation -- April 2001 Odyssey Scoop

Ultimate AIO Website
The UAIO has undergone another transformation and has a new look and logo. Curious to know more about the actors who plays the new character Cal Jordan?  Read their interview.

Meet the Actor: Adam Pavlakovich at UAIO

Have you ever read the fan fiction of Switchflood?  If not, check it out...now could be the time.  The story incorporates Blackgaard, Margaret Faye, Jellyfish...even Novacom!

The Next Generation -- April 2001 Odyssey Scoop

AIO Webshack
The Webshack has some of the nicest graphics and roll-overs of any AIO site on the web.  Check out his updated graphical timeline and his thoughtful interviews. (Also, check under "Stuff" for a way cool graphical look at the story arc and its characters.)

AIO Webshack (links on left in frames)

The Official Katie Leigh Fan Club
Check out an "uncut" audio interview with Katie.

Katie Leigh Fan Club

Odyssey Central
This site has a very complete list of actors who have worked on Odyssey and a neato photos show.

Katie Leigh Fan Club

AIO Episode Survey Rating Site
Rate every show and compare your ratings with others.

AIO Rating Site

Down Gilead Lane
The new radio drama from the producers of the Children's Bible Hour has five episodes you can now listen to online.  

Down Gilead Lane Episode Guide

A Work in Progress
Another new radio drama!  This one airs new shows every month.  If you've been coming to AIOHQ for very long, you may remember our promotion of this show over a year ago.  

Listen to all five episodes of A Work in Progress

Get more information on the show

Final Spring 2001 Shows

The final titles of the shows of the spring 2001 season have been released.  Breaking Point will be the season finale before a summer of re-airs.

May 12 470:Break a Leg by Nathan Hoobler

May 19 471: Fifteen Minutes by Marshal Younger

May 26 472: Wooton Basset by Torry Martin

June 2 473: Breaking Point by Marshal Younger

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