February 2001

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Odyssey Daily Calendar for 2002

You may remember back in September Marshal Younger was looking for quotes for an Odyssey merchandise item he was working on.  This is it!  The Odyssey daily calendar has quotes and trivia for every day of the year!

Official Description:

A collection of fun and meaningful quotes from your favorite Odyssey characters that will inspire kids to follow the Lord every day of their life. A "Bible Brain Teaser" question helps kids memorize Scripture while a "Mind Boggler" challenges kids' knowledge of the Bible and the Adventures in Odyssey series. Includes 30 full-color images that rotate throughout the calendar.

Release Date:

August 1, 2001


Amazon.com (currently the only online retailer pre-selling the calendar)

Final Cover Art for Travel Classics Album

February 22—The latest Odyssey classics album has a travel theme and the final cover art has been released!  The album contains previously-released episodes about Odyssey characters traveling.
Release date:

April 3, 2001


31, 32: Family Vacation, Parts 1 & 2, 42: The Last Great Adventure of the Summer, 79: Our Best Vacation Ever, 99: The Barclay Family Ski Vacation, 100: Ice Fishing, 200: Feud for Thought, 256, 257, 258: Aloha, Oy!, Parts 1, 2, & 3, 205: Flash Flood, 274: First-Hand Experience


The original episode listing for the album changed.  Specifically, The Cross of Cortes (Parts 1&2) and The Fifth House on the Left (Parts 1 & 2) were replaced by 99: The Barclay Family Ski Vacation, 100: Ice Fishing, 200: Feud for Thought, and 274: First-Hand Experience.

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New Odyssey Times articles

February 11—Some new articles are included in an updated edition of the Times at the Official sight.

Read the latest in the Times at the Official site

Paul McCusker Interview

February 5—The Soda Fountain has posted an interview with Odyssey producer Paul McCusker.  Check it out!

Read the interview at the Soda Fountain

More Spring Schedule Released

February 3—Three more of the show titles (including one two-parter) for the spring season of Adventures in Odyssey have been released.  Here is the complete schedule of new shows up through May 5, 2001.

February 3—460: Nova Rising 

by Marshal Younger

February 10—461: BTV: Obedience 

by John Beebee, Nathan Hoobler, Phil Lollar, Paul McCusker, Jim Ware, Kathy Wierenga, and Marshal Younger

February 17—462: The W. E. 

by Marshal Younger

February 24—463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips 

by Kathy Wierenga

March 3—464: The Triangle, Part 1 

by Nathan Hoobler

March 10—465: The Triangle, Part 2

by Nathan Hoobler

March 17—466: Snow Day 

by John Beebee

March 24—467: Broken Window 

by Kathy Wierenga

April 28—468: Chains, Part 1

by Marshal Younger

May 5 —469: Chains, Part 2

by Marshal Younger

St. Paul to Re-Air in April

February 3—The four St. Paul shows that originally aired in 1995 and 1996 will air this spring on the weekly Adventures in Odyssey broadcast, creating a break from new shows for about a month.  The re-air schedule is as follows: 

March 31—304: St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus

April 7—305: St. Paul: Set Apart by God

April 14—346: St. Paul: Voyage to Rome

April 21—347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar

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