Occasions where people in Odyssey have disappeared, 
or been disappointed or detained by their dentists

(Compiled by OdysseyFan)

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5: Gifts for Madge and Guy
Madge sold her furniture to pay the Dentist Bill
8: Dental Dilemma
Mark & Emily Forbes visit Dr. Graves.
45: What Are We Going to Do About Halloween?
Connie complains of a toothache, and thinks she may have a cavity.
178: Room Mates
Bernard: "Eugene you’re about as much fun as a root canal!"
Eugene: "Sorry, I had some Granola stuck in my teeth."
Bernard: "Granola?! N-Now, ya see! If you ate my brand of cereal you wouldn’t have that problem!"
Eugene: "Sugar Frosty Puffs? You’re right, I would have any teeth either with all that sugar"
254: Truth, Trivia, & 'Trina
Whit replaces the Cameraman who had a dentist appointment.
281: ...But Not Forgotten
Scrub is hysterical over losing a tooth.
301: The Good, the Bad, & Butch
Rusty has to go to the Dentist and can’t schedule time to beat up Todd.
308: Subject Yourself
Lawrence gets braces. 
Lawrence breaks his braces. 
Lawrence gets his braces colored.
317: B-TV: Envy
Courtney demands Sam's part in the show, only to find out that it is going to the dentist.
338: Easy Money
John Madden is commenting in the background that the football player "Smith" is so tough he pulled his own tooth out.

This list is not meant to say that there is some sort of conspiracy among dentists in Odyssey.  They are only plotting to take over the world by keeping everyone from their important social engagements.  (Jared DeWhite had no part in writing this article.)