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Contributed by Luke

One of the main things in Adventures in Odyssey right now is the relationship of Eugene Meltsner and Katrina Shanks. It has been the main topic of discussion for some time now. The relationship has gone through many ups and downs, loops and corkscrews, and so on and so forth.

Of course, to predict the future, we should always consider the past. Meeting on the Campbell County Community College campus (254: Truth, Trivia, & 'Trina), they were in for a big surprise later when they both appeared on Bart Rathbone’s new game show "Truth and Trivia." Even in this first episode, you can tell that Katrina is interested in Eugene when she knew in a second the answer to "What color are Eugene’s eyes?" was of course, "Periwinkle blue."

We were in for a laugh with the next episode dealing with this: 260: Naturally, I Assumed.... Eugene misinterprets Katrina, thinking she is secretly going out with someone else. Also, Eugene, in normal Eugene fashion, fumbles up with trying to impress his one true love. All the while, Whit gets the impression that Eugene and Connie are having a relationship.

Then, starts one of the bigger changes in the Eugene-Katrina relationship, Katrina losing her job at the college, which would help her come to Christianity, and indirectly assisting her move. But, back on 266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot... and 267: ...It Ended with a Handshake, you find out that Eugene doesn’t want Katrina to be affected by the Christian theme of Whit’s End, which would end up leading Eugene as well as Katrina to Christ. Katrina ends up getting saved in these episodes, and as discussed above, is a big point in the relationship. These two episodes help show Katrina and us how deep Eugene’s feelings really are for Katrina.

A long 26-episode break until 294: Unto Us a Child Is Born, where Eugene and Katrina play Mary and Joseph and we have a touching scene with their love blossoming even more. The Perfect Witness increases their relationship a little more, like many episodes.

322: The Turning Point, appropriately titled, is a turning point in their relationship. Eugene, not being a Christian, forces Katrina to move back home, seemingly ending their relationship. Eugene is devastated.

Now, the good stuff begins. Darkness Before Dawn, the biggest mini-series in AIO history, does a lot for the relationship. 323: A Little Credit, Please shows that Eugene is truly affected by Katrina’s leaving.

330: The Time Has Come is another major turning point in the relationship. After reviewing his entire life in Odyssey, Eugene comes to the decision that he must become saved, both for himself and for Katrina. This allows many things that happen in the future to happen.

Love Is In the Air another great pair of episodes, mainly furthers along the relationship. With Eugene and Katrina meeting for the first time since Eugene’s salvation, it is a big time at Whit’s End. Many hilarious scenes follow when Katrina walks in on Eugene and Connie hugging, practicing for Katrina’s arrival that wasn’t expected at that particular time. But, this episode takes a surprising twist, Eugene realizes that Katrina is dating a boy named Brandon Tuller back in Chicago! Eugene and everyone are confused about what kind of relationship Katrina and Brandon have, even though Katrina says that it is just a mentoring relationship. The episodes end with Katrina reassuring Jason that she loves Eugene.

The Right Choice episodes are another big point in the relationship. Eugene returns from the Middle East to find out that Katrina has gone to Lake Shore Lodge with Brandon and is part of the Shanks wedding party! Eugene rushes to the lodge to stop her. Once he gets there, he rushes in and interrupts Mr. and Mrs. Shanks’ renewal of their vows. He is so embarrassed, and wants to talk to Katrina, but she leaves. After asking Brandon to take her home to Chicago, Brandon proposes! Also, Eugene races back to Chicago, gets permission from Katrina’s father, Armitage, and proposes! But, alas, Katrina rejects both of her suitors.

Trying to grow spiritually to help his relationship, Eugene goes to a monastery in 366: Solitary Refinement. He meets up with Katrina in a dream and she tells hem that he is making positive strides in his spiritual maturity.

Next, For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll has been the biggest revelation in Eugene and Katrina in a long time. After a suspenseful tale by Connie, you find out that Katrina got hit with a football, and Eugene becomes her nurse. After a touching speech, Katrina proposes to Eugene! Eugene has no idea what to do, and takes a poll around town about how to answer! Katrina gets mad, and they go to marriage counseling with surprise guest Rev. George Barclay. He suggests and they accept the idea that they become betrothed, or be engaged for a while, but still have time to grow and get to know each other.

Then, in 393: Wrapped Around Your Finger, Eugene tries his luck at getting Katrina a real engagement ring, but is humiliated by her father getting her a seemingly better ring.

Finally, in Malachi's Message, Katrina returns to see Eugene. Katrina says Eugene is not assertive enough like her father, and he almost fumbles a job at the college because of it. At the end of the 3 episodes, Eugene gets a full-time job at the college.

Now, we’re about caught up to the present. Malachi's Message is the newest one dealing with the Eugene-Katrina relationship. So, the question is where should the writers go from now? Even though their decision is of course final, it wouldn’t hurt for us to think where it should go. Many things could happen. They, of course, could get married. This is the obvious decision, and the one many, myself included, think should happen. Many avenues could open up from here for the writers to go on. They could move, have a kid eventually, go through all the ups and downs of marriage, etc. This one, in my opinion, would be the best one because of the many things that they could do with it.

Or, they could stay engaged for a long time more. Also, they could break up and stay friends, or break up and never see each other again. In my opinion, the last one should be the last one considered.

Many people have many opinions about this topic. Everyone has reasons for what they think should happen, and like my English teacher says, "There’s enough opinions in this world for everyone to have their own," and, "Everyone has the right to be wrong."

Looking back through the history of their relationship, we have seen the problems, the miscommunications, the good times, and the bad times. They have been through so much together, and in my opinion, it will have more or less been a waste of many episodes if they don’t get married.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out what is going to happen with them. All we can do is just be patient, listen, and hope that something good will happen.